• Welcome to your new Moderators
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Please everybody give a warm welcome to your new overlords (in no particular order); @myon @Taliyah @FlakTheMighty @Inacio @Clovis @SIRIUS @Paul-Simon
Congrats to the newly appointed!
Green beans unite
First one to burn everything down wins
Make me mod
I came into it thinking I wanted 4 moderators but here we are with 7 oh well Good strong applicants
oh no not myon
oh no Norwegian moderators
et tu brute
Imagine being proud of being a janitor
Where the fuck is Boilrig
God help you all.
tu es magnus faecibus exturbandis opitulatur
Finally, more people to get mad at.
Thats a big list, also mandatory round 2 joke.
prepare to be banned
Pls come to Brazil huehuehue
xenophobia, 3 days
henlo new mods
and i wasn't even considered smh
yay new janitors
this is just indirectly punishing them by placing them into a situation where they will heavily consider turning to alcohol, to the point of alcoholism
I'm already at that point so i woulda been perf
I already heavily consider turning to alcohol thank you very much.
well yeah because you have a green name the effects are instantaneous
jokes on you all I consider alcohol a daily morning routine
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