• The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe trailer
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Call me back when they release Super Stanley Parable 2: Ultra Deluxe Turbo HD Remix
I'd be down for more British Narrator: The Game. Went back to play the last one again to get that four year achievement (spoilers: didn't get it) so I hope there's more absurd trophies in this one.
I'll buy again as long as the facepunch easter egg is still in.
Soon it'll be the only trace of its existence.
It'll have "R.I.P. Facepunch 2001 - 2019" added onto it.
Is papa Granpc still working on it?
i miss granpc
We'll still have postal's ass in Postal 2.
I wanted to ask him about the engine it's running on now, since he was the only dev I remember
I'm still waiting on that five year achievement
It’s a 5 year achievement though, that’s probably why you didn’t get it
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