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been a good while since one of these babies has been knocking about, but I had a decent dream I wanted to share to whoever cares, and now you too can do the same! i was camping with my family, everything was going normal until the lion appeared out of nowhere. of course, we all flipped out because there was a fucking lion that had materialized from thin air. it was strangely calm, like a very large housecat. i decided that i needed to save the rest by distracting it while my family escaped, so i began to pet it in all the places that my cat likes being pet (under chin, behind ears, base of spine near the tail). things were going well, the lion seemed to like it, until i accidentally started choking it out, i could see its face go from contentment to contempt, and knew the claws were about to rend my internals from their standard position. luckily i woke up before i could experience that. now it's your turn, write out your dreams. trust me when i say it makes it much easier to remember them when you regularly write them down, even if you don't reread what you wrote out ever again.
Last night I dreamt I did a summoning ritual to summon pooh bear into a pooh bear doll but instead it gained a human face and tried to bite my toes off
I dreamt that my dog died and I cried I don't have a dog, what does this mean??
it means you should get a dog so that you can experience all of the powerful emotions that come from animal companionship, from the highs of the unconditional love they give you to the lows of them passing away. knowing that they will die is tough, but them loving you and you loving them is worth it.
I had a dream I was with some old friends I lost this year, but they completely refused to talk to me or even acknowledge my existence. We were in some theatre listening to a speech on some topic, and I often would look to my side a bit guilty before trying to say hello to them or something. Eventually I tried to tug on their sleeve but my hand passed clean through, and I watched them and everyone else in the place just slowly stand up and walk out without a word, leaving me alone in an empty room. I think I stared at the floor for a bit and started to tear up before I woke. I miss my old friends.
I had a weird dream about tf2 in goldrush where the cart also had some weird wooden walls around it and i tried to step to them and try to snipe people from below only to just shoot over their heads over and over again.
Not last night, but the last dream I can recall was forma few days ago. A giant Budgie was attacking some buildings. By attacking, I mean it just kep squashing them by trying to climb onto them. I then woke to the sound of an annoyed bugdie screaming in the next room, because I fogot to put the cage door back on and it got out but couldn't get back in.
I had a dream where the landlords kid and his friends were using my apartment as their hangout spot while I was asleep or away. I'd wake up to thrashed furniture and junk everywhere and I couldn't comprehend why it was happening so I assumed it was normal. One day, I woke up to see my vape completely destroyed and the batteries had leaked everywhere. At first I assumed my SO had stepped on it violently so it was okay but then that kid popped his head around the corner to my living room and said "whats up dude". I asked if it was him who had destroyed my vape and he told me they had been using my place as their ghetto spot, so yeah, "anything wrong with that bruh?". I got so angry he ran out, full sprint. I laid after him on a chase and I ended up in this friendly village where everyone were happy. Everyone were smiling, no babies were crying, the sky had a vibrant blue color and it seemed like paradise. Those who lived here didn't seem to have any problems at all, it was all positive vibes. I talked with the locals to see if they had any leads on the kid I was chasing. All I got back from them was that there was something lurking around disturbing the peace. No one had seen what or who it was and all they knew was that people had begun disappearing very recently. Since the kid and I had gotten there in the time period they were talking about, I decided to pursue this trail in hopes I'd find him. Time went on and at this point, I had been in this village for a few months already. I had learned that the thing disturbing the peace was a living tree. It had a screaming, distressed looking face permanently etched onto it and it could traverse surprisingly fast with its tiny roots. It reminded me of the feet of a centipede. This tree had also become more intense as time had passed. The disappearances were happening more frequently than before and the tree had been spotted on numerous occasions. The tree would grab people from underneath and emerge from the ground to run away with its victims. Its movements had also become more erratic. It almost seemed like the tree was hurting or stressing out about something. I had chased the tree at several points but I never managed to catch it before it outran me with its tiny centipede feet. One day, as I was heading back from one of my expeditions to find the tree, I noticed that the environments had changed. The closer I got to