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I weld. and catch fire sometimes.
I'm 5 months into a 16-month paid internship that's between my 3rd and 4th year of school being a "Business Systems Analyst" at a huge insurance place for a pretty great pay, and most of what I do is coordinate between business teams who want something done in internal IT and with the developers who do the actual work. The work is so unbelievably simple, the hardest is keeping track of the deadlines of the projects and being the one to chair meetings (over skype) and keep everyone in control, which is pretty tough for someone as shy as me. This sounds like a dumb thing to say but I feel so guilty for how little I actually accomplish that could just be replaced with everyone remembering to CC a few extra people in the emails, while other interns in the exact same program as me get paid less to do actual work like programming. Big business sucks.
Used to work a government job that dealt with divorces/custody court cases. Have been home for a year now due to depression thanks to that job. Got layed off 3 months or so again... But on the bright side i'm working on getting my own business started up. So that should at least be more enjoyable...
I work in graphic design/marketing/I.T for a small local jewelry company. I liked it at first but its started wearing down my enthusiasm as every work day goes by. All of my co workers are over 40 something and interact with me like I am some kind of alien because I am in my 20s. They are your typical middle Americans who don't go past the small talk of weather or sports and it drives me absolutely insane because I can only stand small talk for so long. I was told that one of the reason's they hired me is because they wanted a new fresh outlook on their marketing tactics to draw in a wider crowd to the store but any time I attempt to do that I get shot down with a "Thats just not what Xcompany is" I wanted to be a little more inclusive in the marketing for the bridal section and slowly start to include photos of same sex, interracial, and trans couples to set the image that it's a shop they could go to and be treated like the humans they are. I was approved for interracial... Its a damned if I do damned if I don't sort of thing. I have come to find out that everyone in the store has a hate or a distastes for each other in some form or another. For some reason as the newer person everyone felt the need to start trying to pull me into the behind back talking and shit talking about the co worker of their choice. Even the owner has attempted to do this. I refuse to participate. Over all I want to go back to selling fucking mobile phones.
I’m a university graduate and am working as a Tax Accountant. I’m an associate member of a professional accreditation body which means I can legally use an ASA suffix (so Mr Mighty AU ASA, lmao). Currently studying postgrad with the organisation so I can become fully certified. I love working in accounting, but not at my current workplace. I’m underpaid and underworked, and I just don’t get along with my boss. Boss knows that I’m not happy in my current role, so she’s letting me continue to work with her until I can find a different job. Hopefully something full-time in Management Accounting and which doesn’t involve 1.5 hours of commuting each day.
I'm like, essentually a waiter for a pub, which i can only describe as an old folks home or nursey depending on the time of day and where the founder is essentially a stark raving lunatic who should not be anywhere near politics. I need to find somewhere that isnt hospitality.
i want to fucking die wageslaving was a mistake
i worked for a small company for around a year as a part time warehouse manager. I was one of two employees, worked with this 60 year old guy who basically ran the whole operation, made the big sales that mattered (I did smaller ones and helped with paperwork) We would sit at our desks across from each other and solve the worlds problems. I just found out from the company owner that he died of a heart attack last saturday. It really sucks, I'm pretty bummed out about it. I only quit there about 3 months ago, and I talked to him on the phone only about a month ago. He was a family man, loved jesus, he would tell me these stories about his life in a car gang in the 70s, running underground discos and getting in fistfights. Almost all of his stories included him almost getting in a fight or actually getting in a fight. He would always say "I used to be a bad motor scooter, man". He was a really nice guy. Anyways, my old boss tells me the news, and I express how sad I am to hear the news, and then he asks me if I want to take his job... I guess he needs SOMEBODY to run his business, but damn...
I work at a corporate restaurant, started as a cook, now I am a full time manager, amazing pay and benefits. Food service really can be worth it if you work hard and move up. I do deal with long shifts and shitty hours but its well worth the pay.
production engineer for a factory that makes flares for military aircraft
I study. I wake up every single day and try to study, for basically the whole day, basically every day. Which means I procrastinate for most of that time (like I am doing right now). I study because I want a government job where I live. Kind of what this guy has. To get a government job here you need to do a test whenever a government position opens up. Then you have to beat the hundreds of other people who will also want that position. And in oder to do that, you have to study. Hard. I'm kinda tired of studying, but I'm glad I have the opportunity to do this, so I can't complain.
