• Got a friend at risk of killing herself. How can I help?
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Its kind of a desperate situation. She's been feeling terrible with her brother's suicide, and she suffers from chronic depression. I am trying really hard to think of ways I can help her. She had been to the clinic over depression before, and she's also on meds. I really need your help folks. It pains me to see what is happening to her. Any suggestion is welcomed.
As generic as it is helping her keep busy can be a good strategy. With it being time for seasonal affective disorder I am meeting with my friends on nearly all my days off. I taught one to use these throwing knives we had laying around, and another one I've been hiking with. Find something she likes to do that will help her blow off some steam and sorta buy her some time away from her problems by just being around and being supportive. Even if it means just sitting around being quiet and enjoying each others company. I'm not the smartest guy around but the only thing thats ever really helped me is when other people can sorta take me out of my head for awhile.
She doesn't want to meet anyone, which is the problem. I have yet to meet her in person.
Don't hesitate to call emergency services if you have reason to believe she's gonna go ahead with it. Be there for her as much as you can manage (emphasis on that part) And really be aware that this is not on you. You can't cure her depression. This applies doubly so when you don't know her in real life - I'm gonna assume she lives fairly far away - a physical presence is really quite important. Encourage her to seek out friends she knows in real life and do stuff.
That does make it harder. Sometimes half the battle is figuring out how to be there for someone who doesn't want another person around. DK is right, emergency services is a hard step to take but keep the number handy, you may need it.
I have a friend whose friend is kind of going through the same thing. She was planning on killing herself and then her twin brother got in a really bad accident and ended up in ICU and she realized that her brother needs her in his life and shes getting better. Shes suffering with whats happened to him. I'm not saying that something like this needs to happen. I cant really offer much advice besides what everyone else has said above.
Be there for her as long as you can, but don't make this a regular thing. She needs to deal with her problems on her own, and only a highly experienced and trained professional will be able to assist with getting her life back together. You have to convince her to regularly see a mental health expert ASAP.
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