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Had a fever dream, brain decided to swap the concept of furries and gun enthusiasts. What resulted was me seeing an art gallery full of regular old guns drawn and framed and a bunch of people wearing what I could only call as "gunsuits". Looked something like this: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/133959/0c2f8cc9-02ad-4705-b7cc-760c97959e5d/serveimage.jpg
had a party where people seemed to be getting bored, so I started reverse bhopping around and got going super fast. others joined in and we were jumping around. i then busted out gravity guns and we started shooting shit at eachother like hl2dm. i then found myself driving a car on an ice rink while a bunch of people were skating and i drifted around. shit was fun as fuck
Got pegged by Mark Zuckerberg's wife
I was out in the fields somewhere with a couple other people. we were being chased by a monster where looking at it spooks you and instantly kills you, so we were just running with our heads down (literally) The monster kept on flying around us and eventually got one of the people running with us. we went into a forest-like place with the monster STILL going at it I vaguely remember going into a building. we thought it was safe atleast until the monster came behind us and forced us to look at it. The dream ended from there
The bitches
i went down to some construction site with my dream roommates to do some burnouts but some of them got arrested so one of them and i decided to check out an abandoned mansion that was still semi-occupied. people were using the showers and toilets there. after that, i boarded a partially inflated rubber dinghy and tried to sail myself back to america.
So I took my Malaria med the night before going to bed which was something you shouldn't do because it causes you to have some lucid weird dreams and for me I was some captain from the 1700s in Russia, prominent figure and everything and the Tsar or someone was very unhappy with me that I slept with his daughter without consent and he summoned me to his meeting room which was a small room with book shelves and shit surrounding me and a door across from me and begind. Above me was a circular balcony with the Tsar, his son, his daughter and his cabinet all surrounding me. I remember the smell of the room of tobacco and the heat of the oil lamps. The Tsar got all upset with me, saying I was prominent and I disappointed him and all the sudden the door in front of me opens and like 10 dudes in military uniform marched out and surrounded me with rifles fitted with bayonets and at this point his daughter was screaming and everyone else was horrified but the Tsar face was the same and not long after they flipped their rifles and started stabbing me all over with their bayonets. That shit hurt real bad in my dream, they pierced through my top and were stabbing me from my chest, legs, back, neck, arms, I even tried to catch a few and they stabbed right through my hand and tugged that back which was caught on my hand. When I "Died" last I saw was blood all over the ground, blood all over my uniform, my medals on the ground and my uniform torn up. Defiantly gonna watch out taking that shit next time.
Can't remember the premise, think I was "watching" something about celebrities taking ownership in turns of constructing some regal monument in saudi arabia, each artist with their own take on like a metre of the monument. Monument was surrounded by water, in some huge pool, of which I suddenly appear in and swim out. on the "streets of saudi arabia"(?) I see a group of a few arabs who joke with me, saying how easy it would be to steal from me, of which they literally steal my phone and wallet. In an attempt to be pally with them and maybe bargain my shit back, I start to crack self-xenophobic jokes in order to show how much of a lost cause i was, and that they should pity me - literally trying to crack any jokes I could make about being white. 'In the sun, you'll need glasses cause i'll be so bright" or some bullshit. Anyway, I somehow end up at mcdonalds. This then all starts to get really weird. I almost switch back to the TV mode, and now i'm somehow forced to watch the content. I don't know why. But everything on this is horrific - it was like I was watching a "You've been framed" except with nothing but sheer violence - some man being fired out of a cannon, but this somehow morphed into him trying to do a flame stunt on a pole, but he impales himself and sets his legs on fire, and I watch as his jeans start to melt and you start to see his skin curl and melt. Disgusting. The channel changed to someone firing shotgun shells into a crowd. these weren't really shotgun shells, more like firecrackers, but it was still pretty jarring. Just when I thought it was over, it turns into a commerical for some shitty chick flick. Two guys are with two girls in a hot tub / pool thing, they're all pretty drunk. It turns into silhouettes, and I'm pretty sure one of the guys takes advantage of one of the girls, attempts to fuck her, and it ends. Then, the other guy does the same with the other girl, but he doesn't stop, the other guy forcing him to. The silhouette now has a red mist forming around the girl - I don't know whether he's stabbed her / drowned her, or is literally "fucking her to death". It's gruesome, and felt fucking awful. The channel then cut into a sort of documentary about the guy who commited the fatal rape, saying how he regretted taking the part and it was out of taste in hindsight, and the camera zooms out to this guy fucking bathing in a trough filled with ice, but over either fire or lava - either way it was like he was cooking himself alive. Then I woke up. I don't know what the fuck kinda cheese I ate last night but I woke up feeling like I wanted to die.
