• Super Best Friends Thread V7: See you Space Cowboy
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I'm comfortable with that. I don't want to risk death by dehydration due to fluid loss while playing a game.
Hey, I know this isn't really related to the best friends but I figured you guys are probably dmc fans and we don't have a dmc thread so https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/211451/de11d6af-e675-4f1a-b940-25c4488314e5/vergil gun Edit.jpg Aim for the Center of Mass Vergil
We talk about DMC and other similar games in this very poorly named thread.
Not gonna lie I never checked that thread out because I thought it was for Crazy Taxi and I thought there was more than just that series of "Crazy X" games out there
Forgot to post this gem. Pat nearly died during the Live Chat minigame. https://clips.twitch.tv/BadElegantInternPeteZaroll
Part 2 of the SBFP Heavy Rain stream got taken down.
https://vimeo.com/327608432 Seems like it was taken down 3 weeks ago due to the outros according to the description, you can resume here ^
I wasn't able to watch live so I probably have the wrong context, but was Pat's justification meaning that he can calculate how many more hits he can take with numerical hearts than an ambiguous life bar? Since most games top you off after a checkpoint equivalent like a boss or new level, that would make sense to conserve health items. Or is it just the G-O-B-L-I-N-S again
Honestly I think it's just our weird ginger dad being a fucking nut again. He's weird about numbers of all sorts. And I wouldn't have it any other way because it means he gets to shout at the chat at least once a podcast.
Pat literally was beating Dishonored without using blink because he thought it was too difficult to switch to, he’s crazy
I'm not very familiar with their content, is this good or bad? I hope they won't have to tone down some of the weird podcast tangents they go off on sometimes, or the fun they make of certain games/devs
I don't know firsthand, but I've heard RT is very hands-off when it comes to their partners.
All it means is that they'll make more money and probably get official merch. Considering the shit Cow Chop got away with, there's nothing to worry about
I'm happy for them. Probably puts them in a much more stable position mentally and financially.
iirc most RT presenters in all their shows actually get a wage instead of having to work off revenue, plus the support of RT and most end up with decent editing teams down the line which is always a godsend for our beloved chucklefucks. Most importantly, there's a chance we might see Pat and Lawrence Sonntag in a room together one day which is just a beautiful thought. The sheer weird idiot power of Pat and this cunt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JId1bDWMVdQ
They also picked up Nolan North and Troy Baker's channel, so they're in on the pie stealing. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/239670/83c8f22e-8674-4b16-af33-9c72184ee7ff/image.png
the same day that Woolie was announced as part of Rooster Teeth, RWBY Funko Pops were announced I'm not going to say that these two events are connected in any way, but I will say that the timing is hilarious
No joke, the boys are now probably in a better place than they ever came close to being in the SBF days
Makes me kinda feel for Liam and Matt, tbh.
I dunno, sure it's gotta sting to see a project you left take off without you, but that's the choice they both made and neither seemed happy with working on 2BF stuff anyway.
Genuinely curious as to how they got connected to RT so early, and couldn't during the eight SBF years.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-mL7tSFYEY This happened a few weeks before the breakup video came out, so I guess Woolie and Pat already had an in with the RT guys and they were just waiting until Castle Super Beast got established to make a formal deal
Liam left for his own personal reasons and he's able to focus on projects outside of LPing and his streams are mostly just shit he wants to play, so he seems happier overall. Matt I'm not so sure about.
Outside of The Takeover, I'm not entirely sure Matt is too sure either. His content is better than the late SBFP content he was putting out. But it's kinda middling most of the time. I do wonder if their old Machinima contact was stopping them from finding a more suitable network. They hadn't made anything for Machinima for a while at it was a rapidly dying mess. But the lock in is real.
Matt just posted on twitter thanking the person who edited Wuh Happen. Uh, legitimate question, if he's not editing the videos, the fuck else is he doing? I get that a lot of channels have dedicated editors, but... why does Matt? He usually just uploads raw footage other than Wuh Happen.
well i havent watched his videos, but i'd assume the research and writing for that series takes a good chunk of time
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