• [VIDEO] Devil May Cry 5 The Game Awards Trailer
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4RJXuSg3Ns so this leaked ahead of time by xbox portugal. MAJIN DT FROM DMC2 IS BACK.
Subhuman is still in there.
the new vocals and mixing improves Subhuman a lot and V's theme sounds great also worth noting one of V's summons seems to be a Shadow from DMC1
Welp, I need to nick my brother's xbox this weekend.
Bang Bang Bang, pull my devil trigger.
Just what I was thinking.
Does anyone have a mirror?
Official upload since the above videos are gone https://youtu.be/jHPAnj_Lcbo
I love that V guy, he's the epitome of edge.
https://www.twitter.com/DMC5Info/status/1070904567833997313 Game has a RE6 esque system where other players can be appear in your game. Don't think it's a full-on co-op mode but still very cool to see online function for a DMC game.
Wait so all 3 of V's familiars are DMC1 bosses with a new aesthetic? They use the same names (Shadow, Griffon, Nightmare)
According to the website he summons Griffon (the bird), Nightmare (the hulk blob thing) and a Shadow so all of his summons are DMC1 demons which makes the theory that he is a reincarnation of Mundus very likely.
That cameo system is fucking awesome.
when you notice all of v's summons are based on previous bosses and his theme song is called crimson cloud, highly hinting that he's a reincarnated mundus https://i.redd.it/anm3la691u221.jpg
Someone refresh my memory, why exactly would "Crimson Cloud" hint at Mundus? I tried googling it but it's just nothing but "DMC5 V's theme"
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