• Last Transmission of James Lee McKigney before death. (Appendicitis is why.)
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If you have appendicitis you should definitely go to a hospital right away and get that shit out of your system.
Yeah dude, go to the fucking hospital. Seriously.
Due to the fears coming true, I decided to make one last transmission playing Sonic R. I have appendicitis and this is my last video if I don't survive it. I like to thank you all for putting up with me and I will see you at some point soon. Life is nothing more than a chance to make your mark in history so don't just sit there twiddling your thumbs. If you want something done, do it right away. Do it straight away! DO IT WHILE YOU CAN! For it is the only way to live a life without regrets. Sounds like a joke This shit is so easily fixable at an ER though
is op dead
whoa that the hell happened
Dude what the fucl
if i can survive appendicitis, you can too. go to the hospital
nah just cut it out with a knife, easy!
Maybe he doesn't have insurance and/or can't afford the operation. Flagdog says he's in the US after all. I know I'd personally rather fly back to the UK on a commercial flight and risk dying in the process than deal with the US healthcare system.
if that isn't the sign that everything is fine with the nation's healthcare system than I don't know what is. /s
if they can't afford the operation, they'd probably qualify for obamacare and be able to be covered by that. alternatively they can go get the operation done anyway because they can't just let the man die, i'm pretty sure that's illegal.
Ahahah. Yeah right mate, they'll do the operation regardless and then tank your credit and fuck you over for the rest of your life on the billing side. Older guy at my old work had a heart attack while on the job once, he went to hospital ofc, it was all supposed to be covered by workman's comp since it happened at work, yadda yadda. Nah, the hospital took his workman's comp number, said it didn't run and then referred him to right to debt collections. A month later he's hit with a $40,000+ bill in the mail and "late fees" because he didn't set up payment plans and shit with them. He called them up, said "wtf this shit was work man's comp here's my number again." and they said "oh okay." Two weeks later his bank account is frozen and he's unable to pay rent, so naturally his landlord evicts him for being unable to pay rent. So now he's living in his car and subsisting on odd jobs for under the table cash since he can't access any of his money from what I hear from a few ex-coworker friends of mine. The US has systems in place that are supposed to take care of people, it's just that they literally don't work.
The Writer's Corner V1 I mean this is a guy who constantly writes fan-fiction stories involving sonic the hedgehog and other fictional universes. And draws like Deviant-art tier sketches and acts like they're good. And seeing from the other videos of this guy. He definitely has some issues.
well then he should be able to sue for damages, that isn't his fault and he could probably easily win if they maliciously tried to fuck him over like that.
you do know filing a lawsuit costs money right?
He has admitted he has a form of autism. He actually made a thread about that particular video years ago when he first joined up talking about it. I think his heart is in the right place and I really can't judge his hobbies and interests. Though I am worried if he has other people that lives with him, because a family member or close friend would had been really helpful to let him know he doesn't have to die needlessly and can be treated by a hospital.
Yeah instead of trying to poke holes in a fellow members character lets try and be supportive. People have all sorts of passions and problems, we're not here to highlight them. I hope for GrayestOdinJim's sake he was able to get to the doctor and have things taken care of.
Seems i didn't exactly know much of this guy's history then. Well. Now i feel like a dick.
legal aid societies exist which will take your cases for free in just about any developed area of the states.
Lawyers only take cases they think they will win. And again, you have to qualify as "low income" for most "free" legal aid. The requirement of "low income" in the US is often absurdly low, like, you may as well not have a job kind of low. Even then it might not even be truly free, often that shit comes with "payment plans" and shit that just further ruin people's lives. You can go on all day about these safety nets that exist on paper but the truth is, the safety nets in the US have an absurdly high hole to rope ratio.
Appendicitis is not something you want to fuck with regardless of your insurance status. I had to deal with that in the 5th grade and thank god they caught it when they did. I was at the Nurses Office, Doctors, Hospital, then in Emergency Surgery within 8 hours of it being diagnosed.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1VEiryVHqQ Update to let you know I'm still alive. I misinterpreted my body and mistaken indigestion with appendicitis.
you son of a bitch
God damn it Jim McKigney, you've done it again
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