the village, the more extreme it was. Plants and wildlife were dying or gone, the normal trees had lost their leaves and the sky had lost its vibrant blue color and become blood red. The village was almost empty except for the few that were left. It had been trending towards this for a long time but this day was different. As I was entering the outskirts of town I could see children impaled on metal rods besides the road. Babies, infants, children, and all sorts of folks from the village were impaled like this or gruesomely dismembered in other ways. The beautiful sight that I first saw when I came to the village for the first time had turned more into a hellscape than paradise. At the town center among piles of dead villagers was the tree, running erratically back and forth. I approached it and for the first time it didn't run away. It seemed too preoccupied with its own worries to worry about me. I decided to ask it who it was and why it had done the things it had done. It stopped in its tracks and looked at me with its disturbing etching of a face on its front. Without moving its mouth or making any sound at all, it begun explaining to me, "I was the kid bruh I'm so sorry about your stuff, I'm actually a tree but not really because I'm a worm inside a tree and my people disowned me. I wrecked your stuff so I could impress my bros but it didn't work so I tried this but my bros still won't take me back whatdoidoo. Can you convince the dudes to take me back?". I felt sympathy towards the kid so I decided to help him out. He guided me into the woods off the paths. We walked for a while until we got to a point where the trees begun to grow thicker and tighter. I had seen this area before but I had never found a way inside due to the density of all the trees. The kid who knew this place showed me a hidden path into the trees. The further in we got, the less space there was to move and eventually, we reached a point where the trees had grown so close to each other that not even light could shine through the cracks in between anymore. The kid, yet again, guided me along the tree wall until we could see an opening where an intense, bright white light shined out. "This is it, this is my people" the tree said with a more serious tone. The tree became lifeless and a loud, firm voice within my head begun talking, "We're at the edge of reality." My senses were overwhelmed with the voice and my soul got sucked out of my body towards the opening between the trees. "Behind this wall, the worms of reality live. They feed upon the white void to nurture your reality." I was pulled through the opening into the blinding white light. On this side of the tree wall, there were millions upon millions of tiny small worms peeking out through cracks in the trees, eating a glowing viscous foggy looking substance from the white void. "Your reality exists within a worm. Your entire universe is a tiny particle among others that make up a living worm in a higher dimension." I was pulled upwards into the dark and away from the light. As I entered this darkness, grey and hollow rectangles started appearing in front of me. There were hundreds of tiny, brown worms inside and our universe was a small particle in one of them. The rectangles connected to each other, bending 90 degrees and creating junctions inbetween. A mindbogglingly complex structure made out of rectangles and 90 degree junctions formed into the infinite and all of them were filled to the brim with more worms. "This is what reality really is. Nothing more, nothing less. It is all worms and your universe's purpose, among all the others, is to feed and nurture this infinite amount of worms." then I woke up. my view of reality will never be the same
were we to live in another time, you might have founded a new religion
I had a dream that there was this clown that was sawing off people's limbs and then sealing their screaming limbless torsos into giant chicken nuggets. I had to fly into space and then jump out of my ship naked into a blackhole to stop him. Also Pokemon was real but only Zubat.
Not really last night, but I just had a nap. from about 5 pm to 10 pm, and now I'm going to stay awake for a bit yeah my sleeping pattern is broken, what are you gonna do about it Anyway, I had a dream that I could float. Not fly, just... purposefully fall forward with my feet off the ground and float. Then roll about in midair and move about by leaning or flailing my limbs. And change my buoyancy by sucking in my stomach. As I was in someone else's house, I could only float a little bit. Going up to the ceiling at most if I really tried. I 'realized' "oh, this house is on a hill / mountain, higher up from (insert other flying dream locations here), so I can't go up as high, it must be buoyancy based on sea level / air pressure." I've had a couple of other flying dreams. I think I've had some of them based on buoyancy/naturally floating like that, but I'm not sure. One recently where I could fly if I kept my hands at my sides and flapped my fingers. Going faster if I flapped my whole hand. Usually my flying dreams have me Super Mario World-ing it. Typically by jumping off the roof of the house I grew up in. Uh, try not to look too metaphorically into that.
