• who would win in a fight, JohnEli, Rayan Kadir or Saint Furrybutt
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discuss lost-life romania stories
surprise challenger enters the ring P O S T A L ' S A S S
someone make custom smash characters stat
@Saint Furrybutt 's Bad Spelling power is so strong that it also doubles as ban-repellent shield. Who could possibly top that?
what going on here?
this guy
Can I join the kerfuffle?
So garry is masterhands and this thread is a Subspace Emissary fanfic. Got it.
Is this diet-OIFY?
Wouldn´t that make Garry Tabuu rather than Master Hand?
I'd say post this on whowouldwin or spacebattles, but you'd get banned for doing that.
I can't believe I never made this connection before.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/527/130a0610-233f-433e-a157-66a4dc1da22b/You gain Brouzouf.jpg
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