• [VIDEO]Insurgency: Sandstorm - Gameplay Overview trailer
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3ZAJ6l-7s4 Free Open Beta weekend starts Dec 7
I've been playing the beta for a few months now and despite the technical flaws, it's a great and satisfying shooter. Had a blast both in the co-op and PvP modes. The speed and openness of the devs are very commendable as well, and so far they had been providing constant feedback and updates with the community on the state of the game. Really excited for the full release after beta.
It feels so bizarre knowing that an old source engine mod has turned into something this great.
Insurgency has some of the most satisfying gunplay I've ever experienced, I can't fucking wait for new people to get into the game
a good idea with good gameplay at its core and a team behind it can go to great lengths
This looks really good and fun, i will try it out now this weekend. What I've seen so far already has me on the buying side
Hooray for modding support! Cant wait to use spatulas as melee weapons again The maps kinda look alot more vertical and open so thats very great too
The original sourcemod will always be my favourite, there's something about it that's lost on this and the previous game.
This looks excellent. The original Source mod is one of the very few shooters I have ever actually been very good at.
Those features and no fucking nonsense with content, will def buy it.
What do you mean by technical flaws?
Shaky optimization, graphical artifacts and the occasional ctd's were very prominent during the first few phases of the closed beta. The devs have been very diligent though and had rolled out fixes pretty quick, with significant improvements every week or so. There's still some minor issues of the same nature in the current build but I have a lot of faith that they'll be fixed once the major open beta update rolls in this weekend.
https://youtu.be/EvI8ax-NuZE The AI In coop is even more fun now, too.
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