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Land Rovers aren't as unreliable as everyone makes them out to be.
A lot, but not all, of the people I see spouting "Exam results don't matter!" are often in positions of luck and amazing fortune, rather than "I took the less battered path, worked hard, and look where I am now!". Youtubers that talk about how exam results don't matter are moronic. I needed my GCSEs to get into college (UK college), and I needed the subsequent A-Levels to get into law school. Unfortunately, for plenty of people, exam results do matter. I've already been told by guest lecturers and the like that the majority of the preliminary screening for applications to jobs in the legal sector revolves around exam results and academic performance.
Absolutely. I’m studying for my postgrad accreditation in accounting, and I wouldn’t have gotten in if I shat the bed with my university grades. And after I am done with my accreditation I will be going back to university for a Masters, which again, requires a minimum GPA from undergraduate studies (which I achieved). I recently sat my first postgrad exam, which had a failure rate of 45% in 2016. It’s a 4 hour exam where the weighted pass mark is >60%. Although I only achieved 72%, a credit (a bit disappointing but better than a mere pass), at least I can separate myself from those 45% of people by saying that I passed the most difficult course offered as my first exam, on my first go.
This is the kind of stuff I remember whenever I hear someone spit out "exam results don't matter!", because it's shown to be blatantly untrue. I can only imagine trying to argue my way into a job by saying "Sure, I failed the Bar Exam, but, hey, exam results don't make a person!" Not how real life works, I'm afraid.
It's also similar with people who think entrepreneurship is like that, often pointing at Bill Gates or Elon musk, despite the fact that one was a Harvard student and the other was about to do his PhD.
People overrate "complex", "unique", and/or "high skill" characters in games. I've always thought that just because a character can do something "unique" or "interesting", it doesn't actually make them all that special or better designed. Even worse when people right off other characters for being simpler or "braindead" to play.
The only reason why hard rock isn't as popular as it used to be is because it's fanbase sticks to listening to songs from old bands that they already know like Metallica or AC/DC rather than trying to discover new hard rock bands.
What are good new bands?
It doesn't help that well-known hard rock bands today are literally carbon copies of what they're influenced by. See: Greta Van Fleet
If you get the chance to see Idles live, do it. Really. Do it. It's a fucking blast.
I kind of disagree, but I dont have a great or developed reason why. I think that deep, unique characters make a roster more diverse, characters more interesting to learn (as their tools require more expertise and knowledge to use properly), and make match-ups more compelling. This whole concept is the entire appeal behind fighting games like Guilty Gear and Blazblue as opposed to their more entry level offering Dragon Ball Fighterz, the latter of which is frequently criticized for roster homogeneity and a lack of interesting combo/neutral tools. Whats worse, is that when you introduce characters that are just as, if not more, effective with less time or effort invested into a game where most of the roster is difficult, the player who plays the more difficult or complex character is going to feel frustrated and cheated. This is why you hear people getting salty at "braindead" stuff.
Oh I'm not saying that unique characters are bad per say, just that people tend to overrate how "special" or "unique" they are. I wouldn't mind if every character in Dota 2 was Invoker, but when a character comes out that isn't as "complex", they get shit on cause they're "braindead "(Not saying this really the case in Dota, mostly using it as an example.) I just think always having a right mixture (or inbetweens even) of characters is always better than everybody having to be unique and special. Hell, even Guilty Gear has it fair share of pretty simple but effective characters for every crazy character they have.
