• [VIDEO] Pyschonauts 2 TGA 2018 trailer
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This has that rare immersive platformer feel I remember.
Starbreeze Studios Lmao, looks fantastic though, hope there's disturbing easter eggs like in the first one.
They made a good trailer, but will they actually deliver. I don't have much confidence in them making the game on time or without making some major sacrifices to get it out. This is just based on DF's history of being late or over budget for their previous titles. I want it to do well, but if history is any indication, wait for the game to be out for 6 months, then get it.
Starbreeze and Tim/DF? https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/211527/d99a0317-9432-410a-a446-40171f21bdec/a68.png
why is this video interlaced
I'm pretty sure DF knows this game is going to make or break their reputation, so I think that whatever the quality of the game that ends up being released, they tried their best making it.
Here's Double Fine's upload https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RClJ_DAotaA&t=0s
You're not wrong to be sceptical, but if Rhombus of Ruin was anything to go by, then they still know what a psychonauts experience should feel like.
Oh shit, I completely glossed over the Starbreeze logo at the start. With the bankruptcy thing and the raid, I am really worried about this coming out on time.
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