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can I toxx that if its anything besides like seeing two IPs from the sameish area I will eat a small part of my jorts doused in hotsauce
Because he did, and Hezzy will confirm. Like I said, I didn't take this lightly. Grenadiac and I have had plenty of good conversations over in the gun thread, and I'm not going to go say fuck it to someone I've had solid conversations with for years and has been a prominent member of this forum for over a decade. I also have to do what is asked of me, and just the same any other mod could have figured it out and decided to do something harsher than what I imposed. To imply that I'm going out of my way to ban dissenters is not correct. If that were the case I'd just give him a permaban along with everyone else in this thread and call it a day. To that end I get to accept the punishment of being ridiculed over a decision I made based on the evidence that I have, and for me it is expected to not have personal history interfere with my moderation decisions. Whether you can accept my position on the matter is entirely up to you. Whether the evidence I have gets shared is entirely up to Hezzy, as it is not my place to expose the methods we use in this kind of matter.
You're full of shit.
https://images-ext-2.discordapp.net/external/nmtTd_WCkS4a3hLKgi9ZVIIHA1M2L-QSv1JGijPbylk/https/i.gyazo.com/b40e32373f85672ed53d21040d8383a0.png https://images-ext-1.discordapp.net/external/eflx77YUISsFug6orxaXnPlxTsHl0ljaHcGeXLKdaWs/https/i.gyazo.com/cf189fb5e293d8f487d6b499ce00216b.png :thinking:
Hello. It is I, the hit 2014 Film, Bird Man. Why are you talking about me??
Tbh youre acting like a bootlicker for no real reason. You eschewed your place in a community we've all been in for 10+ years for no real reason. I get it youre just "following orders" but maybe take that moderator cap off if youre being told to ban your friends and sink the forum.
birdman literally said he posted it. also 2.1. What information might we collect from you? When you sign up for, download, use or play the Facepunch Services then we will collect certain information from you. The information that we collect varies depending on the particular Facepunch Services used, but this may include: A. Technical Details. When you use, play or access the Facepunch Services we or third parties on our behalf may collect technical details about the device you are using, including: internet and/or network connection (including IP address); MAC address, any console device identifier; your operating system, browser type or other software; and your hardware or other technical details. B. Your Activities. When you use, play or access the Facepunch Services we or third parties on our behalf may collect details of how you use our services, including: metrics information about when and how you use the services; traffic data; language preferences; in-game purchases; achievements; scores; gameplay statistics; time spent playing; and your geographical location data. C. Your Communications. If you contact us (e.g. via email or call for customer support) or post in chat sessions, forums or other areas of the Facepunch Services, we may collect and maintain a record of your contact details and the content of your communications. D. User Accounts and Newsletters. To access certain Facepunch Services (e.g. games or forums) you may need to create a user account. Or if you sign up to a newsletter, you will be asked to provide us with certain information. This will be displayed to you at the time you start to use the applicable Facepunch Services (e.g. when you sign up for a newsletter) and may include your name, username, age, birthdate, a photo or avatar, email address, country of residence and contact information. E. Third Party Accounts. In certain circumstances (e.g. joining our forums) you may be able to log into certain Facepunch Services via third party accounts (e.g. Facebook, GitHub, Twitter). If you choose to do so, you are asked to share certain information with us (the exact information will depend on the particular third party account displayed to you on the permissions page when you attempt to log in, but may include your name, location, gender, birth date, email address, photo, profile URL and friends list). unless he somehow managed to register both accounts with the same facebook or w/e then you have absolutely nothing that can be tied to a person.
This whole situation is embarrassing.
This is clearly a prank I never said this quit trying to save me from myself.
>Future I’m still considering what to do with the forums. Whatever I decide won’t happen overnight. I’m not just going to switch them off. It’ll happen early next year. If the forums exist they need to be agile and evolving. I can’t be the chokepoint there, so there needs to be a way to let the developers in the community improve it themselves. I’m leaning towards making the front-end site a SPA with a websocket connection and accepting pull requests to it. We could COORS localhost so people can develop locally but with the live data, and any legit community alternatives could also be COORS’d. That’d make the backend the only chokepoint – which is a tiny part of it. this bit in particular is worth taking note of
I did make a make an addon that did that like a week or two ago. It's kind of ugly at the moment though.
