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This thread is dedicated to the former weightlifting section, and to KONSTANTIN KONSTANTINIVOS https://youtu.be/_19kodA-yoA Rip
Food poisoning man, fuck me. ALL MY GAINS.
PL meet on Sunday, heres 165x2 from last week: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/218763/d7e1b2ae-a1ba-4a85-aa56-6cf77e814791/video-1540647937.mp4 Starting lifting with a gumshield when I go heavy, feels good
looks juicy bro. BW? slowly migrating to hook grip ever since i decided to give up mixed grip on DL. hit a hook grip PR of 365lbsx3 today, 90 pounds past my previous hook grip pr for 3 reps. hook grip is slowly feeling better and better
96.5kg I planned on using hook grip this competition but I hurt my wrist a few months into training and ended up using straps for a good while. I'm going to try hook grip sumo for a month and see how strong I get with that
Can't wait for winter hours to roll in where I won't be working 60+ hours a week. Need to get back to making gains. Going from 185 to 160 lbs makes chinups feel so light, even with the serious strength loss that came with being relatively sedentary.
Meet went well, hit PR's on bench and deadlift, missed a 182.5 squat tho which I'm disappointed about. Squat 172.5 Bench 125 Deadlift 205 https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/218763/a7c4ea6a-b8f2-4dca-a3b5-958e52411eaa/video-1541341897.mp4 https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/218763/c8e2130a-81a0-43de-9eeb-51b3964217ab/video-1541341841.mp4
Fucking buried those squats gj dude, heavy ass total. Where'd you come in your class?
Second in age/weight, but only because there as one other dude in my class. He was squating 215, benching 120 and deadlifting 250
I feel like I keep tweaking my upper back and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Its all sorts of different places in my back that I’ll tweak a muscle, and from a large variety of movements as well. I really keep trying to train my back to be stronger but I just can’t seem to get anywhere
What's the highest-calorie chilled drink you can buy in a supermarket? I'm not talking like UFIT 25g/50g (around 330 cal a bottle), but something with like, a huge amount of calories.
Probably a milkshake if you can't make it yourself. Otherwise just get some peanut butter and put it in a blender with milk.
Mooju chocolate milk is pretty good, like 500 calories, 30g protein in a 750ml bottle. Id drink a few in a week if I'm having trouble getting in calories.
If anyone is a Vegan Weight lifter, please contact me? Thanks
that fucking sUGAR content good lord
what r ur fitness goals for 2019? Mine are (in pounds) 500 Squat 545 Deadlift 315 bench @93kg bw
Mine are to get stronger, faster, better endurance, while staying lean. Sitting around 150lbs right now at 5'9". Leanest I've been in 3+ years, while maintaining my most of my strength/muscle mass. Looking to get back in to jiu jitsu and mma training in 2019.
I'm only making goals up to my next comp in April, after that I'd like to do something different, lose some weight, maybe take up a combat sport. I'd like to hit: 200kg squat 135 paused bench 240 deadlift at around 100kg bw
get off my fat faggot ass and start going to the gym again
I was always interested in boxing or some sort of grappling sport but I have no idea how I would fit that into my lifting schedule 5 days a week. Would I have much of a handicap starting at 21?
So I got my body fat down to 8.1%. I've lost 110 lbs of fat over the last 2 years. I now have to start booking a surgery to get a tummy tuck to fix the oversize skin flaps I have from such severe weightloss over a short period of time. My goal for 2019 is to get my squat, deadlift, and benchpress above 235 lbs, and to get rid of this excess skin however it's possible.
Is it possible to get stronger in the winter, and more aestethic in the summer? If i do a Wendlers 5/3/1 powerlifting program in winter, and a more bodybuilder oriented program (like a PPL split) for summer, can i both progress my lifts in winter, and my aesthetics in summer. Or am i gimping myself and should stick to one program?
I've only gotten back to lifting for about 3 months after taking like 1.5 years off, just about getting to where I was when I stopped before. I'd like to get to 1/2/3/4 on the main lifts this year. Currently: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/238364/d6ee2c51-d46f-4838-a469-1b26b7f3735d/image.png At 6'3, 84kg. I've gained about 10kg in the 3 months I've been back to it but basically stopped gaining now. I really need to find out how to get more calories in, I want to get to like 100kg then cut down to something like 90-95.
this should definitely be possible as long as you complete the program. for instance if the 5/3/1 program is 3 months long, you need to do it for 3 months before switching to something else. Once u complete the program, feel free to switch to something else IMO
Cool, thanks. already halfway through month 2, might add another cycle, so im done in the beginning of march, and then begin looking for a more BB oriented program
dope. yeah i mean a lot of the things that programs do really only make sense in the context of the entire training cycle. not saying that you were thinking of doing this, but I think its SO silly that people constantly switch between training programs, not really ever finishing one
Yeah as long as youre doing some progress and not plateauing, i dont see the reason to switch programs early (except if your goals change ofc).
Nah you can definitely box and lift, and it shouldn't impact you too much, just make sure your eating enough.
This year has been my best year for making gains since I first started, I changed up some things and it was like getting noob gains all over again. At the end of 2017, I couldnt squat, my back was too fucked from the way I was doing high bar squats, but my all time best was 140kg. My deadlift was around 160, with my all time best being 180. My bench was at its peak at 110kg. This year I switched to low bar squats and hit 175 , my deadlift is 205, bench is 125 paused but probably 130 - 135 touch and go. Bodyweight gone from 86kg to 96kg. Going into my 7th year of lifting now.
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