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The following for 8x3 reps, in lbs 300 Bench; Cur 205 385+ Squat; Cur 315 Find a fuckin' place to do deadlifts. My apartment gym doesn't have enough plates to go past 315lbs. I'm this close to just buying some and bringing them when I exercise rather than getting a gym membership. I'm currently at about 185lbs/83kg weight which is pretty chonky in the under 6' club.
Still doing the Wendler 5/3/1, going great except on the 5x squat. I'm having issues keeping my core tight for all 5 reps, usually barely making the 5th rep with shit form. Any accessory work i could be doing to help me keep tight for the 5 reps. All other lifts are fine, its just the tail part of the 5 squats.
Paused squats would help. Your max pause squat is roughly 80% of your max normal squat, and you get the most benefit doing sets of 3-5 reps. Start with 3x5 @ 75% of max pause squat (60% of max squat), and work up towards 80%ish.
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3 sets of 10-15
i wonder what bleech qeef is doing right now
1-CF10-DBB-848-C-4-F5-B-8030-CE05-E15-AC1-FC — imgbb.com
Haven't lifted in a year. Looks like that in down lighting. What'd they feed you as a kid man?
fuck i cant believe youre actually lean
I wish I could do shirt off photos, but due to losing over 100lbs in a very short time span, I have excess skin that just grosses me the fuck out. It's been tightening up, extremely slowly, as I've done more and more ab stuff and used bio oils and shit but holy fuck does it ever annoy me to no end.
Ive lost so much muscle since my cut. If my legs were as strong and big as they were 4-5 years ago I would likely be substantially leaner at the same weight. Thats why I want to start lifting again. I think my biggest hinderance was severe sleep apnea, combined with a horrendous training program, high stress from school and sports schedule, and binge drinking every weekend and smoking blunts everyday. Ive kind of wisened up. I dont drink anymore save for a rare occasion, and even then its only a six pack instead of 20 beers. I still get high everyday but I havent smoked a blunt in quite a while, only smoke concentrates now. My sleep apnea is definitely better, but Im working on getting rid of it altogether. Pretty much i just want to be healthy, and keep my brain functioning as well as it can as I get older.
Done college and now I have around 2 months off. Need to lose some weight and start lifting again.
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