• [VIDEO] Mortal Kombat 11 TGA 2018 Trailer
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Sooo... let's just push the snoop dogg or whatever he's called himself to the side for now. Why is there two Scorpions? Is there time travel shenanigans going on or something?
I believe it has to do with character customization and character variations as mentioned in the description, not story.
Didn't hype me up at all tbh
Well I mean there was that giant hourglass at the end, so maybe there is meant to be some sorta time travel angle with this. trailer was underwhelming ye, but like it said at the end, full reveal is 6 weeks out so this is just a tease for now.
I dunno what you guys are talking about, I thought the trailer was bomb.
The story is about time travel, and since X was the third time Raiden fucked up, it'll be central to the plot.
They usually tie that stuff into the story though, just like with Injustice armor sets being because of everyone being weaker than superman. I could honestly see them doing a timetravel story-line judging by the first campaign and the secondary having the same theme with the offspring of known characters.
Oh shit Shao Khan is gonna be a playable fighter? Hope Goro returns as well. Would love to hear those two interact.
damn i need that full 21 track though
MKX teaser was better and more brutal. This trailer said more about plot with evil Raider and MK1/2 Scorpion showing up but that music was garbage and didn't even look as good as MKXs. Surprised it's coming so soon after its reveal tho
So undead scorpion is back? What did Raiden do?
What the hell was that music choice
At the end of MKX, Raiden pretty much got fed up with everyone invading Earthrealm and the elder gods doing nothing to help, so now he's gone off the deep end.
Switch version confirmed
I actually appreciate and respect, even though MK9 didn't follow the numbering scheme prior, that they're calling this MK11 instead of the typical reboot conventions where it might go MK, MKX, and then suddenly just go MK3 or some sort of subtitle
that was a really pretty great animation from a choreography and direction standpoint, just it was edited pretty jankily and that shitty trap mumbling actively killed any possible hype. also Shao Khan looks fucking dumb as hell lol, reminds me of MK's xbox/ps2/gamecube era in a bad way
the II is in the middle for a reason, check mk 2's original logo design.
Will it actually be a good fighting game this time though?
The fight was awesome, but god damn that music. I can only describe it as a "Hip-hop Stroke".
Gear system from injustice 2?
I thought it worked pretty well
Mumble does not and never has mixed with direct action. You don't need to establish a tone or mood when one person is jamming an implement directly into someone else's face.
That 21 Savage song grew on me and I honestly hate most of his work lol. Seriously I need the full version of that song
I disagree. I'm normally not a big fan of mumble rap but 21 Savage makes it work pretty well imo. Instead of being loud and in your face, his flow is very cold and sinister, which works perfectly with his violent and intimidating lyrical style. It's an aesthetic that I think works for Mortal Kombat, or at least well enough for a trailer. You might not say that a mood or tone needs to be established, but I thought the one that was enhanced the entertainment value of the trailer for me.
best 21 savage song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPOzqeHynZw look, it may not be good but it shows that 21 is by far the only rapper to actually try to sound different, unique, and apply a degree of art to his craft.
Honestly I didn't like the song at first, but then it grew on me. Like, I can't think of any other song that can really fit with the trailer.
It would have been better without the lyrics at least.
Something seems off about Shao Khan, besides the new outfit. His left arm seems almost lizard like. https://i.redd.it/up9i1hy8rw221.png He might actually have some story relevance if that is the case, because why would they make such drastic changes to a character who has no bearing on the plot? It's also been theorized that the Injustice 2 armor system might be coming in as well as people have noticed parts of Scorpion changing in the screenshots on Steam.
Not a fan of the mumble rap. They could have chosen so many different songs, why choose mumble? Honestly it's got me worried about other decisions they may have made for this release.
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