• [VIDEO] Super Smash Bros X Persona 5 TGA 2018 Trailer
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fucking wild. can we get p3 mc as an echo fighter tho
Strooong pick.
Literally came from absolutely fucking nowhere. Could Persona 5 be ported over to the Switch? That would be pretty rad.
https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DtyaYLsWwAA9bfD.jpg Dreaming but if they add Yuki or Narukami as an echo fighter to top it off then that would actually be a 10/10 dlc
why is the video so fucked
@Gimme20Dollaz ay use this instead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7z1Ny1kc6g
Why are there two versions the video's intro? It's only minute voice line changes, but still.
Genuinely still am not believing that they did this, what the fuck Literally came more out of nowhere
Had a feeling they were gonna add a series newcomer as one of the DLC's. I got this pegged: Newcomer (Joker I guess) King Hippo Metal Gear Character ? Waluigi -- Last character for the game
I never knew I wanted him in the game until this announcement. Great start to the DLC - still hoping for Banjo and Geno.
Still having my fingers crossed for Doomguy.
Sakurai, you maniac.
Sora from Kingdom Hearts, calling it now.
Sans undertale confirmed next month
That was my thought as well, seems odd to release a character that has only ever been on Playstation. Wouldn't be surprised if Persona 5 came out on Switch soon
You'll never see it coming!
Crash Bandicoot next.
Oh fuck playstation allstars is going to be fucking dead oh god
"going to be"
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