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I've been playing quite a bit of Magic the Gathering: Arena, so I decided to make my own custom card. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/311878/1b609dc9-2b48-42dd-ac2d-73820fc4d596/Jeff.png Epic right? Use this site to make your own card: MTG Cardsmith Lets see what creativity you guys have!
When Jeff comes in the battlefield tapped, is he so tapped that he's useless? I don't want some drunkared nobody named Jeff in my deck
Yes. It's so that spells that target tapped creatures also work on Jeff.
How often does Jeff get tapped?
I'm unsure of what you mean. Basically he enters the battlefield tapped, and the next turn for the player who played him, he becomes untapped. So to answer your question once, on the turn is he enters the battlefield.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/237427/ebe7165f-6d9e-42dc-9efb-606502be7661/image.png Am I doing it right?
Bad templating. The correct wording to get the effect you're trying to do would be: "When Jeff enters the battlefield, choose target opponent. At the start of the chosen opponent's next upkeep, that player loses the game if Jeff is still on the battlefield." However, that's really ugly templating and a very not-fun effect (did you intend for them to lose even if they had sorcery-speed removal in their hand? It would trigger before they could cast it on their turn.). A cleaner one with the same general gameplay would be: "{T}, sacrifice Jeff: Target opponent loses the game." Despite delaying it from opponent's upkeep to your next upkeep (at earliest), that would still be incredibly overpowered, considering Door to Nothingness has the same effect for WWUUBBRRGG. Some sort of additional cost is definitely necessary. One colorless mana? You could win on turn two with this. (Jeff also needs a creature type or two - I'd hesitate to make him a Human, given that Human tribal is a top-tier deck in Modern right now. This isn't strictly a game rules thing, just a design thing) I suspect you're referencing some meme I'm unfamiliar with. If so, my suggestions are probably not going to fit it. But I'll make them anyways. I'd consider making Jeff a leveler - it wasn't the greatest mechanic but it's got uses, and "put an overpowered effect on a cheap creature, but make you wait a while" is one of them. Give him a high level-up cost (sacrifice a creature or discard a card, maybe? that's more interesting than just mana), and then two increasing effects. In his second rank (say, levels 4-7), give him "Whenever Jeff deals combat damage to a player, that player loses the game", and then his third rank (level 8+) can be "{T}: Target player loses the game". This lets you have a turn-one card that can still win you the game. If the level up cost is discarding a card, you could even potentially get a turn-three win if you really commit to it - playing on the draw, T1 basic Wastes, Jeff, discard 6 cards, T2 discard another card, T3 discard a final card, and activate Jeff for the win. For multiplayer, it might be a good idea to have the top-level effect require removing level-up counters, so you can't just fire him off every single turn... but then again, Commander is the most popular multiplayer format and this wouldn't be the most broken card in it, so that might be unnecessary. Depends what format you're aiming for. I'm also unsure why this guy is strict colorless. Yes, that's the hardest type of mana to generate, but not that hard, and colorless costs are normally associated with super-weird physics-breaking eldritch horrors, not some guy with a really boring name. Instantly defeating players is something that could conceivably be within colorless's purview, but the flavor here is just bizarre.
Yes sure that can be better wording. But strictly speaking Jeff can only be killed with a spell. After making the card I thought about adding "exile or destroy" instead of just "destroy", which would make Jeff a little more balanced. I also thought about giving Jeff the ability with {T} but I thought it redundant, unless the person playing him would want to extend the game for some reason. Yes the card is a little overpowered with only one mana requirement. I meant the card to be sort of 'overpowered; use it for humor" sort of card. Maybe two mana then? Yes sure Jeff as a human creature is fine. Yes this is a meme. https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/my-name-is-jeff Making him a leveler seems interesting but I'm not sure the website I used can use the leveler format. Regardless I still intended for this to be a humorous card, but leveling does still also seems like an interesting concept. If Jeff isn't colorless I'm not sure what color he should be. What are your suggestions?
A "win the game next turn unless you can answer this threat" is already asking a lot. I don't think "can only be killed by spells" is worth tacking on. Mostly because it doesn't actually work in the rules, or at least, not the way you would expect it to. Hit it with Lightning Bolt? Technically the spell just damaged it, it was a state-based effect that destroyed it. Popped it back to its owner's hand with an Unsummon? The ETB effect set up a delayed trigger, they still lose. Used a Prey Upon to have your big creature destroy it? Still wasn't the spell that destroyed it, so no luck. And, as you pointed out, removal spells that exile instead of destroy also wouldn't work. So no Swords to Plowshares, Path to Exile, Oblivion Ring, or Fiend Hunter. I think you underestimate just how brokenly powerful this card is. There are very, very few "win the game immediately" effects in Magic. They are all either very expensive, very slow, or both. Phage the Untouchable costs 7 mana and still has to actually hit the player to kill them. All three Vraskas can make a creature kill a player in one hit, but it's always an ultimate you've had to build up to for many turns even after playing her. Door to Nothingness needs ten mana in five colors and still makes you wait a turn after playing it to use it. Helix Pinnacle requires one hundred mana. Maze's End requires ten other lands on the field, of specific types. Darksteel Reactor costs 4 and then makes you wait twenty turns, although you can speed it up with some other cards. Azor's Elocutors requires you to go five turns without taking damage. Coalition Victory lets you win on the spot, but requires 8 mana in 5 colors, a creature of each color and a land of each basic type. Even in the official Magic joke sets, the win-immediately cards are hard to use. Magic is a game of counterplay. There are answers to every threat, and there are answers to those answers. A card that wins you the game on turn two, maybe even turn one (there's got to be a way to Gemstone Caverns this into play before even taking a turn), just isn't a good card. It isn't even really a good joke.
Well I'll be, what about my Jeff v.2?
Still horrendously broken. With a good hand, I could win turn one with it in Modern, just need Jeff, Wrangle, any land that enters untapped, and either a Simian Spirit Guide or Gemstone Caverns in the opening hand. Or two of those (or one of them and either Desperate Ritual or Pyretic Ritual), and an Act of Treason or any of the innumerable identical effects that cost 3 to replace Wrangle. Just for reference, Wizards generally bans cards in Modern if they reliably produce wins on turn three... and in maybe two minutes of deckbrewing, I think I've got one that could win turn one. In Modern, which doesn't have safety nets like Force of Will to keep turn-one combos from winning the game. I'll see if I've got some of the cards I've brewed up to post. Mine were actual serious cards, I assume this thread will be fine with that?
Yes, serious or funny, it doesn't matter.
In MTG, you cannot pay costs with something you don't have, so the "Activate this ability only if there are one or more bullet counters on ~" is redundant. Anyway, here's some stuff I came up with a while ago: https://horobox.co.uk/u/YOlHki.png https://horobox.co.uk/u/KURycG.png art shamelessly stolen from actual magic cards (encase in ice and sphere of resistance respectively)
i love Aetherfield Resonator [laughs in Arcum Dagsson] anyway here's some commanders i've made https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/302829/bd5d0372-f4cb-41fa-b307-8145c7e6d39e/Allethorn Druid of Egara.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/302829/b6019a18-0638-43bf-bf0b-de6fa810f3c2/Om-natalis Wishmonger.png
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/185499/195a2e50-7a3d-4b07-a86f-299c155d0df4/1541435239470306.png Did I do this right?
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