• Upcoming Stuff - 19th November 2018
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Hello Everyone! Quick update with what's happening on the forums right now. @smurfy is now a Moderator! Please be gentle. Don't break him. He put himself out there to organise the recent UK meets and is a top bloke! I will be approaching a few other people to see if they're interested in being a Moderator. If you're interested, come have a chat with me on Discord! The Polidicks User Council will be starting on 1st December. I will be arranging organisation threads in the coming week or so. I am in the process of writing some "Forum Guidelines" and these should be done sometime this week. I will be hosting another Facepunch Christmas Raffle, more details to follow shortly. We will be organising a Facepunch Christmas Meet in the UK, probably London! This will happen on Saturday 22nd December. Thread to follow. We'll hopefully have our yearly foray into Rust at some point in December. Did you know we have our own private server? If anyone has any other things they want to do or publicise, let me know and I'll add some links to this post!
Keep up the good work lad.
just what exactly are the qualifications you see in mods? smurfy was a nice choice but clearly you arent just looking for any sort of rabble.
It doesn't require any special skills, personality / temperament is the most important hence why I'm leaning strongly towards people I know or have met
If you've ever rated any of my posts dumb your account has mere seconds to live
>Moderator Smurfy from ban to glam
Glad that FP meetups could be a thing, I'll do my best to be free for the 22nd of December! Smurfys been around so long I forget he wasn't a moderator anyway
Bah, FP meetups're always in countries i'm not in :c GL smurfy, you'll need it :v
Facepunch Christmas Meet sounds good. Missed the Southern UK one due to work-related reasons (sad times). Smurfy definitely well deserved, longstanding member of the forum giving me a great dose of news in SH for many years.
I’ve always liked smurfy so conglaturations on that.
In so glad smurfy is a mod. Can't wait for him to ban me.
smurfy has the big gays ban me cunt not online
im organizing an fp meetup too come to my house and I'll fight you in the basement for real though congrats smurfy, always makes me happy to see somebody earn mod
Smurfy sign my yearbook yearbook means banlist
If I'm free on the day, I'd be more than happy to come and meet whoever is around for a UK meetup on the 22nd.
Smurfy you should do another toxx now that you’re mod
Just don't be a fucking idiot and thats it. Don't do what I/Starpluck/any other disgraced ex did basically.
There goes the dream.
Oh heck yeah boyo Good stuff
So rules will be enforced soon? Quick shit post as much as you can everybody.
Thanks for the update Hezzy, please continue to do so.
Other communities don’t have meet ups and Christmas raffles Just shows you how great this community is!
Facepunch meetups god imagine the smell
facepunch meet up in australia/new zealand aight who's gonna be the first cunt to actually survive the tasman sea
As long as there's free food
Cant wait for the inevitable Australia one which will be held on the east coast, 3400 km away from me
Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney or bust. Nobody wants to meet a bogan.
Dibs. I'm the next moderator.
It would certainly be nice if the rules for which we're allowed to report people on the report page was updated to reflect reality. I know that only Garry can do this, but it seems like a simple amendment to make.
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