• Shit You'd Like To Confess V7: a compendium of kinks
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Feel free to tell everyone all about your disgraceful sinning.
Instead of sleeping I'm going to eat a Hungry Man at 6:30 AM, and I refuse to let any motherfucker on Earth stop me.
Learned about eating grilled cheese with tomato soup, didn't have it one day, so I used ketchup... now I use ketchup whenever i eat grilled cheese as well as quesadillas just because my adolescent brain connected the two. I don't regret a minute of it.
I used to eat bananas with ketchup due to a Doug episode I saw as a kid. To this very day the taste lingers on my mouth. Such a... Particular combination of flavours.
I can't read this and possibly imagine those two things together entering my mouth. That sounds like a torture scene being forced to eat that
I dab a lot while drunk
last time i went to the nightclub with my friend i mixed in a few fortnite dances with my usual moves and he didn't notice at all until i pointed out what i was doing
I, deliberately am going to spend the new year's eve alone, asleep.
I can spend it with some friends drinking and shit, but am wondering if I really want to go. I might just stay in and keep programming, got exams in a month and am way behind on my studies
Wow I'm really jealous of all you and kinda salty. This is the fourth consecutive new years eve night shift I've been rostered. If you call in sick for it its very obvious you're doing it to go out and you'll be reprimanded (if you call in absent and they find you've posted pictures of you going out, you risk termination). It's not even that I want to go out to a party and get smashed or anything, I'd just like to maybe enjoy that one day of the year without working, let alone working what I'd consider the hardest, busiest, most chaotic shift of the entire year. My first NYE I worked some dude threatened to kill me in the car park, that was when I was pretty new, kinda made me not want to work any NYE ever again but I don't really have an option
I get really clingy real fast and I don't know how to stop. It's been the catalyst that blew up friendships more times than I'm proud to admit.
Might anyone have an explanation as to why I woke up new years day fully clothed but with no underwear on?
I have no dreams or ambitions
sorry i needed to borrow some underwear
Im not sure If anyone really cares or remembers me but usually I would come to this thread to confess how much my life was sinking, how insecure and drepressed I was, how everthing would lean to negativity and how everybody disliked me, and I would be alone for the rest of my life. Today I just want to say thanks to anyone who listened and gave me advices. Today the person I'm in love with asked me If I want to be his boyfriend and I accepted. I have an all right job now, I used to freak out with the idea of working because I didnt trust myself, now they are teliing about raising my paying thanks to my performace! Im not using antidepressants for like a month now. And for the first time in a long time I'm feeling really content. For all of you who come here to complain, I know for a fact that this shitty life aint easy but I hope one day I'll be reading this kind of comment coming from you
I have never donated to Wikipedia
I've never registered winrar.
Hey guys, I'd just like to come back and say that the night was over all great. I know its a few days after but yeah, the atmosphere was great, I got pretty lucky I didnt have to work the hardest tables or anything, was a good spread and good shift overall and as I said the atmosphere was electric. Much better than the first couple years I worked there, was far too loud and rowdy and violent. Was only good vibes that night and it flew by. Was great to relax afterwards. I'm still in relax mode honestly. Hope you guys all had a great new year whatever you did.
like 9-10 years ago I became a speedrunning champ on ep2_outland_06 just so I could use that power to troll synergy servers. You'd have me in your party, but conspicuously absent for the entire map. You'd get to the jalopy segment and there I'd be, sitting in it. Truth is I'd been waiting for you for like 20 minutes. "Sup fuckers" I'd say, before driving it directly off the bridge, failing the mission, and restarting the entire map. I got it down to where it took me I think 40 seconds to actually get to the car. My hasty acquisition of Jalopies was unmatched and without peer. Imitators would try to jack my speedrunning strats only to fall several seconds behind and be left out of the driver's seat. I spent an ungodly amount of time perfecting this method, easily as much as an actual speedrunner would, all so I could jack your ride and drive it off the bridge.
I want to grow up to be just like you some day.
I check out the Fox News Facebook page at least twice per day. Not because I get my news from there, as I don’t, but reading all the outrage and zealousness in the comments section is... thrilling.
I find New Years to be a mind numbingly boring celebration for some reason. At least the shifts I get on the eve and day are easy.
Mulan is one of the few films I cry at. And, truthfully, I'm not sure why.
Embarrassing confession... I have once again cried in a video game. More specifically VRchat. I am so blessed to have loving friends. Long story short, I was feeling a bit depressed and my friend started singing to me. I had to mute my mic just so she wouldn't hear me cry
i wish i had a beautiful singing voice, i don't think my voice sounds so good for singing though. although i've never done vocal training, and i probably should
Wish I didn't read this, the mental image is way to clear it's hard to deal with
I watched the new Jumanji movie yesterday and for some reason the ending to that movie made me tear up a bit. I have no idea why.
the thought of you crying does not sit well with me
nobody likes seeing their dad cry
because that's when you know they fucked up
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