the new Wolfenstein games are wildly overrated, primarily in gameplay. I'm not a fan of the writing, but I didn't like Spec Ops The Line either and I prefer games with little to no story like Unreal and Half-Life so I'm not one to judge writing. Gameplay though Wolfenstein TNO and TNC are just kinda alright though imo. Like compare it to Return to Castle Wolfenstein. RTCW had guys paradropping to attack you, biological nazi horrors, zombies, nazi scientists, soldiers and workers to blast, the levels are in wildly varied locations like Castle Wolfenstein itself, tombs, secret facilities, airfields, wartorn cities, a dam and all that cool shit. Then ofc the guns on top of just getting the standard bullet guns, grenades, pistols and stuff like in the new wolfenstein games, you also get a damn flamethrower, a minigun, panzerfausts, a lightning gun, a silenced/nvg equipped sniper rifle, and they even tried (but failed it was terrible) to put in a kick mechanic, and then don't forget that a lot of the props in the map were destructible. Also bodies never disappear. Like wheres all this cool shit in TNO or TNC? Yeah you get a minigun and a laser gun in those, but you don't get to carry them on your back so you can eliminate nazis in the most hardcore ways possible. While a lot of the locations in TNO or TNC are neat, I feel they didn't utilize their potential as much as they could've. The only parts I can remember in the new Wolf games were the moon, the labor camp and the bridge, and the cable car from the old blood but that was just a remake of the RTCW cable car so Im split on that. The new Wolf games while solid generally, I feel they just don't have many interesting ideas, even less that are actually fun. Being the Boner Bandit that carves dicks into metal sheets was only interesting for so long. And lets not forget that on top of all the sweet shit we got in the singleplayer in RTCW, it also came with really fucking kick ass multiplayer. I'll spare talking about that tho cause I could gush about RTCW's mp and Enemy Territory forever. machine games should just copy all the sweet shit from RTCW and put it in the next game. They've already got secret jew tech and giant robot dogs, just put in the damn ghosts, zombies, lopers and flamethrowers already
I love the New Super Mario Bros. series and will buy every game that releases in it.
I don't like how the internet collective decided to move back to newgrounds, besides hating how that site looks, the general community there, and their injokes and humour Posting on newgrounds isn't that much different from deviant art, on tumblr it was atleast somewhat more likely that your stuff would get noticed, either someone just finds it through the tags, or because of someone big finding your stuff resulting in chain liking and reblogging. On newgrounds and deviantart you just drown in a sea of piss and disappear. This sucks and i wish tumblr didn't decide to kill itself.
Searches need more exclusion options. Sometimes you don't know what you're looking for, or aren't trying to settle on a specific thing, but certainly know what you don't need or want. I'm trying to find a car, because my sedan is too small for my needs these days, and right now my search is cluttered up with vehicles I don't want (and are objectively bad by the large number of them), but there's no way to exclude these vehicles from the list. Why the fuck is the mini countryman listed alongside such things as a Ford Expedition? These things are not alike.
even with these all new game stores coming out, i dont think ill abandon steam any time soon. I got way too many untouched games installed on there to just abandon all of that
Dont count on anyone actually sticking to newgrounds, the reasons it went out of fashion still exist
Mr. Magoo's A Christmas Carol > All retellings of A Christmas Carol.
Elf > Every other piece of christmas media ever made
mmmmmm, nope. Polar Express exists
Does anyone else smell hot chocolate?
You spelt A Muppet wrong.
"You sit on a throne of lies." Is the only quote I remember from that film.
You're forgetting Die Hard. Superficially Christmas. Elf is a good second though. Our tradition is to watch Elf, then Die hard on christmas ever, then Starwars on Christmas. No one knows why Starwars. Now for something dumb. Can we relocate everyone over the age of 60 who's currently involved in politics out in the middle of the Arizona desert. Just remove them from office, and their home, and put them in a new senior political community in the desert. There, american politics fixed.
Mike Pence is 59, logic fallible
I find the movie A Christmas Story to be extremely obnoxious.
Amazon is the greediest piece of shit company, the workers are treated like slaves, they work so hard they sometimes get hospitalized. and the owner is the richest man in the world, he can afford to give his workers a liveable wage and HUMANE working conditions. When his morals are so clear i wonder, why the fuck do people buy from amazon? Cut that shit, you're contributing to this mess. I never bought anything from amazon, and guess what. I never will. If you do not like how his workers are treated, do not buy from amazon. Simple as that.
Genuine question: do people genuinely like The Polar Express? I think it's alright but every single person (and I'm not exaggerating for once) I know says it's a terrible film, and since it's become a bit of a memey film, I can't tell if people are ironically praising the film.
I Love it very very much
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