I just dreamed that me and Donald Trump were best friends. Worst part is that I actually liked it.
getting stabbed
Ok, I need to write this one down because I don’t know what the fuck was going on. Myself and a few other work colleagues arrived at this occupied military base deep in the woods in France. (I think it was in France, but I’ll explain later.) The sunlight was hazy and a light mist was in the air. One colleague was leading us to the site and said the man inside would help us as they’ve been friends for a long time. We were greeted by a man in a beige/green shirt and trousers and he offered us iced tea - I refused. He asked us ‘so what do you do?’ and I responded ‘in my previous life or current one?’ He laughed and said ‘it doesn’t matter’ I told him my job, and my other work colleagues told him their actual job title where I work. The greeter said something like ‘oh yes, well we do smelting and mining here, we produce a lot of raw materials ourselves.’ I turned to my colleague and whispered ‘why don’t they recycle, what do you think they’re making?’ He shrugged. I said ‘I bet it’s bullets.’ Due to our high job skills, we were allowed in and given military outfits (they were worn automatically cos dreams.) As we walked through to the main HQ we saw old 1940s trucks jammed between trees. It was like as if the trees had grown around the trucks and lodged them in place. We were treading on old bits of metal such as bolts, screws, nails, you name it - all getting pushed into the dirt. We saw one senior officer beat a low level worker as he had dropped a crate full of cooked minced beef. My colleague stepped in and punched him into the dirt. We all started doing nothing as my colleague hit him again. One of the senior leaders came over, gave all of us a bollocking (couldn’t remember what he said) and told us that he’s going to have to sort it out with his leaders. We went inside this building and pretty much everything had an off white, to light grey to light beige surface. For example there were a few low walls with tables - the tops of the low wall and lip was white and the wall was cream in colour. On the high wall and ceiling were a row of CRT monitors which were broadcasting live podcasts of civilians. I looked at the monitor and my view point was now the webcam. The blogger was a french fashion model (speaking English throughout) talking about how she’s surviving in her basement with a few other fashion designers and another person she brought in from the streets. She panned the camera around and all of them were waving, albeit with an anxious worried expression. The camera finally panned to the last person which was a girl on a bunk bed. Her head was as close to an air vent as possible, her skin pale and sweaty, eyes bleach and she looked severely malnourished, (If you guessed from the start this was some zombie apocalypse, then congratulations!) A caller rang into the podcast and said ‘I’d love to go back to Paris one day, I’ve only been as a child.’ The zombie girl said ‘How old’ and everyone in the basement went silent. We jumped back a bit in time and saw the zombie girl (but she was normal, no fatigue or illnesses ) in a testing room with banks of computers. At the end was a man conducting the test on her but I was hearing the girls thoughts even though I wasn’t looking through her perspective. In her head, she was saying how she was playing the test as she had done it before. She passed the second test and a diamond icon popped up on the testers screen. [The first icon was a spade, presumably the other icons must have been heart and clubs] There was some dialogue/exposition but I was starting to wake up. I think she passed the second test as she was touching herself while the second test was running (making the man doing the test a bit ‘keen’ should we say.) and that was the whole point of it - to not actually participate and complete what was on the CRT monitor. We cut back to the basement and it zooms in right into the zombie girls pale grey eye. Light from a small window pours in and shows every detail of the eye. It fills up completely with blood like you’d fill up a bottle of water and then she literally goes mental, screeching and shouting, flailing her arms and contorting her body. She falls out of the bunk bed onto a person and begins eating her thigh. The blogger shouts something along the lines of ‘I will kill you fucking bitch’ at the zombie and everyone in the basement grabs something to defend themselves. The blogger grabs the victim and tries to pull her off the zombie. The zombie and the victims leg goes flying in one direction and the blogger and the legless victim go in the other direction. Thus was the point where I woke up.
