• [VIDEO] Was Windows Vista THAT bad?
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Despite it's awful launch I still have a soft spot for Vista. It's also the best looking one IMO. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/459/505a01ed-51a5-4cd6-b8be-97e6b9b05f7c/image.png
As he mentions, the biggest issue with Vista was people trying to use it on and with old hardware. I bought it in 2007 and upgraded to 7 when it came out and I honestly had no issues worth mentioning. And while somewhat annoying, I found UAC to be a good sign of MS's commitment to security, so I kept it on out of principle, even though people were disabling it en masse.
UI's need to go back to having depth, flat/modern UI's are ugly as fuck IMO
The extremes of both are awful
The only annoying thing about UAC is that the default Windows """Administrator""" account is less privileged than NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM. Despite that, there is no actual security boundary and programs running as admin can easily grab a SYSTEM token by jumping through some extra hoops.
A few small, careful steps back would help. I like transparency but the lighting effect across the taskbar in Vista just dates it. 10 looks like a compromise with no actual vision behind it. They added some mouseover effects to the start menu that would look okay if the start menu didn't look so unfinished. Not to mention actually using it feels like shouting commands at an orphan with a windows 7 computer inside a cardboard box that has "WINDOES TEN" scrawled on it.
Something looking "dated" is just a concept, though, I quite liked little details like that
Maybe not compared to the broken mess that is w10, but compared to xp and win 7 in their prime, yeah pretty awful.
Anybody knows a nice linux desktop manager theme that looks like windows vista? My first laptop used to look like vista and this is what has been engrained in my brain as the perfect operating system look forever.
It had some compatibility issues on release that made me go back to XP for a while. I reinstalled it after Service Pack 1 was out and had no problems using it afterwards. I don't remember Vista as a terrible OS, I quite liked it at the time.
I quite enjoyed Vista, and will always have a soft spot for it. The only issue I had with it was with Nvidia drivers constantly crashing, but solved that by getting an AMD card. An application can't just elevate its permissions. Also the default account doesn't need to have SYSTEM privileges.
vista: has a classic skin 10: doesn't vista>10
r0ak/r0akutil.c at 919338f4e88036c6a46a3a839f409efe38852415 · ha.. If you have SeDebugPrivilege (which admin has by default, although it must be enabled) you can steal a token from any SYSTEM process. MS considers admin rights to be the highest security boundary and further privilege escalation from admin (including kernelmode execution) is at most low priority for them.
I think dated is a fair word to describe something older that doesn't hold up. I would pull ideas from Vista that work well and leave stuff that, despite making sense with the design they were going for, doesn't look good (imo). It's the 3d effect across flat surfaces that I'm not a huge fan of, I think they did a good job balancing it out with 7.
Sorry I misread your post, I thought you stated that an application without admin privileges could elevate to SYSTEM with just a few hoops.
I'd take Vista over 10 at this point. Hell, I'd take almost anything over 10, including 8 (It was perfectly useable with Stardock's five dollar program hat restored the start menu). The day dedicated PC gaming is actually possible on Linux is the day I jump ship from Microsoft for good.
I had Vista for a few years after the computer I bought came with it. It was fine. I set classic skin, and had the benefit of... what? 32-bit system at that time? All I know is that in the end, after I had to change the motherboard out, Vista considered it a wholly different computer and I had to reinstall XP anyway, and after that, half my games didn't work anymore. Maybe it was availability of Direct X 10 that caused that? It was annoying.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/109718/feaead40-b8c9-4ec5-9952-e78333ccfb26/Vista Commemorative Bill Gates signature.JPG
I miss animated backgrounds. It was legitimately my favourite feature of Vista.
How come nobody mentions Millennium Edition?
I kind of wish MS still did Ultimate editions of its OS. Basically just dumping all of the features of Enterprise without volume licensing, and preferably with some extras thrown in like Vista had. While ultimately kind of pointless, it was a neat idea for the most apart (apart from the price tag, which I recall being pretty hefty) since it let regular home users easily buy the fully-featured version. Of course it'd be even more useful today since Enterprise is the only edition of 10 that allows for full control over updates, so there's absolutely no way MS is ever going to do it again.
I had no problems at all with Vista back in the day. I think early adopters might have had the worst of it due to driver incompatibilities (before those were subsequently addressed), and people with slower computers obviously had it worse than those who kept with XP. But I bought a laptop in 2008 preloaded with Vista and it ran perfectly fine. I miss the Vista/7 environment; there are just too many things that are off about 10.
Vista was visually appealing but garbage functionally. I remember installing Visual Theme Packs on my Windows XP to make it look like Vista without suffering all the drawbacks of it ACTUALLY being Vista. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/110384/d0efc59e-f226-4d21-90fb-c25502249657/image.png
Custom themes for XP were the shit homeboy. at one point when I still used XP, I had it skinned to look exactly like OSX
Too right. When i upgraded to vista it was so buggy and slow i formatted and went back to XP, then did the exact same thing and installed a vista theme.
Vista would glitch every weeks and say my license was invalid and I had inexplicable random slowdowns. 7 was a godsent.
I had a terrible laptop with Vista on it and it was not very fun to use. Even after quadrupling the RAM to 4GB it was still slow as molasses, although not half as bad as it was before. I figured installing a 64-bit version of Vista might've helped but it would've been too much of a hassle for what was at that point a pretty old laptop. 7 was already out by then, even.
One of my first experiences with a fresh ME install was having it BSOD when I tried to disable the system sounds.
Aww, that takes me back! I remember gadgets and I always liked them a lot. They're a bit like widgets on my phone in that I only use about 25% of them and most are just there to look pretty, but it's still a feature I miss.
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