• How To Build Escape Room in Real Life?
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Escape room is more and more popular, the most of people like playing it! So if you want to open a real life escape room, you need to know: choose your theme, fright, adventure or puzzle choose high traffic location Plan your costs Choose your escape room props supplier, such as 1987 studio, Update your theme props, puzzles and decoration. In summary, open a escape room is not easy!
Theoretically making a fake escape room without a proper lock is very easy, you just need a bunch of folders and pieces of paper that indicate various items in the room and have the person find them in the right logical sequence of actions until they eventually unlock the piece of paper labeled lock on the door.
Why would you ever want your victims to escape though
In order to lure them into a false sense of security as they gradually realize that they have only escaped level one out of 500.
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