• [Video] The Shivering Truth trailer
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https://youtu.be/qx9myMvBRFg New show by Vernon Chatman, co-creator of Wonder Showzen/Xavier Renegade Angel. If you haven't seen the short that this is based on, you should fix that.
Yea, I remember that short and I'm very glad it pick up for my peak in surreal horror.
Frittata! That's the spice!
Oh hell yeah, Xavier is one of the best things to come from AS. This should be a good time.
I was never aware this existed and now I am so glad I am.
I'm sad that Tigtone isn't getting a show this time around, but out of all the other contestants I'm really happy that this is the winner.
Oh man this is sick.
I just saw that pilot, and god damn does this make me scared of chairs
Welp there goes my sleep for a while.
That looks fantastic EXCEPT For the fact that there is a scene where the "disappearing baby" is covered in blood. Not that I'm squeamish about the blood, but that's the concept that most interests me the most. It's so ripe for dramatic irony, and gore seems kind of out of place.
Might sound weird but this reminds me of I Have No Mouth in a lot of ways. Like, they aren't similar to each other they just give me the same flavor of unsettling feeling.
This trailer looks a lot scarier than the pilot. I wonder if they shifted the balance between horror and humor, or if they're bamboozling us.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZRhYtDGgu0 Preview episode has come out now.
Well, the stop motion looks neat.
Jesus Christ, even after watching the clips and two full episodes available on [AS]'s website, I never thought I would ever see a show with a scene of a sentient, talking knife wound breastfeeding on its young boy host. After this and Xavier I really want to know how Vernon Chatman's mind could possibly work the way it does.
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