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Theres one in a dealer near me, in white, kind of want to get it every now and then but I'd ruin it so...
I've been trying to find a first gen celica for a few months now but they're apparently really hard to find for any sort of reasonable price. I just want a damn project car that I can put some love into but everyone's only selling their $15k fully restored & tuned track car.
Saw Sunn O))) in Chicago this past Friday night. We took my dad's friend's 1993 Bentley Brooklands long wheelbase into the city for it, riding in that was incredible. Went through a McDonald's drive through in it, probably the most ridiculous thing I've ever done. It has intermittent transmission problems where it will stick in second gear, but if you shut it off and turn it back on again, it goes back to normal. I could never justify owning old ultra-luxury though, the upkeep for them is ridiculous.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/107029/ae1105d8-0c3e-4553-8ce5-19817992bb8d/IMG_0055.JPG I really do love my Blazer, but it's such a piece of shit. I'm doing my best with it, but it's difficult to work with a car that's been neglected and abused for seemingly its entire life. It's much more reliable than it was when I'd first bought it, enough so that I've been able to roadtrip it a few times, but it's got a lot of blow-by and burns oil, and there's loose connections on the ignition coil that I'm pretty sure are the root cause of the random no-starts and engine cutouts i've had recently. Tried padding them with tape so they're more secure, but I think the connectors and the place they fit on the ignition coil are just fucked and need to be replaced. The oil consumption problem is just going to be a fact of life, as I don't have the facilities to do an engine swap or rebuild, and paying someone else to do it would probably outweigh the cost of the entire car. It's really nice to drive when it's working, but I'm a naturally very anxious person and every time it goes wrong I'm back to square one, with zero confidence in it.
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/248867124511113216/569857786477936640/IMG_20190422_141051.jpg oops. So this happened with 150km left to go while I was on the autobahn in Germany.
See my dude, this is the problem with one-off or super rare imports- parts. Over here in the states, the 4.3 in that can be rebuilt with parts in stock at a local parts store, or you can literally just go to the junkyard and pull out one for 5 dollars and some pocket lint. They're everywhere and gm put them in everything. But I'll help ease your worries: as long as you keep putting 5w-30 in it, that engine will never, ever stop running. Also, I can't say I didn't warn you that a truck like that would be rough. Only reason we put up with them here in the states is because they're as common as grass.
It's not even that, the parts aren't necessarily a problem (barring cost and shipping costs for larger components), and they're a common enough engine that the bigger parts or even entire engines could be found over here. The biggest problem is that I've only got a small driveway and limited tools, so any serious engine rebuilding or swapping is beyond my capability. Hell, the V8 upon which my V6 is based is very much available over here. There's an american car parts place near where I work that literally has an entire shelf of V8s pulled out of junked american imports. If I had the money of the facilities I could do a V8 swap if my engine completely shit the bed. I'll keep nursing it along. Thankfully besides the oil consumption problems my engine runs like a champ, it's just shitty electronics and fuel delivery systems that have hampered me so far.
Hell yeah, throw a 350 in that bad bitch! That thing would be a fucken ripper! And also cost you an insane amount of gas. And taxes. And also probably be illegal where you are?
Nothing illegal about it, but it would make an already questionably impractical car even less practical. Where i live is mostly sketchy narrow lanes, some of which are barely wide enough for two sensibly sized cars, so not exactly the sort of territory for a speed machine. If I ever had to do a V8 swap it'd purely be to keep it running, I'm no speed freak. Might be a hoot on the highway, but that's about as much use as I'd get out of it.
Should I equip my A3 with missing options? Its so unbelievably naked in terms of options that it bugs me to see an Audi with lightbulbs for an instrument panel. The list of shit I can burn money on: Cortesy door lighting, yeah I got none Cruise control Onboard computer and controls Multifunction steering wheel Sline aluminium pedals 2din console conversion for... RNS mmi system (reaaalllly wanted this) And probably a few more things here and there Problem is, all of That wouldn't be cheap. It all goes upwards of 1000 euros easily, but doing that to a 04 car with shifty history? Kind of off putting The other side of the coin would be putting up with it and getting the 8V model with all the extras I wanted. Expensive yes, but it would be a much safer bet I guess, and it wouldn't be a 200.000 miles model with a lot of hack and slash.
