• [VIDEO] BallisticNG Release Date Trailer (Out Now!!)
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=kToVtCzHG3Q Old video but 1.0 just came out!
Weirdly similar name to BeamNG considering they have nothing to do with each other.
A wipe out clone? Why?
I agree, they should've named it differently. There hasn't been a single AG Racing game that came close to Wipeout's old physics and maps. This game is the next best thing which tries to replicate that and succeeded. Considering it's just 6,59€, everyone who is interested in this kind of genre should buy this immediately. The guys working on this and the community in general are great. Played with them on release and it's been so much fun! I'm also currently working on a custom soundtrack and soundpack for the game to give it a more modern Wipeout feel.
Isn't it open source as well? Custom track builder seems to be a thing too.. As for the sountrack you're working on, please put in some songs from Fusion (Down the river and Krushyn come to mind). Even-though Fusion is the total opposite of what most fans consider classic Wipeout phyisics, I believe it had one of the best soundtracks of the series.
Why not? This is one of about 3 good AG racers in the last few years, with the rest having shitty physics.
Yes it is. Some custom tracks already have custom made 2048/Omega physics. I didn't try the track builder yet but I think they implemented some great changes like splines. About the soundtrack, I'm making the music myself (mainly because of copyright issues) and each racing track will have a dedicated song but you'll be able to listen to them separately. The soundtrack is heavily inspired by old and new WipeOut soundtracks and there's a track similiar to Krushyn. I hope I can finish it this year. I would also love to make something like the Wip3out Russian female style announcer, so if there's anyone who wants to work with me on this, feel free to contact me! But keep in mind that I'm doing this for free myself.
Redout, which came out in 2016, is really good. So there has been some good stuff.
I expected a ballistic weapons simulator with highly detailed physics, now I'm disappointed.
Oh, definitely, I love Redout. The really good AG racers I know about are: BallisticNG Redout Super Pilot I like Formula Fusion too, but it's just outclassed by BallisticNG, sadly. Grip obviously isn't AG, but still an honourable mention. I tried Antigraviator and didn't like the physics at all. Man, I wish AG racing was a big genre.
I somehow keep forgetting BallisticNG exists and every time a thread pops up I click it expecting BeamNG. They really should've changed the name
If anybody's a Wipeout fan, but prefers later games in the series (pure onwards) this game has a setting called 2280 mode that effectively emulates the feel of those games too, with barrel rolls, absorption and so on. It also lets you set higher base speeds than Wipeout ever did! The tracks are a little hit and miss, but thankfully modding makes up for that.
This is a really cool game. Alas, I can't play it since there was an incident when they went pay-to-play and now it's still labelled as "in my Steam library" but I can't install it because it's not actually displayed in my Steam library. I'm not allowed to buy it either.
That's exactly what I was expecting, now I'm also disappointed, but at least this game looks neat enough. AG racing games are great so I can't be too disappointed.
You could have a look at Super Pilot - it doesn't have much right now (although there is a user-made track system) but it does the F-Zero X physics like this game does Wipeout.
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