I don't remember my dreams often, so when I do it's usually pretty traumatic. I summed it up on another board right after I came out of it, so I'm just going to repost it like it was there i had a dream, and i usually don't remember my dreams, i had a dream where i was a upper memeber of royalty and caused something bad the next moment i was in my local park and in the rank and file of an army, told to pick out a musket bayonet and a backpack like in that one scene in stalingrad when they're getting off the boat anyways as soon as i do this the battles already started and it's complete chaos muskets goiing off hand to hand combat point blank discharges i'm running behind another guy when he shoots an enemy a little ways ahead of him the dude is already on the ground and i stop by him and hesisitate before plunging my bayonet into this defenseless already dying man for no reason other than to prove i could do it or that i actually did something during the war now i'm back in a shop with a coworker form my irl job and i'm describing what just happened earlier in the dream and i break down crying infront of this dude who irl i only kinda know and the last part is that i see movement outside the window and its my brother marching off to war in full uniform and i look at him expecting him to stop and comfort me or at least talk with me but after he turns his head to look at me it snaps back foreword as he continues marching onward with purpose disappearing once he walks past the edge of the visible window
Not last night, but most recent. Sorry for the lack of some punctuation and capitalization, I'm copying this from a Discord server where I don't really bother with typing 100% properly. had a dream where i watched some weird 80s horror action movie with my family, where val kilmer of all people was playing a murderous cyborg. plot went something like, he got basically dismembered in a war and was put back together ala robocop but even more unethical and 200x more janky/hacky, and tried to live a normal life after that but some cognitive glitches kept holding him back (think like, half mentally challenged with a speech impediment/stutter) and then there was some terrorist bombing he got caught in which blew him apart again and people were about to put him back together when suddenly the cybernetic bits sprouted legs and like, walked back to his main body and re-attached themselves, but it caused some sort of crazy brain glitch that turned him into an insane, retarded, slow walking evisceration machine, shooting people, ripping them apart, etc. and it was just an awful movie all around. we laughed at it and suddenly the movie became real and news reports were flooding the tv about this murder cyborg and it was IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD and we all had to run for our lives. and thats all i remember. we eventually defeated it but idr how.
I had my head slammed into the concrete and several of my bottom front teeth came out. Then I was being tracked through the bush by murderers, and I burnt the right side of my face so bad I couldn't smile.
Half asleep I start hysterically laughing at this image my brain came up with: a giant hybrid cartoon dog, hammerhead-shark, banana creature violently giving a huge sewer pipe what I can only describe as a blow job. It was such a wierd image it actually woke me up and I couldn't stop laughing for like 2 minutes.
I'm at a local pizzeria. On TV they are airing a documentary on the neighborhood. I see old stores and old signs that I haven't seen in forever and start crying. Someone asks what's wrong and I respond with how I remember all of that and it's beautiful. Then I black out. When I come to I am in the kitchen of my grandparents on my father's side. Except they have a huge multi tank goldfish display where the sink should be. Then I see my grandmother on my mother's side's cat, alive and well despite having passed 14 years ago. I again burst into tears and ask what's going on? Then I wake up.
I often dream about going into gaming stores and DVD rental stores and fondly looking at the game/DVD front and game covers hoping to find something cool. I miss those days.
