• [VIDEO] Bus driver runs over a vandal during a riot (SFW, don't worry)
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In Chile, ALWAYS after a protest there is a riot, and ALWAYS during a riot some "monkeys" want to burn buses and other stuff. But this guy... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lM2VvhlFhc
What exactly did they think there were going to do, stop a bus with some flimsy pieces of wood? "Oh yeah I'm totally going to stop this bus by grabbing it with this stick" Fucking idiots
Well they get paid based on how many times they drive a complete route. I wouldn't let some kid get in my way of being paid either.
Why are they attacking bus drivers, the true proletariat heroes?
Why would he do that to himself
because communists don't really care about the poor, they just resent the rich.
These guys ain't my comrades for sure
the busdrivers are actually the worst bourgeois caste
True that. I knew a communist (not the violent psychopath one from my old discord that I've mentioned before, but another one) who was totally cool with a future were everyone was poor as dirt and every manufactured product was a low quality piece of shit, as long as nobody was rich anymore.
well at least she's honest
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