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i like motorstorm
The door gunner scene from FMJ was the one scene which really stuck with me after watching it for some reason. It's the whole duality of man stuff, he's completely sick and you know it, but you still find yourself laughing with how he holds the scene together. I just felt like doing something dumb and - as per Tudd's suggestion, believe it or not - add a juxtaposed lighthearted caption. Taking the piss out of modern motivational images is still cool right?
Because I love the Juri/Lapis combo.
sadly they havent worked out how to transmit olfactory experiences over the internet yet so you'll just have to imagine
Avatar is David Byrne from the Talking heads concert film "Stop Making Sense" My background is apparently a Russian meme. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DfoFke8WAAAE1RL.jpg https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DfoFrIoX4AAXrav.jpg
The avatar is a joke about the size restrictions on avatars and how you can buy a larger avatar, the background is a photo I took in New Orleans.
the ultimate salt face or the ultimate no salt face dysphoria
My abusive ex drew this based on how she saw me, and I've kept it because I like having a thing that's definitively me even though I don't really want anything to do with her anymore.
Saw a comic about a ghost making a terrible pun and thought the ghost looked adorable, been my avatar for 5 years now https://i.imgur.com/mW0XwxA.png
Not safe for work https://www.tsumino.com/Book/Info/10297/kaname
For the moment I feel like having a cat girl.
I'm a big fan of the Hatsune Miku derivative character Calne Calcium. The background is just some 3d art from the character's creator, Deino3330, and the avatar is from the original render of ~2:30 into this music video the character's designer illustrated.
prequel. yes i know the katia's eye doesn't look like that when she night-eyes. i need to fix it!
My background is a mix of a logo I use for my channel, where I'm known as Coyotemation. It's this channel I grew my experience as an animator on and it's how I landed myself my first and second role as a professional animator for cinematics & games. It's presented in a rustic, flag/fabric style and set above a long runic inscription (one of my favorite subjects being old Norse culture & language). It was translated by Dr Jackson Crawford and I actually have it tattoo'd on my right arm. It reads; "Sem Hroðvitnir lengi fjǫtraðr þ frjáls frá hǫptum em ek nú, ok Urðr bíðr meðan augat glóar." Which directly translated means; "Like Hroðvitnir long chained, now I am free from shackles - and Urðr (i.e. destiny/fate personified) waits, while my eye twinkles." The latter part directly translated back doesn't work as well just because of how Old Norse as a language function, but the proverb translated from is "Glimten i ögat" which is pretty much "a twinkle in my eyes", meaning you are visually happy or amused - however in the sense of being more so an approach to life rather than just an exterior thing. Hroðvitnir is the Grimnismal name for Fenrir, the giant wolf who is chained by the gods to prevent Ragnarök. He bites off Týrs arm after Týr makes a vow that he isn't tricking Fenrir into being chained down, which is devastating to the Gods as Týr is a god of promises, and this was one he broke. The general meaning of the full text, either way, is that I used to feel so locked in and chained down that I had no way of escaping, but now that I have finally free'd myself from the shackles that made me feel that way I feel I can approach the future with "a twinkle in my eyes". ... Oh, my avatar? lol its a funny dog idk it made me smile
The current background I am using is from a loading scene from the game H.E.D.Z. or Head Extreme Destruction Zone, because I find that the game concept is creative. My current avatar is a Catch-A-Rising Krusty Doll on fire because it's a good reaction image for many purposes, and it makes me chuckle.
Nonon is best girl, that's why i chose her as both my avatar and background.
I furiously jerk it to rockets
Nice friend made this for me hope she is ok
Aesthetic, really.
She is my favorite. Also u r the big gay
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/185359/cbebaca4-b039-45df-bfe7-bcf7b38cdff6/image.png Also mine's David Duchovny (obviously) because he's just a hunk
My avatar is not really important. I might change it in the near future. My background is Viktor Tsoi, the greatest rockstar in Russian history, who died at 27 yrs old in a car accident in 1990.
Avatar is from this absolute banger https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nI1RIA-Y1Q And the background is from one of the parks I've made in RCT2. (linked because huge image)
I just really like LISA: The Painful
Just continuing the tradition of using avatars of either Snow or Bigby from Wolf Among Us / Fable comics. Newpunch backgrounds have space for both of them at the same time, but I keep rotating between Bigby and Snow being visible in the avatar. Had a lot of PMs when I used this avatar of Snow back in Oldpunch (which is also the first .GIF I ever made and it also got lost over the years, so this is but a quick remake), but alas, my avatar size isn't big enough for that now. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/211035/5a8d1d04-124c-48de-8885-58d8231f7068/snowblinking.gif
Its my Fursona cause im furry trash Hellhound corgi
I chose mine because he is the one who got back up I value nothing else more than resilience and unbreakable will.
It's a great piece of art. Plus, when asked about the symbolism of the diner having no door (is it a metaphor for society?) the artist freaked out and said 'shit, fuck, I did it again... fkn doors'.
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