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I find it interesting how much more blatant Prager has gotten over the years. They used to at least try to hide their bullshit under a layer of pseudointellectual jargon, but now they just up and say "men are better than women."
Lots of things here that would be fun to discuss, but I'd rather save everyone's time and soak up all the boxes for being a based right-pill penis cleaner and have this thread stagnate. Way too sore a topic for either side of the argument, nothing is ever achieved in these threads.
Those graphs are hilarious holy shit. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/229153/f3825fd6-de56-4610-a531-2e2e9b3f3812/image.png WTF is this?
I've seen more videos going after alt-right/anti-sjw type shit recently, I dunno if it's actually on the way out or I'm just getting recommended more.
Thank you for letting us know. Pat yourself on the back for preventing anything grizzly happen like discussion on an internet forum.
Probably the latter, at least from personal experience. I usually get recommended politics-wise from both sides on the YouTube community because I end up watching both sides usually on a political topic. Very noticeable whenever there's a sensational topic of the week and I see uploads from the relatively same time frame of channels arguing on both sides. Though I did notice channels like Shaun have started to get more active recently compared to their more intermittent pace a year ago or so. Though other than ContraPoints, hbomberguy (not a fan of his approach personally but he's undeniably one of the more prominent ones) and some smaller obscure channels with moderate to left leaning views, there's still a lot more right-wing/anti-sjw channels out there still compared to the opposite side.
Who are you, a PragerU graduate?
annoying as fuck they're basically more formal ben shapiro "libtard ABSOLUTELY FUCKING DESTROYED" videos pretending to be some sort of actual college education
0/10 4/10
You can't just tease us, I want to hear your horrible ideas and opinions!
Its harder for anti-SJWs to hide their true intentions these days with more and more people finding out who they are and what they really believe.
How about you give some actual arguments instead of being a coward.
I guess that's the upside of the alt-right becoming somewhat well known, enough people know about them to know how horrible they are.
I got one, JP thinks a civilization that was around before the scientific method somehow discovered DNA because they drew helix shapes on the sides of vases for decoration. Same religion believed their gods were afraid of catching the gay, so they battled each other by smearing cum on each others foods and at one point on each other (which said god had cut their arm off and threw it into a river). Now, why would anyone, let alone the facility that brings him on repeatedly, listen to this madman for his view points? Its because he believes an LGBT movement is actually an anti-cultural movement ran by Marxists.
is there anything more pretentious than a bunch of hack frauds with no accreditations styling themselves a 'university'
JP did some videos for pragerU and they have a lot of the same issues as the above video. https://hooktube.com/watch?v=LquIQisaZFU I was gonna go through with college but then Based J warned me about those tax-funded nihilism gangs language policing everyone on campus. The dean of diversity almost threw me out because I didn't meet their gay quota. I guess the student debt wasn't fucking me in the ass hard enough. At first I thought getting poor grades on my papers was because I didn't research and cite enough facts but apparently college wants to teach you that facts are objective so my D in western history must be because I'm white or something and not because I don't know what I'm talking about.
Sir, you're talking to an incredibly deeply thoughtful and intelligent intellectual, have some sense. I fucking love how it says 'dangerous' and the chalk-board says https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/716/a239e261-9ef1-4278-8f4c-cffae78cef8c/image.png "Diversity, equity, inclusion" as if those are some kind of EVIL concepts
Dangerous people are teaching our kids? You don't say, Jordan Buttersworth Peterson, you don't say... 🤔
Just saw an ad by them featuring Cucker Tarlson on my break at work, once again talking about how it's basically ok to be Racist so long as you say you're not racist before you say racist things.
Someone should create a place that actually educates people on things like the economy, history, and social sciences, a place based on facts and reason instead of misinformation and propaganda. Oh right it's called university and Republicans fucking hate higher education now. https://twitter.com/chrisriotta/status/884460488721141762
"I'm not gay but man that cock looks really juicy to suck, I'd like to just nibble on it"
This is the interesting thing about the Prager channel (and yes that's what I'm calling it, it's not worthy of the name university), despite Dennis Prager himself being an Orthodox Jew, is putting in so much money to give Peterson, Carlson, and similar, platforms to rant about the Jewish conspiracy to destroy the world. The man's playing with people who want him dead, but he knows how to manipulate and control them, at least to a certain degree.
I mean there is a noticeable political bias on campus. Studies have shown over 90% of professors identify as left wing. With a figure as high as that it's practically impossible to argue that there isn't some form of implicit political bias being taught in lessons, even if it isn't consciously recognized by the teachers themselves.
