• [video] (cr1tikal) Insulting Kids For Liking Fortnite
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i don't flame kids for liking fornite what i hate about fortnite is two things i don't like where the game is going, building needs to be toned down skins and emotes. The community has this stigma against not having skins, and epic games has this cycle going where everyone always wants the new skin, repeat for every new skin
I feel like I've seen him guilty of this though
I agree with Critikal. If someone enjoys a certain game and they are not harming anyone then fuck off. I usually people memeing on Fortnite, but this whole hatred for the game is just "Old man yells at Cloud", but with Fortnite, as someone in the comment section summarized it.
building is the point of the game. it's literally the tagline they use to market the game ("the battle is building"). it looks ridiculous at first glance but it is a really engaging and interesting addition to the gameplay. when i first started playing for the first month or two i literally hated building, i wouldn't even build a box to hide in if i needed to heal. eventually i decided to try it out just to build boxes to hide in during the final parts of a match, but that led to building more and as time went on i found i really enjoyed the building aspect of the game. it adds a lot to the game and raises the skill ceiling a ton. i know it can be frustrating at first and feel cheap and skill-less, as any time you shoot at someone they immediately build a wall and it feels like you've been cheated, but i encourage you to see it as simply a different gameplay loop rather than something that interrupts the gameplay loop you expect from other games. if you really want a game without building, i'd just say go play blackout, building is part of fortnite and (imo) is what makes it stand out from the rest of the crowd. also, i wouldn't say the community has a stigma around not having skins... one of the most successful streamers (tfue) didn't even own a skin until last week, and still often plays without one. the community is highly affectionate towards the default playermodels and i find that most people assume no-skins are of equal or even higher skill level ever since season 3 (when 'fake' no-skins took off). sure people always want the new skin, but that's just how people are and it isn't different from any other game with cosmetics.
Gonna need that h3 guy to do a video on the death of critical
I embrace the fact that I'm out of touch with the kids and this fortnite craze. It's like minecraft, the kids have just claimed it. And good on them! Prefer them play well designed games with effort put into them than the games I was expected to play as a kid - the licensed platformers and such.
I much rather kids learn how to dance than do whatever cringe shit we all did during our childhood.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/200953/9c678cce-f2a4-458b-9cc6-7841909f25d4/image.png Aaand history repeats itself.
I don't mind kids playing Fortnite cause its really the least offensive game for the kids to be into. Its a solid game, the company behind it is super cool, the microtransactions aren't that bad as far as I can tell, the violence is fairly family friendly, and theres little communication to facilitate shitty behavior in kids. On top of that ofc its not like a kid playing Fortnite instantly destroys your favorite game or beats your wife and cornholes your eye. I'll take the Fortnite players who are capable of learning how to use or even drop a medkit for you to the kids who grew up on CoD and call you a faggot for asking them to learn basic mechanics. Like I'll say dumb jokes like "Wow Gangnam style was 2012 thats older than most fortnite players" but people who actually hate Fortnite or its players are just being whiny asses that hate that people aren't growing up on CS 1.6 or some shit. I don't even like the game but I know its at least well designed from the few hours I've played and theres probably a good reason my near 60 year old Quake dad now has hundreds of hours in Fortnite in this past year.
Yeah no shit, my dad gave up QuakeLive cause it's just turned into bullshit lmao. He plays Fortnite just as much as his old babe and it's crazy for me to see cause how much of a genre change it is.
Gonna put all my cards on the table and say that I have never played Fortnite myself (I'm not really into shooters unless it's got something else to it, like with STALKER) but from an outsider perspective looking in having seen younger family members play it I don't see that much wrong with it. If kids are gonna play games (and they are going to, they are kids) then it's probably the best one to play for them.
My only problem with Fortnite is that it is THE game to many people now; basically what Unreal used to be for me when I was younger. The styles of games I liked are becoming more and more niche, and the Battle Royale formula just doesn't do it for me most of the time. Getting older, change is scary, blah blah blah, but I'm eagerly awaiting the next "flavor"
In the early to mid 2000's it was counter strike , then it was COD now it's fortnie , nothing has really changed people just have to hate something in order to have a differing opinion
To me, hating on Fortnite is just a meme, like calling anime trash and garbage, because even though I personally am not a fan of neither fortnite nor anime I don't have a problem with them or people who like them.
