• Brexit: Facts vs Fear, with Stephen Fry
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYonSZ8s3_o A very political video narrated by the narrator of Little Big Planet. The video basically just lists a bunch of examples of anti-immigrant/anti-EU marketing campaigns and how they were deceptive or emotionally manipulating. Also points out how immigration has an actual net positive impact according to economists and the places with the highest vote for 'leave' were the places with the least number of actual immigrants and vice versa (highest remain vote = highest number of immigrants). Arguably, this is because the actual voting behaviour correlates with fear of immigrants and people in communities where immigrant cultures are an actual fixture of the community are less prone to thinking immigrants are evil uncivilized barbarians hell bent on destroying civilization such as the media portrays them. I had no idea of the sheer level of media manipulation and propaganda that you Brits are dealing with. I had no idea that the UK media, i.e. newspapers and the like, are considered to be the least trusted in all of Europe. I knew things were bad, I didn't know that they were this bad.
Is that what Stephen Fry is known for these days? The tabloid papers are absolutely dreadful. Yet, because they put big scary headlines on every front page, they're the ones that blind people are drawn to.
Man, ever since I saw this video, I've been having my youtube recommended videos flooded with all kinds of Brexit Propaganda. One video was at first, appearing to be some knock-off of alternative history hub that, after introducing the video with a rant at his channel being blocked in some EU countries, was constantly making cracks about the EU.
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