I found a small baby chimp in the middle of some tall grass, i think it was a swampland. i picked it up and put it in my pocket, excited to show it to my parents as it is an usual find. i get home and throw the baby chimp onto the couch. it is limp, like a rag doll, but it is still blinking and breathing. i call my parents over to show them but the baby chimp transforms into a kitten, and runs away. i feel bamboozled.
Had a whole bunch of fantastical dreams last night, fun enough that I bothered to write them down. Might start keeping a dream diary again, if more of these keep happening. In the first dream of the night I remember, my mom was going to fly on a plane somewhere, though it wasn't established where to. The plane took off in the small town of Leppävirta (where my parents live) and it was quite a strange sight: It had arms and legs and joints along its tail and back, which made it look almost like a steel dragon. After takeoff it struggled to stay in the air, attempting to gain more height by moving its wings around and even clawing the air. Sadly, it didn't have enough speed, so it ended up falling down, the fall being softened by its hind legs. Once I rushed to the location to see if my mom was allright, the "skeleton" of the airplane had already been replaced by cheap planks, ropes and nails,  and I learned that the plane was conjured/transformed by using a wooden ladder in a ritual involving being submerged in a pond alongside the ladder for hours, while having otters play with you in the water. It was extremely strange and I had a hard time believing it, but since the plane crew & my mom started getting on with another ritual to remake the plane, I just let them do whatever they wanted as I headed home. Me and my older brother ran on water, on our way back home. When he was going to take a detour, I planned to get to home before him. The neighborhood was otherwise normal, and as it is in real life, except on one side of the road there were immensely huge, ancient and dead trees, with strange blue-ish bark that had a whisky, gray moss growing on it. I had the ability to glide for short distances, so I jumped from one branch to the other, occasionally climbing or jumping up the branches to get even more height to glide with. However, at one point I grabbed a branch that was too fragile, and it crumbled and broke off before I was able to begin gliding again. I fell into the ground, penetrating the layer of thin, dead roots, falling meter by meter into the dead, dark depths of the forest. This caused a small rush of panic in me, which made me "reset" the dream to moments before this happened. After the reset, I was back on the trees again, this time safe and not falling through their branches. I headed home and saw our dogs outside in the yard, which I let in as I got home as well. After playing for a while with them, I went to feed them. As I opened the fridge, I let them jump onto the lowest level of it which had some cocktail snacks on display, which I began feeding our dogs since I didn't find anything else to give to them. Then I heard my parents call for me, so I left the kitchen, while our dogs also obediently jumped off the fridge instead of staying there to snack on more food than they were supposed to have. The house layout was changed, and all of the stairwells had been replaced by ladders for some reason. They were much taller than before as well, which made getting from one level of the house to another a lot slower. I asked my dad about this, and he said we still do have a stairwell in the garage that leads to the guest bathroom, though he didn't answer why all the other stairwells had been replaced. I went into either of my brothers' rooms, I don't recall which, and helped them install a new version of Windows & play with a huge set of machinery that looked like it would belong inside an airplane's cockpit. In the last bit of the dream, I went outside of the house and checked out the new grill area my parents had built. Near the grills there were also some fish tanks: In the first tank I saw some goldfish and koi, which I found kind of interesting, but the other tanks were far more filled up and with far more weird creatures. There were turtles, octopi, fish that looked like octopi, pufferfish, lionfishes, all sorts of small fry and huge, prehistoric shrimp with stone carapaces. Some of the stranger creatures were apparently left at my parents' care from one of my own aquariums that I had owned in a previous dream many months ago (something which I partially acknowledged in the dream) which had been tiny, fingernail sized creatures back then, but now were long as an arm. After examining the creatures, my mom called everyone (family & guests we were having) to have the cocktail snacks she had made, and I woke up not long after this.
i taunted a cat by mimicking the sounds they make when fighting. it began to attack, and tried to leap on my face. i was able to bat it away with a stick in my possession, but it kept coming. i realized that i was too tired to adequately defend myself, so i grabbed a cup of nicotine-infused coffee. before i was able to experience its effects, or perhaps because i was experiencing it's effects, i woke up.
