• Tumblr goes two steps back
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https://staff.tumblr.com/post/180758987165/a-better-more-positive-tumblr I can see why they want to do these changes but it's going to probably lead to a mass exodus of good artists and writers.
I don't want to say this will kill Tumblr but this is making it very difficult to not say that.
Painful to read this bullshit about caring about art, sex positivity, and your sexuality while doing this
How to kill most of your userbase in one easy step
where am I going to browse pics of future kinky goth gfs now
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/205958/3e0c1759-69cf-4fb3-b7e1-a2833ca797c3/lSATo-6DzJCjGtI0WJIOQHv3qJwNFzMlK-maOzLJmUc.jpg live feed from tumblr head office.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/463/44163d80-324d-44ac-b338-ecd8a6c3683d/image.png A safe place for creative expression and community... unless you draw porn!!! Banned!! I'm honestly baffled, what sort of agenda are they pushing with this?
It is well known Tumblr is used by underage girls who enjoy posting risqué pictures of themselves, I think this is likely the only way Tumblr saw it possible to reduce this usage on their site. Still, rip Tumblr.
sometimes I forget that I'm probably the only person here that doesn't like sexual content.
sometimes I wish we could still buy other people titles so they wouldn't forget things
How To Shoot Yourself In The Foot: A Guide by Tumblr
All anyone wanted was for spambots to be dealt with lmao
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/108570/3ccd2dd6-5854-400c-8cdb-a3ad86d073ad/image.png tumblr staff
Even then, I have a blog where I shy away from anything NSFW, but I'm certain that the majority of people who follow me have a sizable amount of risque, lewd, and/or saucy stuff plastering their dashboards between all of my shitposts. I could see how banning users for posting tiddies could affect everyone else.
It's all bullshit fluff, they just want to end up on Apple's app store & be advertiser friendly for Yahoo/Verizon (their owners iirc) It's for the $$$money$$$
true. "furry" is among those tags. I just feel that it's odd that most everyone's reaction to this is "how dare tumblr not want porn on their platform," instead of "this is an incredibly ham-fisted response by tumblr that is blatantly going to have further-reaching consequences than they intend".
My reasons to visit Tumblr have just dropped to zero.
holy shit wait, you mean to say that there was stuff on tumblr beyond porn?????
Good. Let tumblr be the containment site it always wanted to be. Meanwhile, this exodus of users can be a big opportunity for Facepunch to grow if we play our cards right.
Problem with FP is that it takes two steps back whenever garry feels like it. which is often
is there something shameful about not caring for sexual content?
It's more like no one really cares so why bother bringing it up.
can people only share their opinion if it is the majority-held opinion?
it's funny, i've never posted nsfw content in my life but this still miffs me because now there's a mass exodus from the place i post art. now where do i go?
It doesn't add anything to the current discussion. We know people exist that don't watch sexual content. It doesn't change anything.
You know, this is the first time I've ever seen the tumblr staff blog being used to actually talk about a change being made to the site.
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