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Nobody is really seeing my point through at all. I'm not really trying to argue. I'm trying to help people be less cynical. You can keep talking about how my interaction with yahnich's post was out of line but people seemed to agree with what i said so.. was I wrong actually? Why am I being called out anyways?
My dudes I was just venting on an angry day, I take no offense to Clovis' response although I really don't see the 'cartoon villain' aspect of my post, as imo I didn't use flowery writing at all, the most complicated word in that post is "godforsaken"
there is nothing wrong with cynicism insofar as it does not impact badly the interpersonal social relationships one has
There's a line between being eloquent and being r/iamverysmart material
...And pretending that you do objectively know where that line stands rather than give people the benefit of the doubt makes you come across as a pompous asshole, ironically.
Considering the projection towards our climate in the next couple of decades, I think calling our planet "godforsaken" isn't much a stretch tbh
t. person who argues against no one but his own made-up counter-arguments. The most common escapist avenue of the overworked, long-hours-low-pay Millennial is weed.
This may not be an unpopular opinion on FP but I just do not see the appeal in battle royale games. I bought PUBG when it was first available to play with friends and after playing for 30 hours, which included one solo win and several squad wins, I feel like I've experienced everything to see in the genre. I'm not going to argue against the adrenaline of being one of the last people fighting it out in a rapidly diminishing circular arena but I feel like the time and effort of getting to that point isn't worth it.
Morrowind was Bethesda's last unironically good game. Past that, you see a slow, steady decline overall in originality, writing quality, and even game balance, the ridiculous power curve for the player is a good thing. The aggressive enemy levelling introduced in Oblivion was complete killer for immersion and the feeling of character progression, and the nerfs (or outright deletions) of more powerful magic abilities means you felt like you never got appreciably more powerful. And this isn't coming from a position of nostalgia. I played Morrowind in 2016, years after I played all the other Bethesda games, including Fallout 4 which I played at launch.
I totally agree but I had a lot of fun with Oblivion, too
Actual unpopular opinion, Morrowind is a static bore of a game. The quests are all by the numbers "go get this", "go escort them", "go kill whatever" quests with nothing remotely interesting in them. The world is well written but you have no real agency in that world and you aren't even a character since the dialogue system is really just an information directory. The game plays like a D&D lore book where you're everyone's servant. Things are happening but you're rarely allowed to be a part of them.
This is an issue with every Bethesda game that hit its peak, arguably, with Oblivion and Fallout 3. At least Morrowind had an interesting world to explore while you tramped around doing everyone's chores.
Nintendo hasn't made a great controller since the SNES. Gamecube was fine, but I hated the tiny D-pad.
The Wii Classic controller and pro variant are great
Fuck this generation-blame bullshit. Boomers didn't ruin the future for us. Corrupt leaders who manipulated the public into supporting them did. Do people just forget that the 1960's happened? How about environmental movements in the 80's? It's true that we wouldn't be where we are now without things moving us here to begin with, but that goes both ways.
related to this: the N64 controller isn't as bad as people make it out to be
Honestly this is why I've become a lot more jaded and cynical recently. Like, I'm not some crazy conspiracy theorist normally, but it really feels like it's the people vs the rich, and that they've been directly and indirectly 'controlling' the public through symbolism, the media, etc, for a long time. Morals have been stretched against us, about not cheating and lying and all that, but look at what the rich and those in power do every damn day? Older generations are 'taught' to hate on newer ones through the media, and newer ones taught to hate on older ones through it as well. And this applies to a lot of things. The big guys don't give a shit, it's just controlling sheep. It's really disheartening. I'm sure that i'm just looking at it too deeply, and it isn't like that, etc etc, it just feels bad. And this is the unpopular opinion thread, after all.
like, the d-pad was the only thing that felt weird to me but i have big hands so what do i know
Not sure if this is truly "unpopular", but in an OCD sort of way, I need all my filenames - and file extensions to be all lowercase. Just because.
The people in power keep us fighting amongst each other so we don't turn on them: they make sure to fuel the war between men and women, old and new generation, citizens and immigrants, left and right policies etc.
Land Rovers aren't as unreliable as everyone makes them out to be.
A lot, but not all, of the people I see spouting "Exam results don't matter!" are often in positions of luck and amazing fortune, rather than "I took the less battered path, worked hard, and look where I am now!". Youtubers that talk about how exam results don't matter are moronic. I needed my GCSEs to get into college (UK college), and I needed the subsequent A-Levels to get into law school. Unfortunately, for plenty of people, exam results do matter. I've already been told by guest lecturers and the like that the majority of the preliminary screening for applications to jobs in the legal sector revolves around exam results and academic performance.
Absolutely. I’m studying for my postgrad accreditation in accounting, and I wouldn’t have gotten in if I shat the bed with my university grades. And after I am done with my accreditation I will be going back to university for a Masters, which again, requires a minimum GPA from undergraduate studies (which I achieved). I recently sat my first postgrad exam, which had a failure rate of 45% in 2016. It’s a 4 hour exam where the weighted pass mark is >60%. Although I only achieved 72%, a credit (a bit disappointing but better than a mere pass), at least I can separate myself from those 45% of people by saying that I passed the most difficult course offered as my first exam, on my first go.
This is the kind of stuff I remember whenever I hear someone spit out "exam results don't matter!", because it's shown to be blatantly untrue. I can only imagine trying to argue my way into a job by saying "Sure, I failed the Bar Exam, but, hey, exam results don't make a person!" Not how real life works, I'm afraid.
It's also similar with people who think entrepreneurship is like that, often pointing at Bill Gates or Elon musk, despite the fact that one was a Harvard student and the other was about to do his PhD.
People overrate "complex", "unique", and/or "high skill" characters in games. I've always thought that just because a character can do something "unique" or "interesting", it doesn't actually make them all that special or better designed. Even worse when people right off other characters for being simpler or "braindead" to play.
The only reason why hard rock isn't as popular as it used to be is because it's fanbase sticks to listening to songs from old bands that they already know like Metallica or AC/DC rather than trying to discover new hard rock bands.
What are good new bands?
It doesn't help that well-known hard rock bands today are literally carbon copies of what they're influenced by. See: Greta Van Fleet
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkF_G-RF66M https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3bjPGUDl1k
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