My father in law died this Tuesday and I'm dreaming about it ever since. I need a happy dream again.
Dreamed that my mom died and I had to deal with that loss the entire time. And I woke up thinking she was actually dead.
I had a really NSFL dream a couple nights ago. I dreamed I kept shitting out whole vegetables. These weren't covered in shit or anything, they just looked like raw uncooked vegetables. Broccoli, Cauliflower, Asparagus that was still somehow wrapped up with rubber bands., that sort of thing. I could feel the shapes and textures of each one as they came out. I had to dig in there with my fingers to get some of it out as my anus kept getting stretched wider by the vegetables. There was a big pile of them on the floor by the time I woke up. Probably the weirdest, most disgusting dream I've had in a long time.
Dream that One of the mods (wont name who) went rogue on Facepunch and deleted every single thread on facepunch in every single section. When I opened facepunch it said: *DELETED* all over it.
... did you taste them?
had a dream where i went to chernobyl and stayed in a hotel there for some reason. while i was in that hotel i opened up a laptop and went to facepunch forums, which had gotten a redesign. i don't remember much about that redesign except for sensationalist headlines being moved to the very top of the forums. i then opened up minecraft on my laptop and joined a facepunch server lmao. then i left the hotel and went to a store to buy a gasmask. you had to actually put the fucking mask together in a really weird way. the dream just ended afterwords.
Not really sure what the whole picture was but there's those snippets that stick with you. -Was with a friend and a girl I used to like, wondered how to leave the room and they said we entered and left through the TV. House seemed to be a reversed place where I lived for a year. -Sudden cut to my flat block and it seems anarchy had hit the streets, a nebulous gang of hoodlums was setting fires to houses so I dumped white spirit on them and dropped some matches. Also my neighbours bastard cat was hurt and only had 2 legs left so I suppose cat vengance was at play. -Then the filler of the reccuring dream where I'm in some foggy city where I'm chasing a girl through the hazy shadow of a crowd, keeps stopping to goad me on, can only make out a smile on her face. -Last thing I hear before my alarm boots me into life is some singsong tune with the lyrics "Voices thorugh the walls. Sleeping demon" Man that is wierd to type out.
Had a dream which was very short and abrupt in places. Was in some kind of offshore oil rig, crawling around in the rafters, climbing on top of pipes, climbing through small ducts, vents and tubes at an alarmingly fast rate (like nigh impossible for a human to do). Came across two people talking below me asking if anyone had a shotgun. A random worker attacked another worker and they ran off. Think they fell down a tall ladder shaft, not sure. Cut to me standing next to a co-worker as we attempt to lure the attacker in a room. We manage to do so and lock him in a room with a keycard and slap a sticky label on the door warning others. Cut to me in another oil rig style hallway/corridor as I hear my co-workers chasing another attacker calling for me. I try and catch up but get lost in an art room filled with easels and canvases.
I was Peter Parker and I was a band singer on Titanic 2, and it was made out of robot legs.
i dreamt of a movie trailer where Billy Harrington starred as a robot disguised as a human, specifically as a 1960s businessman, and had to try blending in without his secret being found out. he's replacing a well-regarded young businessman who died suddenly and without anyone at the company knowing. how or why he is doing this wasn't covered in the trailer. imagine the character as Data from Star Trek TNG if Data didn't know anything about that time period and you have a good picture of it: extremely math smart, socially clueless, but eager to learn. though he acts weird, the company likes his incredible computational abilities. Billy meets a kind woman who he shares his secret with and helps him understand the world. the business turns out to be run by unethical people and Billybot struggles with this, eventually proving himself to be more human than human. it seemed to be a very heartwarming movie all around and i wish it was real. there seemed to be a scene about a misunderstanding with toilet paper which was hilarious according to my friend. the whole movie may have actually been a youtube reedit of an existing movie to put Billy Harrington in but it was very well done if so. Rest in Peace Aniki
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