That's not limited to the US. I don't know if i'll go as far as saying that's how it is everywhere, but it's certainely the same here. It shouldn't be shocking. You need college education to become a teacher, so already that's a specific group of people. Universities are usually in urban areas, which lean more left than rural areas. It's also possible that leftists are more interested in education jobs. It's a situation a bit similar to artists to me. The job description attracts a specific kind of people, so on average their values aren't the same as the average values of the whole population.
Don't forget that the people who become lecturers have gone through years of university listening to older lecturers, who in turn listened to the lecturers before them. Each one wants to make their mark on their field, but are taught to see the world through a specific lens... so all they often do is move their thought slightly further left. Suddenly it's quite easy to see how the same ideas, beliefs become more radical over time and essentially evolve into dogma.
I love how the X and Y axes don't even have any numbers on them, so it could represent a picosecond or 60,000 years. That's amazing.
I had a feeling someone would bring up the liberal bias of academics but that really has nothing to do with my point. Sure there may be some implicit (read: non-quantifiable) bias depending on what campus and what course you are talking about but it's obviously going to be far less than something you would see on Prager U. As for your 90% figure, there are a few studies but all of them give wildly differing results, with pretty much no one agreeing with the methodology because of the clear political interests in such data.
Rethinking the Plight of Conservatives in Higher Education | AAU.. Within academia, I’m a rare breed: a conservative Republican who twice voted for George W. Bush. I supported the invasion of Iraq, and I deeply admire Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas for their originalist approach to interpreting the Constitution. My own interest in the plight of conservatives within academia came somewhat late in my still-young academic career. [...] it never occurred to me to study the politics within academia. Because everyone already knew conservatives were a persecuted minority, what was the point? Taking our first tentative steps into the study of politics in the academy, we designed a large-scale survey to test how students reacted to perceptions of political bias in the classroom. In our July 2006 PS: Political Science and Politics article, “My Professor Is a Partisan Hack: How Perceptions of a Professor’s Political Views Affect Student Course Evaluations,” we found that when students perceive a gap between their political views and those of their instructor, students express less interest in the material, are inclined to look less favorably on the course, and tend to offer the instructor a lower course evaluation. The results, while not earth shattering, demonstrated that students do not passively accept disparate political messages but tend to push back against faculty members they perceive as presenting a hostile point of view. In our next major article in the April 2009 edition of PS: Political Science and Politics, “I Think My Professor Is a Democrat: Considering Whether Students Recognize and React to Faculty Politics,” we provided evidence that while student views do shift over the course of a semester, they tend to move somewhat randomly, usually regressing toward the mean. While we observed a slight shift in favor of the Democrats (representing an average 0.06 points on a five-point scale), the change occurred irrespective of the professor’s political orientation. Thus, while students’ partisan orientations did shift over the course of time, the changes are hardly what one might expect if faculty members were systematically indoctrinating their students. Looking at survey data from all of higher education’s primary constituencies, I began to realize that Republicans and conservatives, while vastly outnumbered in academia, were, for the most part, successful, happy, and prosperous. Fewer than 2 percent of faculty (Republican or Democratic) reported being the victims of unfair treatment based on their politics. Only 7 percent of Republican faculty believed that discrimination against those with “right-wing” views was a serious problem on their campus, compared with 8 percent of Democratic faculty who expressed concerns about discrimination against those with “left-wing” views. Asked to consider what they would do if given the opportunity to “begin your career again,” 91 percent of Democratic faculty and 93 percent of Republican faculty answered that they would “definitely” or “probably” want to be a college professor. Similarly, few rightleaning students or administrators claimed to have been the victims of political mistreatment. Like their Democratic counterparts, most were satisfied with their experience in higher education. Whereas our results show that Democratic and Republican professors do differ on a number of issues outside of the realm of politics and policy (for example, the purpose of higher education, the importance of tenure, and the prevalence of racial and sex discrimination), the political gap on college campuses is less important than other sources of tension, which arise based on differences between faculty and administrators and differences in academic discipline, age, and gender. While Republicans on campus are members of a distinct minority, their political views are but one of many defining characteristics that permit them to form friendships and alliances with others on campus. These nonideological associations probably act to minimize conservatives’ social and political isolation.
Again though this is sort of tangential, it was never my intent to portray colleges universally as this place where you go to get only unbiased 100% factual information. My point was to contrast a Youtube channel that portrays itself as educational and is aimed staunchly at a conservative audience, or to spread conservative dogma amongst independents, with the general lack of respect the right has for higher education nowadays.
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