• [Video] YouTube Rewind 2018
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I don't know how they do it, but they manage to make it even more directionless and awful each year. https://youtu.be/YbJOTdZBX1g
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/215204/47d6084f-73ba-44dc-88c1-dfb3eeb90a7e/ohgodhelp.png Oh boy, here we go.
Oh Christ. I keep hoping they'll forget
I don't know any of these people. Wonder if this year is as bad as previous behind the scenes. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/129/5d4edffb-9428-4583-960d-4b03159b260a/break in case of old game.png
Cringey as usual but what do you expect
i want to die now most cringiest video of the year, as always
even more awful than last year. everytime I see Marshmello i want to shoot myself. so thanks yt rewind.
This is horrible. Used to be about music and great mix (Every year I anticipate DJ Earworm yearly mix and Youtube Rewind) but this year this is just shit. 2015 was best.
I don't even recognize a single damn person here (ok tell a lie I see some people I recognize but that's only because I've been relentlessly bombarded with recommended stuff of theirs for the past year) It's more of a "let's show everybody how good this platform is" by digging out all the least offensive and often least memorable people out into a room, because the only things that make youtube remotely famous are stuff like two youtubers fighting in a ring, somebody hurling slurs and whatnot. I should have moved over to dailymotion at this point.
All the Rewinds have been kinda ass, but I sort of like the part from 6:40 on in the 2015 one. It's just been ass since. https://youtu.be/KK9bwTlAvgo
Now its nearly tie with 71K dislikes is closing in to 72K likes.
I recognized like 2 maybe 3 people.
i hate it because i have no idea who these fucking people are i'm getting old
Compared to last years video, it wasnt that bad. But maybe im biased because julioprofe finally got recognized. Most of the people i know passed their math courses thanks to him
No, it's just that they don't actually contribute anything of any quality
2015 rewind should have been just this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4z2J2nn04-o
I mean, they did listen to the animation creators critique and finally put them here. But holy shit do we really want to see the same formula every year? Also Fortnite dances and memes made into cringefest, ugh.
Ugh, I'm usually fairly optimistic because I can recognize a few creators and the music mashups are pretty good but this year both of them failed (even standalone DJ Earworm's) this is TERRIBLE
I still don't understand who the fuck is watching all these vloggers.
kids on their moms iphones
This is like a weird compilation of people who made youtube lots of money sprinkled with whatever the kids are into, instead of tributes for all the stuff that happened in 2018 Also I dont want to sound like a dick but I hated that "youtube is a cool place and everyone is so nice!" thing considering the state of youtube itself right now
I never watch these (and I was just reminded of why), but at least Primitive Technology got a massive shoutout. I also appreciated all the diversity consisting of... well, 20-somethings speaking English. Really shows the variety of content you can find on the YouTube platform lol. Get AvE in there or something.
Casey Neistat, Markiplier and Primitive Technology are literally the only three YouTubers I recognized and I don't even watch or really like the first two. I have no idea who the other people are... I mean, apart from Will Smith. The Fortnite skit almost made me want to stop it, but I wanted to see if I knew any of the other YouTubers, but I still skipping through the video very frequently.
The only good part was Primitive Technology at the end
i haven't watched the video or read any comments on this thread yet, and i'm predicting fortnite pandering. let's see if i'm correct.
yo what I never noticed AuntyDonna were in that video.
I expect someone to do an edit of them throwing the comment section into a fire to show people really think of Youtube Rewind.
Rewinds to me are always a good reminder that there's this whole other side of Youtube that I am completely unaware of - this year I recognized like three or four faces, but I don't watch any of the channels. It's not even that they're picking out some small-time "safe" channels, I randomly clicked through the list of featured creators and most of them had over 3M subscribers, some had 10+, those channels are bigger than any I'm subscribed to. There's this half of YT that tens or even hundreds of millions of people watch that I never heard of, which is kinda cool in its own right. Just makes me wish "my" half was represented in some way as well.
I know 6ish people on there, only about 3 of them I've ever viewed their content.
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