• Every other post ITT gets a diamond
    157 replies, posted
That's cool lol
thanks in advance! after 10 years last i get to be gold
Diamonds are for losers
Really, this is just Diamond communism.
im broke lmao
Holy shit! You have been visited by Lisa the Hedgehog! The next 5 posts have been blessed with allotropes of carbon arranged in a crystal! https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/113610/313826df-fe5f-41a9-afc4-ca3b070a6b91/image.png
Title says every other post yet every post has diamonds 🤔
taking one for the team
I have 1693 coins i need mo4e money because I'm a filthy capitalist pig
I need money for avatar upgrades Pls help MERRY CHRISTMAS
im gonna use this as an excuse to post sick sikh synth sounds i might've even found this album from fp somewhere who fukken knows https://youtu.be/BN8M2irJVJA
hot chocolate
Fuck ya all took my coins away, now you all will suffer from my secret weapon: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/134006/386730c5-0379-48c4-81b6-9bd86dd54e9e/6qoLDdA.gif
Thanks, doc.
I won't be a winner today sadly
wait, is this why vivian was given a purple/green hoodie? oh, oh no
too lazy to check the order, if im an in-between post everyone pretend i did it intentionally for the greater good ok
diamonds are forever
Am I too late?
I've probably given out 40 diamonds in total, and I've received maybe 3. Proof altruism isn't the solution to anything. So pls donate thx
Okay Christmas' over. Scram, ya vagrants.
Who are you calling a vagrant!?
Is it my time?
Yes, it is the time.
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