• [VIDEO] The Outer Worlds TGA 2018 trailer
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There is no way starfield will compare lmao
retrofuturistic cyberpunk with spaceships? oh baby
I'm so unbelievably on board.
Very interested in this
I like the little dig with the "From the original creators of Fallout." Also to me its like someone took the wasted potential of the Borderlands series and gave it to a competent studio.
Its about time Beth got some direct competition
When they first teased this I was assuming it'd be another isometric RPG like Pillars of Eternity and Tyranny. While those two games are really fantastic in their own right, I'm really glad The Outer Worlds is a first-person RPG. The world and style is oozing with charm so far, really excited for this one.
My internet is too slow to watch the video. Do we know if Sawyer and/or Avellone are coming back for this game?
I dunno about Sawyer, but i'm pretty certain Avellone ain't coming back.
We have the two original creators of Fallout instead who laid the foundation so there's still promise. Plus, its an open world FPS RPG and I really hope it has Pen and Paper elements to just drive the knife deeper into Bethesda's back.
But can I blow a dude's head up in to bloody chunks. I'm hoping for violence akin to the original Fallout games.
Dis gon' be a good game
The trailer itself felt a little awkward at times but I'm interested.
Sawyer apparently assisted but was not a main dev since he's busy with PoE
Oh man I am so (cautiously) optimistic!
wanna nitpick at the animation? Look at the doc's left arm during the first scene!
Tim Cain, the director of Fallout 1 is directing. Avellone is good and all but Tim Cain is just as great.
i didn't like the borderlands tier humour, i hope the actual dialogue will not be like that. FNV had some really funny moments so i can live in hope. aside from that it looks really good, probably the only upcoming title i'm actually excited for
Wait a fucking second here. A roleplaying videogame made by Obsidian? With a 3D, cinematic engine instead of an isometric one? With some sort of retrò cyberpunk esthetic? With some Fallout-ish elements? I'll try to remain cautiously optimistic.
PC Gamer is publishing a 'deep dive' on this game 2 hours from now with interviews with the devs etc. Probably other outlets have things lined up too
Looks great. One of the few games that caught me during the show. Can't wait to see more
I don't get the people saying this is retro cyberpunk, this is more like 50s retro sci-fi than anything.
The talk of corporations buying up everything and being portrayed as oppressive entities.
Looks a lot like Futurama to me, and I'm ok with that.
Can't wait to side with the corporations
Eh no thanks, I'll stick to Fallout 76
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