• Team Fortress 2; Pyroland Overhaul Project, part 2: Weapons
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Currently working on the secondaries for the Pyro. Came to a stopping point on what i should do for the Reserve shooter. Pretty set on it being the flower concept, as that version and the regular model are both based off of what the environment colors would be, but thought i'd get some feedback on if i should do some tweeks, or maybe even go in the direction of the rainbow version. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/231968/a86f2ae9-9ae7-4d2b-ae9a-f4bf138a2f03/reserve shooter.png agree for the flower model, heart for the rainbow. will prolly do a discussion on why the rainbow if enough people feel that way, as i do want to make sure consistency is kept, and as neat as the rainbow model is, not sure on the consistency of it from the base model. thanks, love ya'll
Unless Garry went murdering subforums in my sleep again, I think this should go in the games section.
oof, i thought he did murder them, but sure enough i was wronnngg. my bad, and thank you
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