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Joji might be Filthy Frank's biggest rouse yet.
If a writer, director, developer, or whatever doesn't feel like improving on their work then they don't have to, as long as they're not a prick about it
Pretty unpopular opinion, but being transracial should be taken as seriously as being transgender.
Jokes on you, cause race isn't real.
How is that even possible.
Don't take him seriously, he's trolling.
Although mainstream media has a habit of making an article out of everything and exaggerating about small details,I'll always rely on it more than any "alternative" media source.
People shouldn't use tinder for attention. I'm not saying meet up with everyone you match with, but don't post all your social media and then never talk to anyone. You're almost as bad as a spam bot.
Is this how you become transnigger
Karate kid 2010 was good... fight me...
Karate Kid 2010 was bad because he didn't even fucking learn Karate, he learned Kung Fu.
and he wasn't a kid, he was a 56 year old man with a stubble, weird how people don't talk about it more
I dislike every Fallout game, not much for TES either but I find it to be a bit better.
Fortnite's fame is well deserved. Also I dont mind kids doing fortnite dances at all
New Vegas is an example of having a really good artstyle, but absolutely terrible graphics on a technical level. I don't mind it. Fallout 4 and 76 look way too pretty to me. I feel like Fallout's world should feel unpleasant to exist in, because it is.
I much rather see kids do Fortnite dances than planking or whatever stupid shit we did 5-10 years ago. Plus I'v noticed that the fanbase is easy to avoid and not really annoying like some other ones that have cropped up over the years.
I'm actually looking forward to Fallout 76. Not sure it it'll be a "good" game but just bumbling around with my brother in the Fallout setting sounds like a good time to me regardless.
shouldve just made muay thai guy instead honestly
They did, it's called Ong-Bak. 3 Karate Kid movies ( Don't you dare count the newest one as #4, reboots don't count as sequels ) and 3 Ong-Bak's. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/342238/da9be9f5-2aae-4f95-88e8-33fa178c2124/image.png
i only like meat well done. have had medium well a few times that i thought was decent. but if its medium or medium rare i am disgusted. ESPECIALLY IF ITS A BURGER https://youtu.be/Tqx5W9li6WQ?t=239 look at 3:59 when he starts cutting up the burger, that is absolutely barbaric
Haha wow, thats such a good looking burger its stupid Like you could literally drink the liquid oozing out the meat, that would taste absolutely delicious as well
the first FNAF game is still pretty awesome for what it was, it was a really effective, anxious little horror game and it still gives me the spooks if I try to play it (I know that FNAF is still wildly popular but the further you get away from being 12 the less popular it gets so I'd still say this qualifies)
Speaking of sitting on faces,how is that even possible?
Generally the woman holds her weight on her legs, rather than just smothering you with her arse. Though some people are into the smothering.
it depends on if its a fat girl or not
My girl is always so reluctant, I have to grab her by the hips pull her onto my face. Like last night, god damn it's fun when she finally hits orgasm and tries to get off and I'm just like "nahhhh I ain't done licking yet."
coffee is superior to tea coffee when properly mixed with cream is THE best shit ever
So is tea when mixed with cream and doesn't make my ass explode like a fountain if I drink more than half a cup.
coffe is the worlds greatest beverage
New Vegas doesn't only have terrible graphics, but the gunplay, just like in Fallout 3, is fucking awful. I still enjoyed the shit out of both those games, but I am not so sure that I could ever go and replay them due to how much better the combat is in FO4. Skyrim's swordplay isn't exactly great either, but I still go back and play that regularly due to the magic and stuff being pretty well developed in comparison. I actually really enjoyed FO4's brighter art style. I know FO4's environments don't necessarily fit the theme brilliantly, but I got so tired of brown games after a while and it was nice to see those skyscrapers with colourful panels when roaming The Commonwealth. Nah. Don't get me wrong - I drink coffee sometimes, but only due to its caffeine content. I much prefer tea for its taste, IMO.
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