• Guide to Being Boilrig: Pictures Edition
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Do YOU want to dump your steaming load of garbage also known as your political opinions all over Polidicks all day long? Check out this framework for Boilrigging your forums up, co-produced by and starring Boilrig himself! Remember to post about how everything will be great, too! Best suggestion of how to handle boilrig driveby shitposting gets a diamond. Topic Change: When someone says something you don't want to defend, try to deflect it! Bread and Butter of a Boilrig debate. https://file.house/birz.png https://file.house/Hy1b.png https://file.house/iDWX.png https://file.house/1k-X.png Bonus category: Get THEM to change the topic for you when you don't have any good ideas for a topic change! https://file.house/FabE.png Repetition: Keep repeating it until they stop asking! https://file.house/wcS7.png No, YOU'RE the X: Keep reflecting that accusation back to them! https://file.house/YtpN.png "I, uh, forgot where I put my evidence": Avoid ever having to cite any of your views! https://file.house/yP6T.png Do No Wrong: Never cede ground, as you can never do anything wrong. https://file.house/v3Wi.png We don't need to talk about that: Imply the point is null and void but never cite why! https://file.house/EpMF.png Empty Response: When you don't have a good comeback and need to quickly deflect. https://file.house/hHLJ.png Rules Of Universe Brah: Abstract and like, totally thought provoking even though you don't know any abstract philosophy https://file.house/CSTa.png J-Just A Prank Bro: Self Explanatory. All else fails? Post memes and claim it's all a joke. https://file.house/JqLK.png https://file.house/L94R.png Nice House You Have There: Imply criticism will result in repercussions being taken against you, if it's criticism in a public forum where people you might not want to see it could see it. Also works for when you're pretending to care to suck up. https://file.house/OZd-.png https://file.house/HzEF.png https://file.house/IcNW.png https://file.house/djv9.png https://file.house/8_qU.png Me Before Everything: Narcissist. Best deployed after everyone stops talking about you for awhile. https://file.house/NW_h.png Shitposting with Misrepresentation: When you can't appeal to authority to crush criticism and people discussing you in a way that doesn't make you feel good about being "smart", misrepresent their statements and defame them! https://file.house/MXOo.png
And then you got this other person who's constantly extremely alienating and judgmental. I don't think it was necessary to spell it out in chat.
Yeah, doesn't seem like he'll change his views though.
my lord are u trying to kill him via obesity this is some of the biggest troll feeding ever seen lmao
I mean, I really don't like Boilrig's views, but icckkk... I'm not a fan of a thread dedicated to calling out another member for political views, especially when it's using evidence gathered on Discord. I mean, on the Facepunch Polidicks Discord, there's a shit-load of really edgy jokes, but I wouldn't use them to judge a member's post in a more formal setting.
boil rig more like shit dick ahahahahahhhhah am I right fellas
Why are you so worked up over someone on the internet?
it's a hobby at this point he's FP's crazy uncle
Goofball, I'm pretty disappointed you have decided to go through with your 'threat' to take it upon yourself to repost these images 'to discredit me' in every thread I either create or reply to, degrading threads due to some sort of personal hatred. Your own selective snipping of Discord doesn't help as one can easily see the conversation makes no sense and for the people here, missing a lot of context. I advised you not to take your personal anger of Discord hatred out on the forum (as even your own selection of images included), as to be quite honest, it is unfair to the people on here and any conversation or discussion you subsequently interrupt.
as dumb as boilrig is this thread is dumber
You are severely underestimating boilrig's capabilities.
Pfft. Boilrig isn't here to debate, he doesn't and can't. He won't sustain arguments, he repeats meme bullshit instead of providing points, and just shitposts without contributing anything to the forum. He's not some necessary part of the socio-political ecology of the forum. The forum would only improve if he ceased to exist. There is nothing to argue with Boilrig, he's not contributing to the forums in a healthy way, he's as healthy for the forum as skin cancer. If the forums need debate, getting rid of Boilrig will help because when he posts it actively shits up threads and prevents debates from carrying on. The two are mutually exclusive. You either have the opportunity for healthy debate or you have Boilrig, you don't get both.
nah it's more that people are telling you you're fuckin dumb because you're fucking dumb
I've had pretty normal short chats with him on discord lol why should he change his views for you, just let him be crazy, isn't it more funny that way?
oh no polidicks is invading GD. this is a violation of the NAP and im going shower you with ballistic missiles this continues
lol this is great
Imagine being so upset with a user on an internet forum over their posts that you make an unironic thread to "discredit" and shame them. Amazing lol.
Arguments happen on this form. It's fair to call someone out who constantly shits up threads and discussions.
Still waiting on yours then lol.
To be honest, I don't know what he's like in other sections, as I really only browse Polidicks and SH these days due to very rarely gaming, but Polidicks would just be a left-wing circle-jerk without a few voices occasionally chiming in with opposing views, mainly Boilrig. I mean, I am subscribed to Fox News so I can understand how the right-wing think (not because I like their content.) I like Polidicks, but I wish we had something close to 10% of people who supported things like Brexit and Trump so we could dissect their arguments and understand their cognitive processes. 52% of people voted for Brexit, so we need some semblance of polemic here.
Go ahead and make one
'Uncaring nonchalance' is my new favourite phrase - I want that written on my tombstone.
Gimme 10 coins and I'll change my name to it.
Honestly Polidicks and SH would be better off as a left-wing circle-jerk rather than a left-wing circle-jerk plus one guy who makes the right-wing look like retards.
do it pussy
Fuck. Limit. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Not writing the full name really suits the name itself though. You are uncaring and nonchalant about even writing your name!
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