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Mods are welcome to close this thread whenever, but I must admit that it would be really lovely to know if Garry is still thinking of deleting this forum. I'm not asking to know a date, or anything like that, but it would be great to just have a tiny bit of info on whether this forum's going to precipitously vanish one day or if we can all rest easy. Thank you.
I haven't decided. I'm going to give it until next year.
Is this forum hemorraghing money or something? I dont see why you dont just rename it and hand it off to a different company. Or hell, just give it to Hezzy.
What the biggest issues with running the forums, and how can we help?
I think you should hand it over to someone who cares
It's best to take time for big decisions.
You can't just hand over 15 years of forum posts and user information. There's business repercussions, there's data protection, gdpr and whatever else. It isn't just a case of hanging over some files.
I suppose it could be possible to delete all of it then give the website rights to someone else? People would have to rejoin but the infrastructure remains. Or is it the entire infrastructure that is more hassle than its worth?
I'm assuming the main argument against keeping the forums running is operating costs? I mean I don't presume to know how all this works, but I'd rather have a few banner ads slapped on here than have the site disappear.
If handing it over is more complicated than that, would simply allowing the community to support it semi-independently be suffice? Dust off a few remaining features on the current forum, set up a monthly donation thingy for server costs, and just kind of let things run on their own? More or less let Facepunch die off in it's own time? Doesn't seem like there's anything to lose and I'm sure you've seen the outpour of support and love towards Facepunch over the last week. That might just be enough to justify the forums going on for however long the forums go on for. The bonus of this is you always have an established community/forum if you ever need an 'in-house' place to discuss new games. You could just step right back in and pick up where things left off.
As i've stated before when someone suggested handing over the forums to someone else. Handing over user data is a gross breach of user trust. And what with the GDPR and all that could potentially be against the law. If Garry shuts this place down, the most you can hope for is a "spiritual successor".
Worst case scenario I can imagine is that people get butthurt about the stagnation about the forums, but at that point, it's sort of out of your hands - you warned us.
If money is the problem I'd probably start with removing the file upload feature, even right now. While not having to rehost anything is incredibly convenient, the ability to upload 500MB per post seems nuts, I wouldn't be surprised if the file uploads were already taking up more space than 14 years worth of posts
I'm sure money isn't exactly a problem as much as it's hard to justify fruitlessly spending money and time developing something you don't see a future for. I'm sure it's less of a case of Garry needing to cut costs and more "what's the point?" In which my answer is the love and support shown over the possibility of Facepunch shutting down. Just let us donate whatever the server costs are and let the server run off that goodwill until that dries out. Can't say you didn't try then.
Is there someone within facepunch (the actual company) that you could hand over control to? I mean facepunch forums is still relatively one of the bigger remaining forums on the net. With so much history and memories attached to it, I really don't want to see it go.
So we create content for your game and you treat like this?
Considering that Garry pays to run this forum, this is probably the dumbest post I've read this week.
How big of a deal is it to not have the current threads carry over to an independently hosted forum? With new megathreads being created every 1000 posts i doubt people would really care that much.
Dumbass posts like this don't help.
Is it? Considering his game relies on content created by community it seems somehow important to gather creators.
Especially when Garry's been known to be somewhat spiteful in the past.
But you're making it sound as if you're making content for Garry's games out of the goodness of your heart, whereas people make content for his games because they personally derive pleasure from doing so. I do agree that these forums help foment further popularity of his games, but trying to guilt him with that angle is silly.
Alright so you're thinking over the forum, but why the fuck did it change the way it has done? It's a mess now, shit everywhere and no real organisation.
Sorry if I'm late on this but,the reason why Facepunch wasn't working for the last few days was because of Garry deciding to shut down Facepunch or what? I know there's it was because of an Azure database not working but judging by these posts it seems to be more than just that.
We should stop this "discussion" because common logic here is "don't say anything or garry will be more pissed and he will remove it all".
Nah, the reason FP died for a few days was just an unlikely coincidence.
That's not it at all, you're just being kind of a dick.
I think one thing that needs to be understood is that the FP forums has become its own entity separated from the FP company as well as the games (Gmod and Rust.) I don't understand why you think it needs to be anything more than it already is, or anything that it isn't, because despite this place being a shithole at times, it's become its own staple on the internet as a community of its own. It doesn't need Rust to function, it doesn't need Gmod to function, I understand you believe it needs to benefit the company/games, but I can only accept that argument if your intention is to use FP as a means of direct support. Maybe the forums costs too much to maintain and I don't know shit Maybe you're not keen on putting work into something you've been detached from for a good 10 or so years But I seriously think you need to focus on what the forums here is as a whole. A shithole, yes, but its our shithole, always has been, always will be, and people love it for just that. It's a damned community built up on 15 years worth of internet history, and some of us who have been there since day one certainly don't want to see it disappear any time soon, or ever for that matter.
A forum I used ti use frequently has changed owners a couple of times, I think you’re overestimating how complicated that process really is.
I don't want someone having access to all my data free reign, but it would be nice if we could have an exporter for our own data. Just a way of keeping the time here permanently
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