Turns out working as a software engineer really isn't my thing after all, so I quit that job and dropped out of school (doing that in Estonia is p. cool so no worries leftover from there really) Now working as basically a network admin and am much happier, for what that's worth
I have an interview tomorrow. there are only 2 positions available that i can be hired for. hoping all goes well
Anybody else a bartender/server/barista? Where my service slavefolk at?
How is the IT sector in Estonia? I'm interested in relocating for IT jobs after I get a year or so of experience near Seattle. Was thinking of moving to Canada or somewhere in Europe that has IT opportunities.
I work for a helpline for Superannuation, which is basiaclly 401K for aussies It's not too bad unless it get busy, its absolutely draining when you have call after call, we basically clean up after administration when ever they make mistakes. I really want to move to administration mainly because they don't have to converse with members.
Current trend of work has me hopping between contracts based overseas in the worlds largest sandbox.
I worked at Swedbank, which is our largest bank, and we have a fuckton of immigrants who only speak English. Plus it's a company spanning the Baltic states + Sweden so English is the lingua franca anyway. Pretty much everyone in Estonia speaks English anyway, so if you ever run into problems with that, then it'll be out in civilian life, and even then very, very rarely if you live in the capital. I'm not entirely sure about the rest of Europe or other companies, but Swedbank is constantly and actively looking for software engineers and administrators etc. To the point where I sometimes see a generic "looking for IT people" advert instead of "We need a developer" Generally the following is true: IT sector jobs in Estonia are historically more vacant than not.
Aye I see a decent amount of job vacancies. I'll definitely need experience first for the engineering roles I'm seeing for Swedbank. I'll book mark their career page for future use. I see Europe has different IT certifications compared to USA with their A+, N+, Security+ and so forth..Are certifications highly valued as well?
Far as I can see, they're a bonus, but what's valued is practical skill. You can defo mark comptia down as a certification in your CV but building your interview around having a certification instead of how you would actually solve a problem is a misstep imo
I work as a proofreader/editor for translated scholarly articles, specifically ones translated from Chinese into English. It's a fair bit of work at times, but I work privately, so there aren't any hours I need to spend working on it or anything. I'm also currently standing in for a friend as a tutor in an online English tutoring course. Pay's not great, but it's simple enough.
A good CV matters for sure. I'm just in an entry level situation of getting the initial interviews with a two year degree, no fancy four year education. Seattle might be too competitive at the moment or my CV/resume needs more work.
We haven't had a customer at my workplace for about 3-4 years (not joking) /yes we are still operating and we are all on pay-roll) My usual day concist of playing games on my lap-top that I brought to work. Also sleeping. It's an alright job, I'd say.
I work for a small company that does video analysis for market research. My job involves making sure it gets done from beginning to end. I iinstall the video equipment and take care of recording. Back in the office I manage a team to make sure processing goes smoothly. Or I used to, we've had a really quiet year and we've only got a skeleton crew. The past four months have been incredibly dull as we haven't really had anything to do. I've been very tempted to switch jobs, but (and I don't like to blow my own trumpet) the company would be fucked if I left, no one else is the company has the same knowledge of our systems and the way we work. And I sort of feel I owe debt to the company. I was taken on a zero hour contract as a video analyst, but through turning up and taking an interest I was given the opportunity to do more, and eventually became the most senior member of staff barring the MD and I guess the investors. I've been given some good opportunities too, I've been to Australia, Spain and Denmark. Things are looking up again, there's a lot of proposals in the works. I've almost certainly got jobs coming up in Spain, Bulgaria and South Africa and possibly a trip to Seoul. A nice to trip to South Korea would make me forget the slow year we've had
addition: I don't know how well it went. Was asked questions that I thought i had prepared for, but my mind and body failed me. i feel despair.
what the hell, we need more info lol
Basically, we live off of investors and founding from the government because of the industry we're in. A lot of the money have magically went missing, a few million (no doubt someone filled their pockets) But we are still on the pay-roll probably because we need to be a presentable company if an inspection ever comes (I think)
Do you ever have to do any work or is it literally just playing video games? Haha what a job
Sometimes we get some small work here and there. A little while back we were disassembling most of the things we have produced in order to scrap it. That and some sweeping. Other than that, it's not a lot to do besides gaming and sleeping.
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