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John Wick movies aren't that great. The premise? Cool Visuals? Excellent Sound: berry nice The gunplay? I.e. a huge selling point? Almost comedic. Borderline cartoonish levels of unreal-ism. Yeah he does tactical reloads and C.A.R. nonsense which looks cool, but it still falls victim to the "main character is rely gud and other pepl are bad aim and only take him on one at a time" cliches. And then there is stuff like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrrpjsAKp7k Are you FOR REAL? I just cant take it seriously anymore
In all of Valve's single player games that have a sequel (Left 4 Dead, Half Life, Portal), the first one is always superior in terms of cohesiveness, narrative, and tone as the sequels tend to be more expansive or lacking in what made the first installment such a tight game in terms of characters, story, or style.
I disagree with Portal, but especially L4D it's so noticeable. They changed from realistic to cartoonish. And let's not forget they never added some animations to the pistols
Fortnite improved society by demonstrating to youth the power of dance.
Yeah Portal 2 makes the first one look like a demo
I sort of agree. Somehow, I like Portal 2 more, but the first game is more "perfect."
I still prefer Portal 1's atmosphere of dread and isolation and the feeling I was in a Harlan Ellison story as opposed to 2's all out transition to comedy
uh that's cuz you weren't supposed to do you think the filmmakers thought that is how real gunfights happen??? you might as well criticize it for not having enough musical numbers
Wait they didn't add animations to some of the pistols?
Specifically walking animation. When you walk the guns just sit still. Would've been the easiest thing to implement but I guess they saw the amount of money they made and decided not to put effort into it (story of their life)
IMHO it should be law that multiplayer games have real time concurrent player accounts available. It's the right of the consumer to know what kind of mileage they can realistically get out of a game, which in a MP game population numbers serve the most straight forward indicator.
Headshot damage multipliers in multiplayer FPS are a bad mechanic more often than they're a good one.
I strongly dislike the 1-shot headshot in R6:S. It feels like it does a lot more harm than good to the overall weapon balance, not to mention how awful it feels to be wall-banged by a low-damage weapon that would do about 5-6 damage on a bodyshot killing you in one hit.
Siege can have a headshot multiplier, that's fine, it's a tactical shooter but the problem is that it has the single highest headshot multiplier I've ever seen in a game. 28X. It really should be 4x like Counter-Strike so that wallbangs aren't as stupid powerful. Getting randomly headshot through three wooden walls with a dinky 9mm is the opposite of fun.
I like Henry Cavill as Geralt.
The people actively complaining about the most recent Smash Direct are literal children who will never be satisfied (and don't deserve to be). Being disappointed that your guy didn't make it in is fine, but anyone virtue signalling about how they're boycotting Ultimate or flinging hate and death threats at Sakurai because Protagonist From Niche Dead JRPG Franchise #42069 or Oddjob from Goldeneye didn't make the final roster doesn't deserve to enjoy a good Smash game.
The whole "every character that can summon something HAS A STAND OH MY GOD" is ridiculously obnoxious.
L4D2 animations seem to be lower quality or almost rushed in some regards. This video should help. https://youtu.be/y87e9XFTH-E?t=11
Joji might be Filthy Frank's biggest rouse yet.
If a writer, director, developer, or whatever doesn't feel like improving on their work then they don't have to, as long as they're not a prick about it
Pretty unpopular opinion, but being transracial should be taken as seriously as being transgender.
Jokes on you, cause race isn't real.
How is that even possible.
Don't take him seriously, he's trolling.
Although mainstream media has a habit of making an article out of everything and exaggerating about small details,I'll always rely on it more than any "alternative" media source.
People shouldn't use tinder for attention. I'm not saying meet up with everyone you match with, but don't post all your social media and then never talk to anyone. You're almost as bad as a spam bot.
Is this how you become transnigger
Karate kid 2010 was good... fight me...
Karate Kid 2010 was bad because he didn't even fucking learn Karate, he learned Kung Fu.
and he wasn't a kid, he was a 56 year old man with a stubble, weird how people don't talk about it more
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