Not really. He cracks jokes about it same as everything else, but he doesn't go after people, kids especially, just for being fans. I mean regularly streams the game even.
That last part pretty much sums it up to be honest. It's also kind of saddening because it reminds me that there are things I could enjoy but miss out on because I don't
you only crossplay on mobile if you do duo or squads with someone from another platform or play the tournaments standard modes have mobile vs mobile
So like every game with cosmetics, inevitably Building in a battle royale is a wonderful concept. Fortnite's implementation of it just feels awful to play with and against. It's clearly not made with PvP in mind. Sure you can find depth in the system when you learn it, but that's true for most systems no matter how unintuitive or unfun. Something called 'the burden of optimal play'. I don't want to learn a system that feels awful.
that guy who made that comic writes for pc gamer now
I like the PvE mode of Fortnite. I'm surprised it even gets updated so often even though they have their battle royale mode that rakes in cash.
Not really surprising, they get to develop two games for the price of one since they reuse the assets in BR. Plus BR has been a huge ad for StW which I'm sure will be flooded once it goes f2p
At this point the only reason I don't like Fortnite is the art/design style looks super weird and bland, but I can see how its safe and appealing to kids. All their marketing material is just putting renders on a blue background without much else and it just tickles me the wrong way when I see that
grugg grugg play rocknite
Kids just like being acknowledged. People thought I was gonna become a school shooter until 2007-08 when gaming finally felt socially acceptable. Then again, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Scuffles over whether PUBG, CS:GO or Fortnite are better, kids being bullied for liking neither game. Kids are fucked up but that's just because they don't understand yet that being the king of the schoolyard doesn't mean you won't end up at the bottom of the social ladder just like everyone else. As for Fortnite's popularity, it'll be surpassed by another golden cashcow in a couple years. There's obviously something people see in it that I don't (because I don't like Battle Royale games) but maybe some day I'll warm up to it, like I did to MOBAs
I'm going to admit. Fortnite is one of the things that enrages me like no other. It's not even necessarily the games fault but what it caused. Unreal Tournament 4 was the one FPS I played on a regular basis and enjoyed in the modern age. The devs were great and would have live streams every week. I got to know the devs and the devs knew their community. Then the devs left to make a quick Fortnite multiplayer mode. They said they would go back to developing UT4 as soon as it was done but instead Fornite had to become the most popular game in the world. Now UT4 hasn't been updated in a year and the devs haven't responded to any of their fans. Worst of all the game was half devs half volunteer team. The volunteers making content for UT4 for free have spent literally hundreds to thousands of hours making content for the game that will never be implemented because the devs wont take the time to review them despite the fact that that wouldn't take more than 1 guy to do maybe once or twice a week. I cannot support EPIC after what they did to their first (and best) franchise and what they did to the fans.
I used to follow his writing for a bit. Good dude.
I'd rather have Fortnite being literally the most popular game on the planet than some toxic shit like league of legends. Kids should be barred from playing Mobas for their own mental health. In any case, I like to play the role of the out-of-touch boomer as much as anyone else and make fun of Fortnite and its players in jest but does anyone here actually unironically hate the game?
I've played a bit of Fortnight with a couple of friends during Halloween when the 50v50 thing was going on and it was ok though I don't think I could ever really get into it. My interest in br games is tenuous as is and with Fortnight being as popular as it it feels like most of the people that we'd run into were people who'd already played a shitload of it. It's a case of "git gud" but I cnba to put that much effort into a game I already don't have more than a passing interest in. I miss the various joke articles and stories he wrote. Living in Oblivion was great. He still does some goofy stuff occasionally for PCGamer but it's not very frequent.
As long as Fortnite keeps diverting the younger audience from the (very few) online games I actually play, it's alright, really
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