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I've finally sorted all my papers into a file folder and it may be the most boring thing I've ever been excited about.
I think I might be addicted to Everything Bagel flavored hummus. Each bite is this delightful mixture of onion, garlic, sesame, salt, poppyseed and chick peas in the hummus proper. Slathered on a whole wheat flatbread as a tasty snack.
hey i keep getting excited about just how nice my report is looking just because i recently decided to switch from microsoft office to LaTeX, and i've been obsessing over it to everyone because i just love a professional looking document
okay this is a long shot but does anyone here happen to have any contact w/ @spaceghost ? they broke contact w/ everyone that i know of in may of last year. thought maybe one of y'all would know something.
like this shit's got automated harvard referencing, automated clickable table of contents, references and links and clean typefaces how the fuck can i not be excited about this shit
MY MAN. If you have LaTeX questions, I'm pretty comfortable with it
lmao he's still going at it? fight the good fight thompson man :shrug:
Hello .
hey lemme see the tiddy avatar u just got banned for when ur back xoxo
Lemme see that nsfw avatar too bub
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/198768/538f3c0e-0272-4d0e-82de-1b0865f3bfc9/image.png melt m e l t REAAAAAAAAAD
show me the bob
late but can i see the the anime tiddy pls ty
wow didn’t know fast anime relocated to general
show bob or vagene or die
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/58143/c1f54773-e78b-4a8b-bc80-1a240767d51c/Then Perish.jpg
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/226487/3b567317-b298-4f8b-9492-4fd57c7e93ea/giphy (1).gif
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/58143/4aafa776-de1f-411e-a5e5-a612e4863ca3/time for AAAAAA.gif
Time for a good snooze i wish this for everyone
The Sopranos character I most relate to is Barbara: directly related to the main character but stays far the fuck away from his drama.
During the winter, snow is preferable to rain. I shouldn't have to carry an umbrella at this time of year FFS.
i relate the most to Tony because i am a bipolar sociopath who uses everyone around me
Watch Oldboy if you want to see a really good (and depressing) movie. (not the spike lee one)
nah i'll take rain over snow pretty much any time, unless it's a day where i don't have to go anywhere. i hate snow removal, and it's something i wind up doing for more than one property.
Follow me on twitter please I crave validation @croissanbitch
im sleepy
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