I must admit I am continuously baffled by the inescapable pot stirring the moderator team continuously partakes in, and then blames the community when they don't like the result. It happens with every one of these community threads. Its like there is no common sense, its all just a farce. Many of us have been on this forum for many years, some over a decade. I just can't fathom this hostility towards the users in the face of the forum being shut down. Its all just repeatedly clear that the moderation team clearly doesn't give a damn, and that is unfortunate. These "Idiot Cull" bans are clearly personal. There is such a gulf between the moderating team and the users that its clear the forum won't last much longer at this rate, even without the looming threat of the website being shut down. There is no real point in name calling, but when people are rightfully riled up and passionate over something important to them - especially in the face of an owner who blatantly doesn't care about a community he doesn't visit but lords over, and a mod team which tows his line - is there really any surprise people are going to lash out? I would think the mod team should show some more backbone and professionalism and not let "vocal minority shitters" single handedly derail not just the flow of discussion, but the existence of the forum itself. Nothing that has happened is surprising based on the actions of the mod team. At this rate, I don't know who is going to be left for the next FAQ thread and the one after it. Many of the vocal users get banned, and the lurkers like me can do little but watch on as our own opinions mirrored in these users are considered grounds for being banned. The ratings on many of these posts have showed a pretty clear and consistent opinion on how the community feels about everything since the start of this mess during the transfer to Newpunch. I was upset at the idea of the forums being shut down, but now I can't see how they can go on. We certainly aren't getting many new legitimate new users. Just look at the activity of the forum and the join dates. Its overwhelmingly a dwindling old guard.
I'm just saying, people wouldn't be angry if Hezzy had maintained his composure a bit better.
People wouldn't be angry if the moderator team behaved like moderators, not mirroring the behavior of the posters they claim are destroying the forum, but backed by the power of their position. If, as a moderator, you can't hold your composure, then you shouldn't be a moderator.
You summed up this whole situation really.
I really want to see both sides of the argument here, but its slowly becoming harder and harder to be neutral in this. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/58028/8f174941-b575-4011-800f-ec03a2302910/2018-10-24-232232_57x52_scrot.png
@Hezzy In the position of community manager, you should be able to remain composed in the face of criticism. Even unwarranted criticism. Even rude criticism, and even personal attacks. It's okay to respond to these things, and it's great to ban for rudeness, but stooping to their level and calling them retards right back is a terrible decision. It's the exact behavior that, according to your own words, is going to get us deleted. What's garry going to think when even his community manager is flying off the handle and shitposting?
Regardless of what one thinks about garry's handling of the forum, hoping his kid would die is not an justifiable way to express that. It's rather nasty, as children are not their parents and death isn't appropriate for any forum issues. And it doesn't solve any forum issues, either. Insulting someone will basically never convince them of what you are saying. People are often convinced by justifications that appeal to their emotions, and insults don't really make your points appealing. Insults do not usually explain ones point of view, or provide an argument that can be thought over. In the rare cases where insulting someone would convince them of you are saying, they would usually be convinced even if you didn't insult them.
Y'know, I have a question. Where the hell is every other mod except for Jim and Hezzy? Those two are the only ones I've actually seen doing any actual moderating. Has everyone just abandoned ship seeing that FP's death is imminent?
I hope the forum's still up tommorrow
This is certainly part of the issue too, but seriously, there have always been the absolute dregs of the internet who make stupid, edgy death threats. Its uncomfortable and not fun to deal with, and can be scary, certainly, but taking their threats as a rationale to dismiss hundreds of users who don't behave that way is ridiculous. Someone here already pointed out garry picking and choosing the worst of the worst responses and using that as evidence to justify his reasoning, when it goes against what is really going on.
I'm around.
Instead of this: This is the exact kind of post I'm talking about. What are you trying to achieve with this? Do you feel better for calling him a child? Do you think that this is going to help? It isn't. Shut up or fuck off. Try this: This isn't acceptable behavior for the forums or this thread. We're aiming to have a more civil discussion, so keep that in mind when voicing your concerns. They mean the exact same thing but with one key difference: with one, you don't get your entire community pissy at you.
Given that that mods are basically unpaid volunteers/interns and those 2 guys are moderating the whole place (mostly?) on their own, it understandable that they might become stressed.
I agree, it is understandable, and in that case then they should look at either stepping away from the forum with someone acting in their place, or look to appoint new moderators permanently.
If the forums exist they need to be agile and evolving. I can’t be the chokepoint there, so there needs to be a way to let the developers in the community improve it themselves. Garry's pretty smart. I generally keep asking for stuff like this. APIs (which are only half implemented) really allow the community to continue to extend the capabilities of the forum.. I'd hate to have to move entirely onto a another system. You can look on github everyone's recent projects https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1755/0ecb8326-a2da-4115-b2ea-90539296bef6/image.png And it's just like. The current iteration of the forum is excellent in one sense. And there's two major flaws; A) We don't have about half the features we had from VB and B) Volatile design choices regarding how content is sorted within the site. And we've asked for garry to open this forum suite up just a little, but from what we're told it's not as easy to do this. And if I were to ask anything, is to look into a solution where this can become possible, because from what I can gather, the entire website feels like one huge project. Like the forums go down when the main site gets updated. So there's probably a solution here were they could most likely be separated just a little bit. But we'd have to know how you could make public more of the actual forum side, without exposing the frameworks or implementations that actually make the connections to the account system. And from that, I just know there's a lot of effort. But this iteration is great, even if early. You've made it with a focus on your core audience, one that's been around for over ten years. To make another radical design change again and again, when we have something that works? The fact that I'm here every day for at least five years is testament enough to how successful this platform remains over time
I demand union rights
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