Stripper models of luxury-ish cars make me really sad. All those button blanks taunting you reminding you you didn’t get the good car.
It was sort of a bad buy aswell. The day I went to see it, it was a rainy day, so I didn't see some paint bubbling on the roof and the rear quarter panels nor the hood being misaligned with the bumper... The leather seats mesmerized me on the spot. Not a bad car, it runs pretty well and is quite fun, but whenever I want those luxurious things, it just pisses me off. I might just save for the 8V further down the line.
*trouble free car
Same. I loved the utility, but the engine was worse than hot garbage. V8 fuel economy for 4 cylinder power, and hated cold weather (I bought it as a winter beater). https://i.imgur.com/gURmLwx.jpg
If it's already rusting out and you're second guessing yourself then I would say no. It's just a common car, find something better.
Do you know why it's burning oil? If you've got a bad head gasket that's a driveway job on most American engines.
man trying to sell a car is fucken SHIT
I'm pretty sure it's not a head gasket, I had to put a new radiator in it and the coolant level hasn't moved since I filled it up in December. I've been told it's blow-by, but i'm actually not sure if that's piston rings or valve related.
my man
It is a good little car. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/107029/52587f98-9a1c-4072-b995-bfce1e20ffbb/image.png The clutch is on its way out, but it's never let me down yet. Except for when the head gasket went and I needed a new head. And when the fan belt broke and destroyed my power steering pump.
Thats how you win vs Scotty Kilmer, you get a so dreaded german car, but you get it without options. Theres no endless money pit where there aren't things to be fixed
There is enough room in the engine bay to do literally any work you need to, to the engine. And the 4.3 is Hardy enough that you really can't fuck it up. Hell, if the tranny is in good shape, I'd suggest tearing down the engine and building it with some mild performance parts. The 4.3 is really really detuned to meet emissions and for reliability, and you can easily make 300hp with just some new, better pistons, camshaft, good headers and ditching the TBI system.
https://i.imgur.com/DW8Y9Dp.jpg https://i.imgur.com/y9Frq0u.jpg Doing the wheel bearings on this Merc, but I haven't got a fucking clue how to tell the difference between the models of these cars yet. He's pretty sure it's a 93, and I'm reasonably sure it's 300E?
Scan the VIN? That should tell you literally everything.
Oh yeah...
Maaaann note to self if someone says they know how to use a spring compressor....don't believe them. I go to a makerspace near me. I was using the metal shop kid comes in with a set of coilovers and a spring compressor The warning bells commence going off in my head. I go over introduce myself ask what he's doing and ask if he knows how to use one. I get "yeah man I got it thanks though"......Ok cool "I'll be over here if ya need help". Not five minutes later I hear UGGA UGGA UGGA UGGA.....Kersnap.........BBBAAAANNNGGG!...BANG...........FUUUUCCCKKK. My response being "still got your teeth?.......Ya shit yourself?..........do ya want help now?". Decent enough dude but holy fuck that could of gone bad in a hurry
The danger of doing stuff like this yourself is severely understated, and I really don't think the average box-parts store should sell cheap spring compressors for exactly this reason.
so far I've had: 3 people trying to offer $1k less than what I have it advertised for 2 people ask if the car is still available, and then not respond at all when I tell them it is 1 person ask if I could drive to the other side of the fucken city for them to look at it (of course I said no) 1 person who organised to inspect it and then the night before tell me they already found another car and one person actually show up to look at it, and then not get back to me and two think I have to sell two cars.
the huracan actually has it so the air flows through the wing stands and produces more downforce by pushing the inner of the wing down, its quite clever actually, just look up Lamborghini ALA and you can find some info about it. otherwise it seems its more aerodynamically efficient. a lot of racecars do it now too.
Ah so it does has something to do with the ALA... Thought it didn't seeing how the Senna also has it for example. Thanks! Will look it up
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