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https://discord.gg/FftyAP4 you know what to do also EXPLAIN YOUR LEWD RESPONSES SEPTEKKA
calling me out in the op huh
also nice vega background @Septekka
thank you i love her
Epic title.
also i just realized that i forgot to put the white outline around the santa hat before so now i've spent 40 extra coins in total to add snowflakes before, and now to fix the outline
hey https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/226487/3fd0e1d1-dd30-4e98-80ec-a43fdfd52c83/HBUozxR.jpg
yes but reminder that i love everyone
titles give us meaning
It is titleless because we can create our own titles in our own mind and call it whatever we want. For me it is WAYT v. Why have I been forsaken for my right to self suicide.
WAYT v. cum, apparently
me turbo gay
xubbo what happened to your account
taken over by turbo gay
https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/501519530221240330.png?v=1 Xub bls come back.
I am im right here
If you're here then where's your background then? Only the real Xubs would have one.
yeah sure gimme a bit
Wayt sounds like wait.
im extremely cute, by far the cutest person on this website (and probably the entire world)
You really are the real Xubs.
i really am gay
who would impersonate xubs
i mean i am the cutest person in the entire universe so like i think a lot of people would
yeah but that just means it'll be super obvious if they're an impersonator
Anyone know how to make the steam link not shit?
this post owns?
I <3 cum
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