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Please, opinionate My contribution: stoner comedy isn't bad. It's just that "reading the room" is a strong quality for any good comedian, and those who do it realize weed still has a stigma attached to it, or is just not relatable enough for most people. So the smart, self-aware ones will naturally shy away from it/be drawn towards stronger material, while the comedians who lack awareness (and likely make shit comedy because of it) are exactly the ones who go at it
As a stoner, i dont find stoner comedy funny, so I genuinely have no idea who it's supposed to appeal to
i just think it's nothing inherent to it. most bad stoner comedy would probably be bad if it was about any other topic, imo
Making your character put away their gun when they get too close to a wall is fucking stupid.
Independents and third parties winning seats in parliament isn’t a bad thing, but it’s not necessarily a good thing either. When hung parliaments occur (where no single party/coalition has a majority) it is often the case that independents and third parties hold the balance of power; they are the kingmakers. But is that productive for democracy and good governance? Because then you have independents elected by perhaps a few thousand voters from only a single constituency, and political parties on the fringes, dictating who is in government and what legislation can pass. Actual tyranny of the minority. Yeah, sometimes hung parliaments are resolved successfully, eg the grand coalitions in Germany and the Liberal Democrats+Conservatives in the UK a few years ago, but they are offset by cases such as the Conservatives+DUP government in the UK right now, as well as previous examples of hung parliaments in Australia and New Zealand. Point is, two-party systems are not quite the misery that many people make them out to be. I would much rather participate in a two-party system where the party which I am least-inclined to support is in government, as opposed to a system where hung parliaments are common and where a small group of elected members representing a small fraction of the community can run the show.
Young millenials complaining about Gen X's things like fortnite, memes, chosen celebrities and so on is p much the same as boomers complaining about pointless millenial stuff I dunno how unpopular an opinion it is, but the amount of time I've seen someone complain about how boomers look at their age group, but also show disdain to the younger age group, is quite silly. Also responding to a post from the previous thread: Political comedy is not inherently bad, but there are a lot of people who use political comedy as a vehicle to push their views. Most of them just happen to be fucking awful at comedy. I think this applies to all forms of comedy, it's just politics is particularity opinionated and visceral, so when someone pushes their views on proper sandwich construction through comedy it's not something worth batting an eye at; i.e. it's something inherent to the subject of politics and not people doing comedy. Using humour as a vehicle for your ideas is just a normal thing, be it totally-being-ironic channers or a humorous rant on parking spaces.
a lot of people don't like the french
Fortnite is cancer We didn't had the same kind of cancer back then
Cancer is still cancer my dude. Just because your shit tastes like shit and theirs tastes like crap doesn't automatically make one better. It's still shit. Think back 10 years to all the stupid fads we took part in and did.
I remember back in elementary school where shit was filled with yugioh, pokemon, etc. People bringing in trading cards, digimon figures, beyblades, lunch and recess was filled with that. Same thing with middle school but replaced partially with emo/goth scene kids doing stupid shit.
Well our stupid fads wasn't as dumb I mean its a different kind of fad, seeing as how tech has evolved. Sure it might be a PC game, but its vastly different.
Bro. Bro. Bro.
TV is almost completely unpleasant to me, there isn't a session I have watched where there wasn't something that I didn't internally groan at.
Dude, no. We were dumb kids with dumb ideas and interests too. We got no ground to stand on.
Fortnite's a good game, the only reason people make fun of it is that it's associated with children.
The dumbest comment man
literally every generation has thought this
I remember when Halo was despised for being full of 12 year olds. And now they've gotten older and look back on it with fond memories. and the same thing will happen with Fortnite.
Legion is the only good NV faction
If you honestly think current fads are dumber than ours were, you're wearing glasses so rose-tinted, you could wear them to pride parades.
The fact that you can get fired for stuff you Tweeted 10 years ago still boggles my mind.
i sometimes wonder if having as large of a cock as mine is a curse or a blessing
I'd say that having a very sizable donger is more of a curse, they're fun to look at and play with but they're a bit unwieldy unless your partner is a size queen. The closer you're to being average in size, the less likely it is that your partner will find your dick to be too big.
I have the very unpopular opinion that people should honestly stop taking video games so seriously not with esports or anything, but a new title in a series obviously talking about fo 76, sure it does stupid shit, but you can just ignore it or not care and play previous games/invest yourself in other series if its that much of an issue, instead of haggling and issuing death threats to people who work on it over twitter its a lot easier to ignore things online than people think I guess, or maybe its just me
fandoms in general are fucking bizarre. people love to make a point about new star wars movies sucking but its like.. did anyone expect them to be good? why watch them? star wars fans hate new gen star wars so much i wonder why they dont just a) ignore it or b) try getting into something else
fandoms and fandom hatred, its frustrating if you dont like something, or something about it rubs you the wrong way, you should obviously voice your opinion in a constructive way, but after that you can just stop caring battlefield 5 is another big example, sure I didnt like the reveal trailer at all, so I laughed at it a little bit, and after that...I stopped caring until the beta, where it felt nice enough to play, they said they'd be dialing back customization, so I was interested again but everywhere I go relating to it, its the same bullshit 'they said not to buy it on twitter so I wont' 'cant wait to play as a cyborg black nazi female' its tiring , and yea I can do the same shit I talk about with ignoring it, and I do, it just rolls my eyes when it becomes unavoidable to an extent
political correctness/boycotting media/games whatever is just the most counter intuitive shit ever bruteforcing shit like female protagonists doesnt make using them any more effective, its the opposite
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