• [Video] Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order trailer (by Team Ninja)
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As a huge fan of MuA1 and the Xmen games which predated it, this has my attention. Gonna need a full list of the roster before I actually get excited though. At the very least, Wolverine front and center means they've learned a little bit, so there's that.
wow they're even adding thanos from fortnite!
But I don't wanna buy a switch
Why is it a Switch exclusive though :/
Because Nintendo funded it.
Yep. Sorry people, but this has about as much chance of ever coming to another platform as Bayonetta II and III.
Getting a Switch anyway. Smash, Metroid, Bayonetta, and others I can't think of at 11:55pm have already convinced me to get one. Loved like last two Ultimate Alliance games and I hope this game borrows from the team attacks from UAII.
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