• [VIDEO] JonTron Charity Auction LIVESTREAM!
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https://youtu.be/yBszWsBPpLs JonTron teams up with Team PHenomenal Hope to raise money and awareness for Pulmonary Hypertension. CharityAuctionsToday | Online and Mobile Auctions Made Easy
I'm glad to see JonTron doing charity stuff again.
Glad to see JonTron doing literally anything again
Yeah I don't know about "literally anything". Best he avoid talking about gene pools and other enthonationalist talking points.
Yeah but then at least we have something to cringe at, still entertainment
It's such a shame the kind of crowd he fell into.
He never apologized for his racist bullshit either. He's completely unapologetic.
I mean to be fair maybe the Irish really are just dicks
Led down the dark path to echstremism.
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