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when your potential employer tries to get in contact with you for orientation and none of their calls/e-mails showed up at all aside from the voicemail which you don't even get proper notifications for so they erased you from their system GUESS IT'S BACK TO THE OLD JOB HUNTING GRIND
Thinking about how many times in my life I neglected to hold someone accountable for shitty behaviour, because I believed that karma would get them instead. Life isn't as balanced and fair as fairy tales and films make it out to be, and sometimes scummy behaviour seems to be rewarded by the universe.
I think I might have arthritis, my hands are fucking killing me at all of my joints.
Ben 10?
She did play Ben in Ben 10, but she's doing Timmy Turner's voice in the video.
Not only do i get 10 robo calls a day for some shitty insurance scam, outlooks garbage spam filter is letting multiple fake ass apple emails a day and its fucking annoying.
My family (Mum, Dad, sisters) believe the moon landing was a hoax, and the way they treat me is similar to how most sensible people respond to anti-vaxx parents. Hasn't it been proven that it would've been much more expensive to fake the landing as opposed to actually doing it? So shush.
How the fuck has so much of my shit broken in this move? I am thoroughly baffled, it's not like I slam-dunked all my electronics into a crate of industrial strength neodymium magnets, yet I'm past $300 in shit I have to replace because it fucking died. I've moved several times before, everything worked the same as it did before I fucking moved, what in the fuck is this shit?
Brought my computer home to work from home in the event of bad weather tomorrow, can't get past the drive encryption. RIP
Okay, one of two things will happen: Either I get paid this month or i will break down emotionally. This year has been extremely stressful to the point where getting rehired at my old job is an event to celebrate lavishly. Even then, i will still have to find a way to spend 240 CAD in a way that can justify everything that has happened in the past year.
The fact that most comedies can't go two seconds without being ironic or self aware. Like, fuck off. I just want something that tells jokes instead of riding on the "Lol, look at this shit!" sentiment.
I recently upgraded to an iPhone 7 and fuck it is absolutely terrible. The vibration strength in silent mode is pathetic, and I have missed so many calls because I never hear it vibrating. Never had that problem with my 5C. If I didn’t want to take calls, I’d leave my phone in airplane mode. Also, all of my settings are correctly set up, but I never get lock screen notifications for text messages. Combined with the above, it has meant that potential employers have tried calling me and left voicemail, and I only realise at 10PM when I go to unlock my phone to set my morning alarm, and see the red bubble next to the messages app. I don’t know how they managed it, but modern tech has become so much less functional than tech from ten years ago. Eg my new ‘smart’ 4K TV has a laggy as fuck interface and seems to crash at least once every day, requiring a restart to free up memory. Compared to my old HD TV from 5 years ago which worked smoothly every single time you used it.
Telling someone an idea is something that intimidates me, because some people turn into super-critics even when they don't know what they're talking about. Not everyone, but a lot of people. Someone asking your opinion on something doesn't inject you with a plethora of knowledge on the subject.
Why the fuck do some people just stop responding to you? I'm trying to buy a rifle off of gunbroker and it's been 3 days since I paid him and it hasn't been shipped. We traded FFL info and somehow both FFLs can't get ahold of each other and they fucking refuse to call either. And the dude i'm buying the rifle from originally messages me right away and then all of a sudden he disappears for a day. What the fuck? What the fuck is even going on, god damnit. Fucking slow ass people who have no communication skills..
sounds like you got ripped off mate, call the fukin cops on this dude
oof now past $500. I can't afford to replace all this shit and now I'm scared to even unpack any more shit just to find out what else is fucked.
Some reason I can't click on the gear settings icon on any videos that I watch on Youtube if I am logged in.
Seems like this past week has been like an EMP went off all over the world, considering what I've been reading in this thread lately, my friends' stuff breaking and fucking out, and even stuff in this house no matter who it belongs to. Like my mom's laptop, my dad's laptop, my laptop and two desktops (one hosting game servers), my phone, my SO's laptop and phone, the printer, and every appliance in our house is having some sort of critical fucking issue and I'm hearing a lot of the same from others all of the sudden. What the fuck is happening?
If I was ripped off, i'm completely fucked as I paid with him PayPal and I can't go to PayPal and say I got ripped off buying something i'm not allowed to buy with PayPal. So far everything seems fine. I talked to my FFL, they sent their info and the dude selling the rifle has said his FFL sent their info so at this point he says he's going in first thing on monday to get the rifle shipped out.
Whenever someone defends online card game booster packs with "well it's just like how they do in real life" as if I don't think real life booster packs are a predatory scam as well.
I work at a pet store, and the number of people who want to put their fish in tiny, unheated and unfiltered bowls.because "they're just fish who caresnif they die lol" makes me want to shove them into a locker and see how they like it Especially people who keep goldfish in bowls. Those motherfuckers get big, but because "my dad had one in a bowl for 2 years" it's apparently okay (lifespan of a goldfish is around 10+ years, but fuck em they're just fish right?)
Animal abuse gets me heated up as shit. Sometimes I think there should be some kind of test people need to take before getting pets.
The funny thing is, we have a test for our other animals. It asks about things like allergies in the family, prior experience with pets, what their exercise plans are, if their landlord allows them, etc. But for some reason, there's no expectation of care for the fish
Join us
Dude what the fuck my 3tb finally shit itself last night. Sucks because I was about to archive or move it to an ssd.
I really wanted answers but lmao fuck me for asking questions, just throw boxes at me and give no answers XD
I think I posted my setup there once, but I should get more active in that thread.
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