so I recounted this before work today but then promptly forgot it, so I'm going to try and re-tell it the best I can. There's this thing that happens when I dream (though I dream less as a drinking adult), but basically, I will frequently re-visit locations from previous dreams multiple times. This has happened on multiple occasions. Anyway, probably two or so years ago (maybe even more recently) I had a dream where I was in some large, wood ceiling-ed building, it was some sort of gift shop. I didn't go into any other rooms in that dream, the dream started in, and ended in, the gift shop. I can really only remember staring at a model or something in a glass case, and the ceiling, it was huge, and ornate, it was beautiful. Like a church. A pretty mahogany color with big arched beams. Anyway, cut to last night. Some friends and I are in a (very crowded) beer garden, this is where it starts. We've ordered food and it's taking forever. Nobody seems bothered by this though, everybody's just enjoying their drinks. Pretty much after telling me that (with context silently? idk the brain is weird) I see a woman sitting on a pile of foodservice boxes go by in the back of a white pickup. Dust kicks up. I tell my friends, hey, we should run along and see if she needs help, look at all the people here. We all have kitchen experience.....so we say fuck it, let's go. Leave the garden and walk around the corner and down a short road, along a building, and come up to the front of a large hotel, reminiscent of the Mt Washington, in New Hampshire. (visit if you can, it's stunning) The hotel was mirrored in the dream. Sort of crappy looking. We go inside, and it's deserted. The story we get, from the one woman we saw (my friends have since transformed into only hank and dean venture, saying nothing) is that something happened to the hotel, management is gone, it's no longer a hotel. Think of a raider outpost from fallout. But nobody seems hostile. The best way I could think to put it in the moment was like Rapture from Bioshock, isolated to one building. It's not that they couldn't leave, though, they wouldn't. And the outside world wanted no part of it. Anyway, we were given a tour (the venture bros were my friends again now) and as we were shown the halls, I couldn't help but notice people sleeping on furniture all over, general garbage scattered everywhere. Like I said, kinda crappy. Anyway, she shows us to our rooms eventually, and tells us to stay put. Friends have since vanished. At some point, I sneak out. I want to explore. I sneak through the hallways, I creep down staircases....I take in all there is to see in this cool old building. Tons of neat stuff, artwork left everywhere, if a bit dirty. At one point I found myself in a room extremely familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on it. The room was destroyed. Debris everywhere, no real piece of anything left. Except a glass case. It was the gift shop. I was in the same gift shop from that dream years prior. And it was gone. The ceiling still looked nice...though a bit more desaturated. The dream ended where I was running from staff in the basement kitchen, trying not to get caught. Every time I got caught I was given a restart, like some kind of game. It was a lot of fun. I was gonna tell my friends about it, but I figured they wouldn't care. Glad I got to post here! Thanks for this awesome thread, @Ninja Gnome . Pictured below is the real Mt Washington. Again, spectacular place, if you're ever in new england, visit! But don't try and get a room, the cheapest is like, 400/night. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/132374/8afab11f-8390-4ffc-84d9-30c4f958e8fc/image.png .
jesus christ i've been having a lot of creepy dreams lately and my friends are all in them as well the first two most recent dreams were weird as shit they're basically nightmares it's either some apocalypse happening or im a murderer god i hope my next dream is better
Not sure about last night, but I had a dream a few days ago where I called James McAvoy an 'unmitigated piece of shit', realising it was actually Elijah Wood when I awoke. Apparently I'm even worse with faces in my dreams and owe James McAvoy an apology.
I dreamed I was walking through my neighborhood and some guy pulled a gun on me. And that was the whole dream. He pulled it on me but he never pulled the trigger. He just held me down as I screamed for my life for what felt like an eternity until eventually I woke up. Fun times!
Had one where a bunch of customers from my old work were my friends, but they were more bodacious than usual. Told them a zombie apocalypse was happening and they wanted to raid the ABC for liquor to party. My dreams are always a mix of horror and comedy.
i got hired to work at a amazon warehouse that was inside a big former church. i had to walk across these waterlogged grassy fields to get to it. once i was there, i learned i was meant to be driving a forklift, so i was wandering around asking people where it was, but even though i asked a different person each time noone knew where it was, and eventually the workday was over and i went home.
I've experienced a nuke in a dream....that wasn't fun. That shit was scary. I don't even know how I could've imagined something like that, but it was like bright, white hot flash (I was behind a wall or something and not super close to the epicenter) but the shockwave. I'll never forget the deafening sound of that fucking shockwave and the building I was in buckling underneath me. Shit was scary.
The only part I remember is I was trying to seduce my neighbor. Got more game in my dreams than I do in real life. :V
i don't even remember the last nightmare i had. i've had dreams with scary situations but i've never really felt fearful during it or scared when i woke up, except the dreams about me forgetting to do something IRL
I had a dream about a new Mountain Dew flavor that was just liquor and green pop rocks. Should I talk to PepsiCo about this?
i dreamed i was browsing FP, and no joke, ganumero admitted in some hazy dream thread that he was a full blown nazi and was leading a fucking group of nazis (???)
I dreamt that I played Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 and blocked the entrance so people couldn't leave. They got angry and sent a distress signal to outer space, and suddenly meteors fell from the sky and out of them spawned aliens that tried to kill me.
i remember some abstract construction and something to do with superpowers. the biggest part i remember is the face of this girl in my dream. i think she had some sort of magical powers.
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