• Are alerts broken for anyone else?
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I mean I got 2 atm but no matter how long I let it load it never displays one of them...
It happens from time to time
I believe the notification system is absolutely great, but it doesn't seem to work consistently. And it hasn't worked for me in some time - haven't received any notifications to my phone through email on new replies for example. But it used to work. I should try subscribing to a thread though and see if that works, but haven't subscribed to any threads yet.
I mean it auto-subscribes to my own threads, so I guess I already tried that?
Alerts haven't been displaying for me for over a few months now, constant buffer no matter how long I keep the window open. No idea why or when it happened, and it's real damn annoying when I get 3-4 alerts and I just have to guess which are replies, coin/diamond ratings, or posts from the threads I subscribed because the new alerts system is actually useful for it.
exactly the same thing for me
It works for me at home but doesn't seem to work over VPN on my phone
Bumping this because I'm having the same problem, only showing me a subscribed thread and a single reply. I'm sure more is going on, but it's not showing me
Also the email system has been broken for two months
Until today I never even seen the bloody thing open. It just keep buffering forever. Idk why today but it showed me all my alerts today.
I'm still suffering the infinite buffer, never has it given me a day where it shows all my alerts
Apparently it's bitdefenders fault, adding Facepunch to the exceptions list fixed it for me
hm. I recently installed bitdefender on my main pc. gonna try this
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