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I want to do my part for the forums so here I am, trying to be helpful by putting a list of how the forums should ideally be structured, in my opinion. I've considered the following things: That each subforums should be distinct, but also of a sufficient size to justify their existence; That subforums should exist as a way to filter in or out threads in a useful manner; That the addition or removal of particular subforums should not made in a way to incite a change in behavior for a normal poster, but rather in a way to encourage opportunities, not only in creating threads, but also in viewing (= discovering) existing ones. So here's the structure. Facepunch Forum General -- for everything about the forums and the community. {{Meta}} - about the forums. Proletariat Hangout -- for everything about the people of FP themselves and what they think. WAYT goes here for instance. Videos, Internet Trends and Other Things You Want Gone -- a mix between Fast Threads and the Videos section, since they're both "fast threads" in a way. Videos -- pretty straightforward. Memeshit -- for LMAO Pics but also separate threads about a certain meme since I think that could be justified. For niche memes or memes most people are just tired of seeing in LMAO Pics. Even if it doesn't pan out, at least LMAO Pics still fits in this category. Hardware & Software -- same as it is but with one subforum. Help -- for issues and questions. Since those threads are the majority, it's the only subforum needed. Sensationalist Headlines -- the non-political news. I think some filtering subforums would be good here since some may be more interested in some topics and not others. Environment -- to complain about climate change and how we're doomed. Technology -- to complain about AI's and how we're doomed. Health -- to complain about cancer and how we're doomed. Polidicks -- originally I thought I could merge it with SH. But the distinction is justified in that they have different rules and are both very active. UK -- for political news about the UK. US -- ditto about the US. Games -- all the game discussions come here. Recent Releases -- for all upcoming or recently released games. It may seem vague, but it shouldn't be too hard to determine what's popular or not. A couple of megathreads would be here, obviously. There are many subforum ideas I had here, but taking the "flexibility" into account, that's the biggest problem here. Even something as clear cut as Single-Player versus Multiplayer doesn't work because you can have mods that change that. Franchises -- all threads about a game series or a specific game studio. Customization Corner -- threads like "share your loadouts", "show your character" and all that, because some people just want to post them. Modding -- general subforums for mods, creating and sharing. Developers -- yeah, as it is. Web -- website development and all that. Modelling -- for non-GMod models Level Design -- for non-GMod mapping. Ideally, the Mapping WIP Thread would go here for instance. Releasing -- individual threads for whatever you're releasing, preferably it would take priority over the previous ones. Film, TV and Music -- same as it is. Movies TV Music Facepunch Games Garry's Mod Help -- for issues with Garry's Mod. Releasing -- when you're don with your addone. Rust Help -- goddamn kiddies can't read the damn sticky. As if they were gonna use these specific subforums anyway. Maps and Mods -- for developing and releasing those. The current "Modding" subforum is incorrect. Bottom of the Barrel Gold Membie Fuckfest -- merge this with Schindler's Fist. Sorry blues, but this would serve to justify the existence of the Gold Member Bunker other than for that one useful thread everyone loves. OIFY -- I guess. Refugee Camp? -- maybe, maybe not. I don't care much either way but this one's not up to me. There, that's it. I don't know if this'll end up being useful or not, but I'm hoping I could throw in a couple good ideas to re-organize the forums in the best way possible.
Some essentials are alright.
I would say that I'm open to suggestions and criticism, but this isn't a contest so it doesn't really matter. But if you have criticism, you might as well say it to make this thread as constructive as possible for the Powers That Be.
I largely agree but I think a few of those subdivisions are ultimately pointless. The proletariat one, for example, would be just fine in GD. Memeshit is also fairly superfluous since lamo pics is the primary thread there and fits fine in GD, it had been there for quite awhile on the old forums anyways. I also feel the SH and PD subdivisions wouldn't really help much. The UK/US PD subdivisions could easily be offset by a rule about tagging your threads with their source country, which should honestly be a thing anyways, and for the most part those subdivisions of SH don't really serve a huge purpose. The only really major one would be tech, the others would often be fairly dead.
Keep games as it is, discussions are flowing and mods could just easily be discussed in the threads. General just needs the videos section and complaint department back
I dunno about SH, the environment is pretty big concern on this forum. Right now, in the threads from the last 24 hours, I saw: 6 threads that could fit in Environment; 6 threads that could fit in Tech; 6 threads that could fit in Health. Wow, I guess that's a sign.
The thing about environmental and health stuff though is that it tends to come in waves. You'll get few to none of them for long stretches of time and then you suddenly get 50 of them in a week. Tech on the other hand is a bit more reliably active since there's a lot of tech enthusiasts on the forum.
I actually really like this structure. The "memeshit" group feels broad enough to have its own forum and I can definitely see the desire to separate it from other parts of the forum. My only criticism is that SH subforums seem a little unnecessary, but I don't think they take away from the experience or discourage discussion.
The thing is with those SH subcategories, is that I have little interest in tech or health but I have it in the environment. Since SH covers a very very broad range of topics, I think some filters are necessary. For a schoolwork I've often had to search through SH for a good article and I really wished I could filter them.
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