• [VIDEO] New Far Cry Teaser [Major 5 ending spoilers]
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Looks like they really are going with the nuke ending from FC5. Post-apoc Far Cry seems interesting if that's really what they're going with.
Far Cry 76, can't wait
The color and setting really give off that... Rage 2 vibe.
After how... eh 5 was, and how laughably bad the DLC was? Nah.
I still don't like that fact that's how the game ended with absolutely 0 indication or foreshadowing. TIL AFTER YOU BEAT THE GAME.
"Almost heaven, west Montana" doesn't have the same ring to it.
iirc Greg Bryk posted something about doing more work as The Father awhile back, maybe he's coming back?
Oh boy, more of the biggest wasted potential ever
A post apocalyptic setting with a weapon that allows you to shoot buzz saws at people? Where I have heard this before...
Who the hell listens to the radio in game? I turned it off every chance i got since the song selection was kinda weak.
Yes, let's put the one hint to the ending on the radio that plays like the same three shite songs? Like, the radio in 5 is SO annoying.
The radio in 5 was also INCREDIBLY low for a lot of people (including me) so you might not have been able to hear it in the first place. I legitimately didn't think the game had a radio until after I beat the game and saw people posting about it. Though even if I could hear it doing it over the radio is such a shitty way to do foreshadowing, not to mention the way the game tries to paint the cult's actions as justified because "They were right!", as if a nuclear apocalypse justifies kidnapping, murder, and implied rape before the bombs drop.
FC5 was a disappointment, and I doubt I'll consider getting any more of the games in the series.
I can say without a doubt after playing through Far Cry 5, I heard absolutely 0 radio messages.
I could barely listen to the radio in FC5 bacause it's only available when driving and you can't drive five seconds without enemies chasing and shooting you everywhere, which is more than a little distracting. FFS the CIA guy from FC4 makes an appearance in 5. This could've been a good opportunity to have him make the player aware of the international tensions but nope, Ubisoft just wanted to make a joke about Trump's pee tape.
I loved FC5. A post-apocalyptic FarCry sounds exciting. But the trailer has me afraid they’ll reuse the FC5 map but just destroyed.
I can't for the life of me, get myself to play any of the newer Far Cry games just because of the cringy dialogue.
If nothing else it'll be a better Fallout game than 76.
I wouldn't be surprised if it's basically RAGE 2 with less interesting and fun combat and abilities.
The weak point about this backstory story tell is again, the way they implemented it, and when you listen to the announcements if you actually get to hear them it's incredibly vague. "Bombings in the Middle East have increased tensions." Okay, but where? Just about every single country in that region has experienced terrorist bombs before. Iraq even said a few weeks ago that they don't document ALL terrorist bombs in their country.What makes this different? North Korea Lazy storytelling, of course North Korea sudden manages to have a very competent nuclear program with enough weapons to ignite a nuclear war. Russia was bombed, millions dead. So, from who? Baring in mind that there's a lot of missile silos in Montana, you even fight through one. Missiles lauching would be visible to a LOT of fucking people, seeing as they leave weird atmospheric disturbances. So who nuked Russia? This vagueness through a source that most players aren't going to be actively listening to, due the fact they're not going to be a car most the time, are fighting or hell exploring in helicopters,planes, or even walking around. IN my case I never heard a radio announcement, ever. It's just bad story telling, considering at the fucking end of the goddamn game. Joseph dumps two barrels of Bliss, their cult drug that not only has the side effects of, making hallucinate, apparentyly give one chick powers, allows Joseph to survive several mag dumps, and have psychic powers, and then turn some people into fucking near-zombies who are used to just harvest their crops. Yet apparently all this time, he was actually right. You were wrong, he was right.
I have the feeling this is a Primal-style spin-off rather than an actual Far Cry 6 since it seems like its using the Hope County map. Say what you want about the gameplay of 2, but I miss the gritty and unflinching tone of its story. Every game since (minus Blood Dragon) can't decide if it wants to be a GTA-style hee-haw-look-at-these-CRAZAY-people-check-out-my-wingsuit-brah fratbro fantasy or Spec Ops: The Line 2. It doesn't work in the same way the splicing in clips from Apocalypse Now into Commando doesn't work. I wish the series would put its foot down and decide what it wants to be.
A game about nukes? https://i.imgur.com/OH7vRGK.jpg
Honestly, Fallout with Far Cry's combat and polish would be fucking dope. If Bethesda really intents to bury anything I found fun about the Fallout franchise specifically, I might as well get the version that plays well.
Honestly I'm excited to see what they might do. I'd love to play through the map with a different type of story. It might be battle royale lol
Why are they making another one so fast? FC5 was very short and left a bad taste in my mouth as well. Hope no one buys this, they need to start changing some shit starting with the writers.
It's possible this is going to be the side-show of Far Cry 5 like Primal and Blood Dragon was. so I'm fully expecting them to reuse Hope County.
I always thought the nuke was stolen by Project at Eden's Gate and kept as suicide bomb if they were invaded by the national guard.
It's probably a spin off using the FC5 map.
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