• Should the GameCube be considered retro?
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The NES was 16 when the GameCube came out and people considered it a retro console at that point in time. the term was already in pretty decent use at that point in time. The GameCube is 17. Should it be considered a retro console? Should the original Xbox and the PS2 be considered retro? I've been asking myself this for a while. What defines retro? Is it the age? Is it the complexity of the abilities of the system? This has been a question that's bothered me for a while now. I wanted to see what other people thought.
It is retro yes, by age. Although I think when you consider something retro it's usually more a cultural thing, something that feels old and representativefor it's time. For example a NES being 8bit 2D is such a defining aspect of the console and technology of the time, while it's harder to define a console like the GameCube in a similar way, 3D graphics of the type were already a thing.
Its old, but IMO just around the Gamecube and PS2 era games grew out of the low polygon and pixel graphics that its kinda hard to say that they aged well in terms of looks that its a bit hard to call retro anymore Portable games changed so drastically that I think even the DS could be counted as "retro" soon https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/200318/1610fd96-fbb1-475c-ad2b-7e32d2c79b46/95a.gif
There's a couple ways you could define "retro". By age, yeah, it's retro. By generation, the Gamecube is two generations old (it's Gen 6, we're on Gen 8, it's kind of tricky with Nintendo because they got like half a generation off from everyone with the Wii/WiiU), which is also pretty obsolete, about as much as the SNES was in the Gamecube era. But, you could also consider "retro" to be cultural. People call NES/SNES retro because people are making games in the NES/SNES styles and calling them retro. We're even seeing some N64/PS1 retro games, although more in the game design than in the graphics. Have we seen any GCN/PS2/XbC styled retro games? I don't think so - there's been a handful of games heavily drawing from specific Gamecube titles (Hat in Time, the various Melee clones), but that happened even while the 'cube was current-gen (Overlord was a Pikmin clone). Partly because there's just not much difference - other than super open-world shit, games these days just play like more polished, refined versions of that era of games, and other than HDR and pushing more pixels, there's not much graphically different. So in that sense, no, the Gamecube isn't retro. Personally I'd call it a matter of degree. The 2D consoles are 100% retro, nobody will really argue that. The N64/PS1 are ~80% retro, GCN/PS2/XbC ~60% retro - enough to call "retro", but still distinctly less retro than the SNES or Genesis. The PS3/Xb360 are ~30% retro, not quite enough to call "retro" but still more so than PS4/Xb1.
My own definition of retro is any video game console at least two generations prior to the current one. According to wikipedia's definition, this makes the Gamecube, XBOX, and PS2 retro. When the next generation hits, the Wii, XBOX 360, and PS3 will be retro. It works for me, anyway. I think retro gaming is a little too millenial and up focused. It's gonna take us a long time to give up on not considering the consoles retro. But some teenagers and youngsters would look at an XBOX and consider that such , and I agree with them. After all, when I was playing the XBOX 360 I would have considered the N64 retro for sure, and when I was playing the Gamecube I would have considered the SNES retro.
It means you're old
80s music is "oldies" now.
I'd say that you can get away with calling any console that's more than 15 years old retro.
Let me adapt Douglas Adams for this; Any console that existed before you were born up till 5 is retro. Of course it is, no controversy there right? Anything that was made when you were ages 5-17 isn't retro and couldn't be, it's too modern, right? Anything that was made in the prior categories is sadly acknowledged as retro when you realize you're in your 30s or 40s now.
I'd say that any console from two generations ago is retro. Right now it's the PS2/GCN/XBOX.By the time the PS5/XBONE/Nintendo X are out, the 360/PS3/Wii will be retro. The 360 is 13 years old and the PS3/Wii and 12. The Wii was Standard Definition. I wash 15 when the 360 came out, and I turned 28 this year.
I did find myself feeling kind of nostalgic for that console generation the other day. I felt like it was the last generation before AAA developers started kicking shitty anti-consumer practices into high gear. Local multiplayer with 4 people was still fully possible, and developers never crippled their 4-player games to force people to play online. DLC didn't exist. You didn't have to make an account and log in to your system like it was a computer. "Always online" was a phrase nobody imagined emerging. Your game never had to install updates. No in-game microtransactions. I feel like the biggest issues people complained about back then were unskippable tutorials, long cutscenes, and maybe memory card management. These days I feel like indie developers are the only ones trying to make something solely for the benefit of the consumer, and the big developers have turned into callous businessmen.
It might be retro by age, but I don't really consider it to be retro. To preface, my first console was an Atari 2600, then SNES, Dreamcast, N64, GameCube, basically everything except ps4/xb1, so I grew up with all of them, but I personally consider the ps2/Xbox/gc to be the first generation that isn't "retro". That generation is when they really started perfecting 3d graphics and they lost that crust of N64/PS1 era polygons. I would consider them classics for sure, but not really retro. If someone told me they believe they were retro I couldn't really argue the point with them, I just don't consider them to be for my own reasons.
The logical part of my brain says yes but the rest of me says "FUCK OFF I'M NOT OLD"
No. This argument comes around every time a console from that generation loses support, such as the PS2. The designation of "retro" is not necessarily JUST about how old the console is and how long it has been released for. The fact of the matter is that the sixth gen of consoles represented a massive leap forward in technology that sets it distinctly apart from its fifth generation predecessors. The sixth gen consoles are legacy, but they are not "retro".
Here you go https://youtu.be/AZYhri2tsM4 NXE was the best one
I can't believe your Post turned me from a grown Baby iNtO The Vast Realm of https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/107213/107159a4-1443-4aed-98de-4d40c1aca571/text.gif
The console might be old, but it feels weird to me to call the GC retro. Old 2D (NES, GEN) consoles and early 3D ones (N64, PS1) feel pretty retro to me, but do I call games like Super Mario Sunshine retro, too? It's just tough for me to describe what feels retro in words or categories.
Yeah, I'd say it's retro at this point.
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