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Might be neat to let us edit the quill code directly.
What's going on in this thread? https://forum.facepunch.com/hwsw/buqfu/Rust-Crashing-finally-on-break-want-to-play/1/#postcwlnvo Is it just me who can't see the OP? I posted in it to see what would happen but now I look like I'm the OP.
A lot are actually in the void.
All i'm seeing is a giant red 404.
That's just because: Looks like the thread was deleted now.
I know I made a post about Ready Player One in Rate the Last Movie You Watched, but I can’t find it even with quotes on Google.
What's this? https://i.imgur.com/1GQtZhh.png Did the member delete function break?
That reminds me, what happened to posts by users who didn’t migrate? I’ve noticed some broken quotes in old threads, but only once.
Wow, that's actually pretty cool. You could replace an OP by the actual second post and no one would be the wiser! You never know when this kind of forbidden knowledge might come in handy.
those show up rarely, I *think* they're nuked members. Because you rarely, if ever, delete registries off a database, what most likely happens with nukes is that they're just hidden from us, but they still exist. This would also explain why the pages/threads of nuked users with posts in them break. Were the posts to simply *stop* existing, the thread and post count would correctly update.
The user exists, but has been renamed and all posts have been deleted for nukes. AFAIK
If you made that post, then I don't think you made it in that thread. Here is why: "Ready Player One" was released in march 2018. I think the "rate the last movie you watched" threads have been in the movie subforum, since before that date. There have been 2 of the rate the last movie threads in the time period where you could have reviewed the movie: Rate the Last Movie https://forum.facepunch.com/ftvm/cwun/Rate-The-Last-Movie-You-Watched/1/#unseen You didn't post in either of them. In fact, it seems like you have only made 2 posts in the movie subforum: Search
@Hezzy ey lad, av i managd to claim dav0r's crown yet? or do i need to down a nother bottle of vodka??
No pink beard, no biggest drunk crown
Its still legible as well, not nearly crown level.
so we dyin or what
A man can dream.
Refer to the 2nd post on the last page, Garry will mention it when he gets around to it.
This poor man He was an excellent moderator and now he's a frequent pui. Moderating causes alcoholism. Feelsbadman.
Just to throw my $.02 into the hat: I don't want old threads and posts to be saved. It's a bit selfish but after a huge privacy scare a while back I've been trying to remove myself from the internet where I can. Being part of FP for more than 8 years and starting barely into my teens has left a lot of my personal info on some very old threads that are still around. I deleted my years old account to try to flush as much as I could but anything that people quoted would still be around. Hearing that we might restore a backup is actually kind of scary, because it would put all of that info back up for anyone to find. I'd rather just lay it to rest and move on.
Moderating doesn't cause alcoholism, being Finnish causes alcoholism
you say that now, but wait until you've had to deal with thousands upon thousands of rust kiddies. it's like war, even if you come out physically unscathed, you're not getting out mentally unscathed....
I don't think I ever talked to him sober.
moderating causes alcoholism, but the colonel was already an alcoholic beforehand
I just want to get this out of the way before the forum shuts down You know how nupunch has a unique four-letter id tied to your profile's url? Well... https://forum.facepunch.com/u/fuck https://forum.facepunch.com/u/shit https://forum.facepunch.com/u/piss https://forum.facepunch.com/u/damn
mine is Jart
Where's talk of restoring a backup? There's no such plans. It wouldn't be compliant with GDPR.
Garry wasn't going to release the forum database, but there was talk of unofficial backups. (If anyone is curious or wants to do research, the part of the GDPR that is related to this subject is the "right to be forgotten".)
I don't think personal backups of the site can be prevented at this point, multiple people have already done it.
I mean I'll say now that I don't think peoples intent is to look at old stuff that embarrassed people unless they already knew about it - and in which case if they were the person to do that, they would probably also be the person that already has posts/images/whatever saved. And I know what you mean when you say its a 'privacy scare' but you knew those posts were always public for everyone to see when you posted everything you posted. So I'm not sure what there would be to hide. And again only people from fp would ever look that up, and they only would if they had a reason to Backing up FP is inconsequential
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